Weaken the nation power by burning supplies and pillaging the nation chests. This quest will reward you with Witch’s Staff, high drachmae and XP. The required level for this quest is 36. Head to their location and kill all bandits. This quest can be found in Boupalos Shipyard in Affluence Bay, Chios Island. Once the materials are collected, return to the witch and talk to the loverlorn woman at Aetios’ house. This completes the quest and rewards you with medium XP. This quest will ask you to search for a bag of poison for the priestesses of Kythera. These Followers can be found at Zeus’s Playground and some can be found at the ruins. In this quest, you need to go to Diona in Kythera Town and talk to her to complete this quest. This quest can be located West of Knossos Palace in Minos’s Legacy, Messara. There will be a few soldiers that you will have to kill in order to gain access. You will be rewarded with a unique gear, around 400 gold and 16000 XP for your trouble. Grab the sapphires and make your way back to Photios to complete the side quest. This quest is located at Eresos in Petrified Valley, Lesbos Island. Return to the smuggler after you are done. You must destroy war supplies, pillage nation chests and kill important soldiers and weapon racks on Delos and Mykonosi islands. In this quest, you are asked to kill the leader of the Petrified Islands. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and updates straight into your inbox. You will also be rewarded with medium XP after you complete this quest. Once you have marked all sharks and chests, jump in the water to find Gyke’s remains floating near the shipwreck in a net. In this quest you are asked to bring back the head of a legendary wolf. Kill all enemies and then simply head back to Odessa. Jump in the water and find the bracelet sitting on the ocean bed. You will need to run down to the dock to complete the quest and get your reward. In this quest, a merchant wants you to deal with three disputes around the city. She will once again give you some maps out of which the following one is the good map. The required level for this quest is 26. You can decide to take sides, where you can kill the guards or take the guards’ side to destroy the merchants pots. This quest rewrs you with Hippokrates’s Staff, Drachmae and XP. The note will inform you about the location of the buyer. Once you are at the house, investigate the broken down cart and baskets. The required level for this quest is 24. The level required for this side quest is 33 and this is unlocked after completing the side quest Brothers in Arms. You are asked to seek two rebel hideouts. Clear the area and loot the treasure. Brothers in Arms is a pre-requisite side quest for this to be unlocked and you must be around level 33 to complete this side quest easily. The quest requires level 28. You can blame either one of the lot and earn your reward nonetheless. The pearls will be underwater in a cave. Speak with Drucilla in Sami and follow the marker to the ambush location. This quest can be found in the Pilgrimage site in Aphrodite’s Watch, Kythera Island. Head to Melissani Cave’s marker and enter it. Objective: Acquire Golden Feather of Ajax. You will be rewarded with 1300XP. This quest requires level 28. This side quest is located in Coast of Koliadai on the Kephallonia Islands. Kill all the enemy and release all the 6 wolves. You will be required to investigate three clues here. This quest will reward you with drachmae and XP. Complete the quest to earn Wolfslayer Breastplate rare torso armor, low drachmae and high XP. In this quest, a woman named Obelia asks you to find an ancient map which can be found at the Leader House in Poiessa on the east coast of Keos island. It requires level 2 for this quest. You will find some dead bodies in the water that you need to carry out. This quest will give you Plunder Mace heavy blunt weapon, high drachmae and medium XP. Travel to Lost Bear Den in northern Sacred Land of Artemis and kill the bear. This quest will reward you medium drachmae and XP. Talking to Thaletas sends him away if you chose Never going to happen. This is where you will be given a choice to talk to her alone or with rebels. For this side quest, you will be required to help a woman deliver her basket to her husband. The fort is heaviy guarded while the chest is located in a structure near the southern corner. if you chose words, you will raise bounty on your head, if you chose weapon, you will need to fight the civilians who will arm themselves. The recommended level for this side quest is 5. This quest is located at Opous in Red Lake Bay, Lokris. Return the sons to the farmer to receive Bandit Chief Belt waist armor, drachmae and XP. Both the areas are well guarded, and you have to kill all the guards to free the sons. You will arrive near the fort. The contact will be surrounded by soldiers, kill the soldiers and talk to the contact. This quest follows immediately after the main story quest called Follow cthe Boat. This quest can be located at the Spartan camp on north beach of Artemis Hills. She will eventually arrive at her boat thus completing this simple side quest. This quest can be found in the Murex Dyeing Facility in Aphrodite’s Watch, Kythera island. Unlock the cage where Galarnos is imprisoned and escort him out. You need to go to Mykonos island and meet Barnabas. So walk to the destination and arrive at the camp. Xenia won't order treasure hunting missions right away. You need to go look for a herbalist who lives at a farm bear the center of the scorched rolling plains. Below you will find all side quests in Abantis Islands. Drachmae and XP. This side quest can be located on Kythera Island. Below you will find all side quests in Attika. In this quest, a woman in the Hunter Forest of Artemis will ask you to acquire three pieces of armor from the nearby Huntress Village. Once you are done with all the killing, go back to Kalibos to complete the side quest. Return back to Drucilla to complete the side quest. This is another side quest located in Coast of Koliadai area on the Kephallonia Islands. Required fields are marked *. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Side Quests Guide, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Boss Battles Guide – Tips & Tricks, Godfall Valorplates Guide – Archon Fury Effects, Passive Effects, Yakuza Like a Dragon: Substories Guide – How to Complete, Godfall Skills Guide – Skill Trees, Upgrade Levels, Godfall Weapon Classes Guide – Classes, Weapon Loadouts, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Postcard Locations Guide – All Postcards, Where to Find, Forza Horizon 4 Secret Cars Unlock Guide – Bonus Cars, Hidden Cars, ARK Extinction Admin Command Codes Guide – Spawn Titans, Gear, Creatures, Forza Horizon 4 Alien Energy Cell Locations Guide – Where to Find, GTA 5 Vehicles Cheats And Codes For Changing World Effects, Code Vein Dark Depths Maps Guide – Where to Find All Depths Maps, Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Guide – Teams, Decisions, Combine, Metro Exodus Endings Guide – Good Ending, Bad Ending, Morality. This quest can be found on the Skandeia Harbor in Skandeia Bay, Kythera Island. The area you are looking for is located near the Hill of Sacred War which is the east of Bulis Military Camp. Once you have arrived at the right location, you will be required to inspect five items in the area. In this quest you have to kill the cult leader Podarkes. Kosta asks you to go to the Red By Lake and retrieve five flowers. Once you reach the area, the bandit leader will be inside the cave with a few bandits in the area. You have 3 decisions in this quest, decide whether an old man or Kythera’s leader have committed the murder. The level required for this side quest is 2. In this quest you will find a letter lying next to a corpse at the summit of Mount Ida. This quest can be found in the Sanctuary of Apollo in Birthplace of Apollo, Delos island. In this quest you must loot a mysterious letter that is in a treasure chest next to the brazier at For Geraneia. This quest can be found in Skandeia Harbor in Skandeia Bay, Kythera Island. This quest rewards you with Olive Wood, drachmae, Lesbos torso armor, XP. The level requirement for this side quest is 33. This quest requires Level 28. This quest can be found at Chios in Affluence Bay, Chios Island. Head to Mount Ainos to the west and look for wolves. Observe the herald at night who you will find is guarded by just one guard on the roof. In this quest a woman will ask you locate her idiot husband. Umair is a racing game fanatic and spends most of his time playing Forza or Gran Turismo. This quest will reward you with drachmae and XP. In this quest, with the ancient Minoan map and the Minoan chest key, you need to acquire a sunked artifact from the Submerged Minoan Palace.


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