Traffic counter flow to single lane traffic in the NB tube. For more information visit GOV.BC.CA/COVID-19. Click the icons on the map to see info.

Expect delays of up to 15 minutes. The officer was transported to a hospital with moderate ... Read More, Four people suffered minor injuries in a three-vehicle collision on Highway 99 north of White Lane. Until Wed Jan 6, 2021. 99 near White Lane, Semi truck found spilling fuel onto I-5 at Hwy. Duffy Lake Summit Cam Hwy99 (Duffey Lake Rd) at Cayoosh summit, looking east. Lane closures in both directions in effect. View Burrard and Oak Street bridges, Highway 99 BC, and George Massey Tunnel traffic delays. The crash happened shortly before 2:30 p.m. on northbound 99 south of Main Street in Ripon. No one knows Whistler better than the Insider. Lillooet Webcam Utility work at Marine Dr (West Vancouver). Expect delays. Intermittent single lane alternating traffic, daily for 24 hours a day. The collision was reported to the CHP ... Read More, A California Highway Patrol officer and another driver were injured after a crash Monday on Highway 99 south of Stockton, officials said.

If you are unable to pan the map, press here (to focus off of the map) and try again. (elevation: 1279 metres) Lillooet Webcam Hwy 99, near Fountain Slide, about 15km north of Lillooet, looking northeast. There is a local State of Emergency between the start of Highway 99 and Peace Park Drive (1 km north of British Columbia and Washington Border). However, they are not always available. Traffic counter flow to single lane traffic in the NB tube. Once a layer of traffic info has popped-up, be sure to press/click any additional arrows (e.g. Function JunctionHwy 99 at Cheakamus Lake Rd & Alpha Lake Rd, 5 km Whistler. Hwy-99 Traffic by State. Possibly an accident Read More, North bound 99 at standstill. I called this Hazzard in well over two Read More, Traffic at a standstill on I 5. Hazard.

In BC, call the Conservation Officer Service at 1.877.952.7277. For more information, click here. Last updated Fri Nov 13 at 6:59 AM PST.

All Traffic Alerts Provided by Caltrans. Utility work planned between Inglewood Ave and Ansell Pl (West Vancouver). Bakersfield, CA Report, Forecast or Traffic Update: © 2008-2020 Travellers bound for Alaska must go through screening at one of three border crossings: Abbotsford-Huntington, Kingsgate, or Osoyoos. The beautiful two-hour drive from Vancouver to Whistler is the start of your adventure, where you can see the waters of Howe Sound, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and canyons. Replacing the tunnel roadway joints and electrical system. Avoid non-essential traffic. Avoid non-essential traffic. (DBC-23705), Highway 99. The California Highway Patrol said ... Read More, Two passengers involved in a crash on Southbound Highway 99 are in the hospital with major injuries and multiple lanes are blocked, according to the California Highway Patrol.

1 …

From 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM PST on weekdays. Until Mon Nov 30 at 7:00 PM PDT.

Last updated Tue Nov 10 at 10:43 AM PST. Ad Here? Additional screening and checkpoints are in place. Lane closures in both directions in effect. Provides weather information to assist the aviation community. Until further notice: Highway 99, in both directions. Exclusive deals and sales plus news, trip ideas and contests straight to your inbox. Compact snow between Inglewood Ave and Seton Lake Rd for 186.2 km (West Vancouver to 38 km south of Lillooet).

There is a Provincial State of Emergency at Hwy 99 Border Crossing. (DBC-21662), Highway 99. From Squamish, it continues north for another 58 km (36 mi) to Whistler, and then to Pemberton 32 km (20 mi) later, where the Sea-to-Sky Highway ends and the Duffey Lake Road begins. Last updated Tue Nov 3 at 10:04 AM PST. Hwy 99 … (DBCRCON-77197), Highway 99, northbound.

At closer zoom levels, those dots can be pressed to see more info.

There is a local State of Emergency between the start of Highway 99 and Peace Park Drive (1 km north of British Columbia and Washington Border). Furry Creek Please note: During winter months, snow can be heavy on the highway. Function Junction 99 White Rock Traffic; Other Cities Along Hwy-99; Report an Accident. (DBCRCON-77263). BC or Washington resident? Expect delays. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Cookies, Alerts Last Updated: Fri, Nov 13th 12:10:00 PM, Please note by clicking on "Post" you acknowledge that you have read our. State Highway 99 Live Traffic, Construction and Accident Report, Blocked ahead in #FederalWay on Pacific Hwy E/Hwy-99 NB at 312th St #traffic, Detectives are also attempting to locate additional surveillance footage on the night of Nov. 7 for the following locations: Oro Dam Boulevard between Highway 99 and Highway 70; Grand Avenue between ... Read More, A Sutherlin man was hospitalized after his car caught fire in a rear-end collision with a tractor-trailer on Highway 99 north of Wilbur early Wednesday morning. Next update time Mon Nov 30 at 10:00 AM PST. Last updated Wed Oct 28 at 10:26 AM PDT. Last updated Thu Jul 30 at 4:23 PM PDT. (DBC-18483), Highway 99. Submit.

Traffic Incidents (beta): Each dot represents a traffic event or incident such as road construction, closure or accident.

Click an incident icon on the map to get more information. All Rights Reserved, Information on Highway 99 variable speed limit signs, Resort Municipality of Whistler Special Event Parking, Roads can be slippery even in the summer months, Infant car seats are required for children weighing up to 9 kilograms / 20 pounds, Learn more about road safety including recalls and car seat safety from, Learn more about winter driving and preparing your vehicle for winter at. Expect delays of up to 15 minutes. It is a two level structure of reinforced concrete that runs for ... Read More, A semi truck was found spilling gallons of gas onto northbound Interstate 5 at the Highway 99 junction this morning near Mettler. Alice LakeHwy 99 at Squamish Valley Rd, about 10 km north of Squamish. Whistler Cam Read More, A California Highway Patrol officer was hospitalized after a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 99. Duffy Lake Summit Cam Hwy 99 from north of Hwy 17A overpass, looking north*. Last updated Wed Oct 28 at 7:20 PM PDT. Please read and ensure your vehicle complies*: *Winter tire requirements are set by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for British Columbia and may change without notice - always check their website for the latest information.

Watch for signage and traffic control personnel. Camera images provided by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Traffic flow lines: Red lines = Heavy traffic flow, Yellow/Orange lines = Medium flow and Green = normal traffic. From 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM PST on weekdays. If you do not see any markers on the map, try zooming in one or two levels using "+" on the top left side. Next update time Mon Nov 30 at 10:00 AM PST. Hwy 99, about 13km north of Whistler at Riverside Drive, looking north. Be aware that Canadian highway regulations may differ from where you are from. Road Works. Drive defensively and concentrate on the road at all times.


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