A theory that explains the behaviour of a Belgian group of teenagers. Should key events in the historical development of the human sciences always be judged by the standards of their time? This does not matter in the natural sciences. Something similar happens in psychology. Are predictions in the human sciences inevitably unreliable? In this podcast, the main author and economist behind the study discusses the fallout and criticism from that case but more importantly discusses several important concepts related to the human sciences and how people acquire knowledge generally. To learn more about our very real, very physical need for romantic love, Helen Fisher and her research team took MRIs of people in love -- and people who had just been dumped. If two competing paradigms give different explanations of a phenomenon, how can we decide which explanation to accept? When intervening in peoples lives – even with good intentions – we need to check whether we are doing them any damage. The journal aims to attract papers in the fields of evolutionary anthropology, cultural evolution, human biology, evolutionary medicine, anthropological genetics, phylogenetics, paleoanthropology and evolutionary approaches to psychology, cognition, language, economics, archaeology, primatology, politics and anything else that can be considered to be part of the evolutionary human sciences. After all, it makes us more aware of the potential harm we might inflict on others, which could prevent future immoral actions. Is “big data” changing the methodologies of the human sciences? There are some areas we cannot research for moral reasons. How is the city the greatest human invention? Current methodology in human sciences may seem sophisticated, yet we could question to which extent we can study human beings in a scientific manner. Subscribe HERE. https://quillette.com/2019/02/23/motivated-reasoning-is-disfiguring-social-science/?fbclid=IwAR2CVIZg98n-3URoBvzgAAdWJGypTl4QMkDMR6WfqlIiIJHQGCCUwk5NmVQ, Interestingly, here is another post from the same publication coming to the opposite conclusion about spanking which also speaks to the nature of the production of knowledge in the human sciences, https://toktopics.com/2018/02/04/the-spanking-debate-is-over-how-can-we-prove-anything-in-the-human-sciences/, For questions, broken links, props, plaudits or praise, please contact: TOKTopics@Gmail.com, Freakonomics Podcast: Is New York City Over? Psychiatric therapies have never been atheoretical – psychiatrists have always justified their treatments with some school of thought: Freudian psychodynamic theories placed blaPsychiatric therapies have never been atheoretical – psychiatrists have always justified their treatments with some school of thought: Freudian psychodynamic theories placed blame on early childhood and subconscious urges; behaviourism justified the application of pain to try and train people out of wrongthink; and more recently, chemical imbalance theories were used to advertise pharmaceuticals, despite the narrative of simple dopamine and serotonin dysfunctions having been long dismissed in academic circles…Psychiatry today can be considered a discipline in crisis, surviving only because psychological and pharmaceutical treatments are effective for some people, some of the time, and so we still need them…. Consequently, history uses its own methods to gain knowledge about the (recorded) past. In 1973, after gay rights protestors had stormed an APA meeting…the APA called a vote to reconsider homosexuality’s status as a mental disorder. Longer read but really thoughtful discussion of the scientific method and its limits but also reflects on the extent to which we can know about things the closer we get to them and the more information we can gather. he age-old nature versus nature debate. Hayek on the importance of humility and limitations of Economics and the social sciences in general. GLAESER: It is the machine that makes all the other inventions possible, right? Maybe try a search? What is the self? TED: how can we predict the next financial crisis? https://theconversation.com/charities-arent-doing-enough-to-determine-if-theyre-really-making-a-difference-95110, Similar to an older post “How do we measure the effectiveness of charitable giving?”, https://toktopics.com/2015/02/22/how-can-we-measure-the-effectiveness-in-charitable-giving/. The fact that economists, with relatively rare exception, cannot conduct controlled laboratory experiments which allow a focus on the behavior of a small handful of variables does not render the knowledge arrived at by economic scholarship – observation, research, and reasoning – unscientific…. An astronomer can feel comfortable calling a faraway star’s path a line, even though it may curve out there at the edge of the universe; he can assume the scientific method has revealed the truth, and it will likely never be disproven. So what does this imply? What role does mathematics play within the human sciences? The fascinating “Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study”, Motivated Reasoning Is Disfiguring Social Science, Imagination Materials, Handouts, Activities, AI is wrestling with a replication crisis, Data Analytics and Sports. The object of study of history is quite unique because the past is, well... in the past. Worthwhile article that examines the nature of knowledge in the social sciences as well as its limitations caused by human limitations and the structure of our institutions that produce knowledge. Phrenology, for example, is no longer considered to give us reliable knowledge within psychology. All of this is a great representation of the methods of the human sciences and of economics in particular. We steal each other’s ideas with some degree of regularity. Although the Phillips curve showed a correlation between the two aspects, there was not necessarily a relationship of causation. Our unique TOK newsletter connects you with what’s going on in the world right now, and helps you to explore it meaningfully. This is the level on which social scientists, human scientists, and psychologists work, and, unlike faraway stars, human life is something that we know Continue reading ““The Limits of Science” About the scientific method and its impact, applying it to the human sciences”. TED blog: further readings in game theory, Article on Nobel prize for behavioural economics (Nudge theory). Instead, they were told they had to take part in a memory experiment. Human behaviour is fascinating. We learn from each other. Article on the nature of economics and the Nobel prize. Homicide, it’s a bit of a mystery. It may also be morally wrong to gather information about human behaviour in some situations. The “Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study” was a fascinating study in constructing knowledge in the human sciences but more importantly, using scientific methods to come to conclusions that seem to be completely counterintuitive: that mentorship programs can do more harm than not intervening in the lives of children considered at risk. But as a doctor, I can’t focus on a few facts to the exclusion of others, for life is the level on which I work. Human sciences refer to the areas of studies that interpret and examine human behaviours, experiences, activities, thought processes etc. (Psychology today), Human behaviour is largely context dependent. When. And so, if people aren’t out and about, then there aren’t witnesses and bystanders who might deter violent crime or violent confrontations among people that perhaps don’t care about stay-at-home orders. However, their very presence may still affect the way people behave and lead to inaccurate knowledge. Voting to decide whether a condition is a disease is not the sign of a mature science, yet to this day consensus alone is the deciding factor of whether a mind is deemed disorderly…. What assumptions underlie the methods used in the human sciences? The human sciences aim to describe and explain human behaviour of individuals or members of a group. In addition, we need to ensure that the way in which we gather knowledge is morally justifiable.


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