When I first started to eat coconut, I would remove the water, put my drained coconut in a bag, walk outside my apartment to the stone steps leading up to the door and bash it against the wall a few times until the shell cracked enough to pull open. It'll have a richer coconut flavor, and, as an added bonus, you'll get all that delicious meat inside that's perfect for cooking and baking. In other words you still need to be careful. For one, it’s very messy, you lose all the precious water, and you absolutely have to have access to a slab of concrete. It’s the coco fruit of the coco trees, from the coco palm family!‘. got to be pretty stupid to try something like this lmbao! This is a great video! Glad to hear you had good success with the technique, Terri. As soon as I bring my coconut home, I throw it in the freezer. The 1st coconut stayed completely intact, with the hard shell removed. Begin by preheating the oven to 400 degrees. *As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Poke a chopstick in the mouth to drain out the water. That is quite impressive! Shouldn’t you rinse off the coconut meat, once it’s out of the shell? After a few whacks, you will be seeing cracks developing on the coconut shell. Thanks! There will be 2 or 3 such markings on the shell which are the weakest spots of the coconut. We getting nice information through this blog. These include using shredded coconut to top smoothie bowls and various desserts, as well as, coconut being used within multiple desserts: However, those are just a few of the options I have here on my blog. Plus, honestly, I much prefer to crack my coconuts open in the comfort of my own kitchen than in the middle of the street, under the curious eyes of all my immediate neighbors…. I too am having a lot of trouble getting the outer shell off the flesh with the butter knife. Next drain the yummy coconut juice. This method isn't so much about actually cracking the shell open, but more to do with making the meat easily removable. Pry the flesh out of the coconut with a strong knife, such as a paring knife. call them and buy one that has not been separated from the shell and ask them to remove the shell for you. The sidewalk whacking was quite painful as the energy from the coconut striking the concrete had nowhere to to disperse except up my arm. I love the flavor and texture, but I hate what I have to endure going through to get into that shell! Hi, I did exactly what you said, and it worked!! Even turning and hitting it all the way around, It was almost impossible to find a weak spot that eventually got the darn things to crack and when they finally did i had to use a hammer on the 2nd one since my knife broke before getting it opened and even cracked the 2nd one would not break further to get the meat out.


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