Just because you’re working on a ‘personal project,’ it doesn’t mean that you have free time. My business partner and I just shipped our first big book on Amazon today. Its only been a few weeks that I have decided my own projects deserve my time, but sometimes its difficult to make it happen in practice. It’s important to recognize these habitual ways of thinking and acting so you can proactively avoid them. Very true. The great news is now that you’re aware of it, you can let go of the extra volunteer activities and focus on your own work. How do you stop kicking yourself for your mistakes? Sat down at my computer and this article is what I pulled up.

can’t follow those kinds of diets forever, Need Some Stress Management? Guilt-Free Creativity: Stop Kicking Yourself & Start Producing. As one who has passed, given up, and quit jobs that were draining me of creative energy and not leading me toward my goals I am so thankful for this validation. Here are three key temptations and how to thwart them: The Challenge: If the people around you – family, friends, colleagues – seem really time-pressed, you can start to feel guilty that you have such unstructured days.

You can only overcome these if you stop kicking yourself when you’re down. By Elizabeth Grace Saunders. 48 We’ve all been there: You finally carve out the time to work on a big creative project and then you… choke.

Right? Go for a swim. Veteran and new work-from-homers share self-care practices, rituals, and boundaries to make working remotely successful for creatives. Worst of all? If people can’t see you, it’s less likely that they’ll judge how you’re spending your time. ( Log Out /  We think the task will actually hurt, either physically or emotionally. Here are several ways you can avoid feeling bad about yourself: Some people us positive affirmations, or uplifting personal thoughts, to counter negative self-talk and put themselves in brighter or more hopeful moods. But 3-4 hours of real work on a consistent basis is far more valuable than 8 hours a day of busy work. Get curious about what the “pain” is you’re associating to the thing you’re putting off. You will feel yourself floating farther and farther away from the mistakes you have made. Another thing about dieting is this – When you go back to your normal eating habits, which is kind of inevitable, you usually gain back more weight than you lost. Do you write this specifically for me today? To your brilliance!Elizabeth Grace Saundershttp://www.ScheduleMakeover.com. Fullscreen. The idea that we’re only spending 3-4 hours a day working on something even though we’re being productive can make us feel as though we’re not working hard enough.


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