The instructions to configure your gateway may vary depending on the make and model of the router. (As pictured in the R6400v2 User Manual.). Check in Advanced Configuration or Advanced Setup. The steps vary with different models of modems. True enough. Is that what you're trying to do? Visit the CenturyLink support page for the instructions specific to your router. There, you will be able to set up your all of your. Bridging is simply an old networking technique that transparently links two different networks. These connect you to the Internet and also create a wireless network to connect all of your home devices. After you finish configuring your router, save the settings and restart your router. You can then purchase your own router and have … There's normally one for each network interface. Computing and Tech, Geeky Stuff, Time Warner has been offering faster cable modem speeds lately for much the same price as slower speeds a couple years ago.  When I got the new modem I noticed there didn’t seem to be a way to put it in bridge mode to work with the linux router I already had.  After a little digging I found that the management page for doing this was ‘branded out’ and the link to it was removed from the interface.  The page is still there though… and if you put that url in directly you can still get to it and it still works.  If you can read the image the url would be:  http://[your modem ip]/T|ModeChange.asp    Put that in after you are logged into the management interface which has a default user/pass of ‘user/user’.  Hope that helps…. For more help with configuring your gateway router, contact TPG Support. You may also find your login details on the label underneath your gateway router. Have any thoughts on this? You will be better off buying a router that will actually work for your network and one that does not require a monthly fee. It will not work to have two routers running over the top of each other. But why you'd needany of them is unclear. After you have finished putting the modem into bridge mode, disabling the internal router, you can set up your new one. First one CC:400:12:A4:ACand the Second one CC:400:12:A4:ADThis seems to be the only settings that were obvious to me and was the only changes to the settings that I made. Bridge Mode is only supported for VDSL and Fibre connections. But here is a screen capture that shows the DOCSIS 3.0 setup. If it's a spectrum supplied gateway, ie a modem/router supplied by Spectrum, you can just ask Spectrum to put it in bridge mode. You will be better off buying a router that will actually work for your network and one that does not require a monthly fee. I don't know what I am doing. ', Accurate, detailed, precise descriptions of actual equipment, and ofactual actions, and their results (error messages, LED indicators, ...).Not vague descriptions, or vague interpretations of what you think it. After you have acquired your new router, you will need to first disable the internal router in the modem/router combo that you received from Spectrum. Connect the WAN port of Norton Core to the LAN port of your gateway router using the ethernet cable that is provided with the Norton Core package. Refer to Answer # 8805 - TG862G/NA: Factory Reset. > [...] attempting to get some connection between the two routers using> wireless connection [...]. If you have relevant info to share that’s great but I won’t be approving any more requests for troubleshooting help. Unless you changed it, your router uses the default password to sign in. Subscribe for Updates. Turn off the following settings once inside: Under the LAN settings, change NAT mode to Bridged mode and save it. Most of the routers use one of the following default gateway addresses: Type your username and password and sign in to your gateway router. For example: Useless: "it goes to lala land and never comes back. "Router mode" is selected by default here. Nigerian Princes don't have time to check email anyway. We are also assuming the Modem can be setup with DHCP (Current) or setup in Bridge Mode which would allow us to connect their WatchGuard directly to the Modem (Needing the Static IP Info of course) thanks The PlayStation 5 is crushing the Xbox Series X in black market sales, HappyMod is a 3rd party Android Games Store that’s totally worth checking out, This clever camera app lets you be anyone on Zoom, The Xbox Series X just came out and people are already having issues – here’s what they’re saying, Apple brought back the “PC Guy” and yup, he’s still annoying as ever, There’s a new Apple Watch app that helps users with PTSD-related nightmares, The Brave browser now boasts 20 million monthly active users since launching Brave 1.0 last year, Microsoft Edge is creeping up on Google Chrome in market share, Elon Musk and Starlink note that Mars will not follow silly Earth laws, You’ve Got Spam is an email widget that will destroy email inboxes around the world, Starlink’s satellite internet is already faster than 95% of all US connections, AT&T’s CEO predicts people will continue to cut cable out of their budget, FCC vote promises billions to bring broadband internet to rural areas still on dial-up.


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