The development work is having decals made up. ?? Is that pedal assisted range?

Indiegogo warns against overpromising thousands of perks, which is good advice. Indiegogo has an excellent policy of not returning money, because they only return it in a very short period of time, after that, Indiegogo never returns the money and leaves the decision to refund to the creator of the campaign.,,, Mate X full suspension, 750W, folding fat bike, internal battery, Volton's Indiegogo Campaign. September 9, 2020 . Along with outstanding durability, this smartphone will also provide ultra-fast connectivity. After realizing that old campaigns that ended several years ago were still active, I contacted Indiegogo support to request that they be deleted from their site. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter.

The company says it's competing with Apple's AirPods …

Tschiltsch is just one of many angry Indiegogo backers who say Futurefön creator Jeff Batio strung them along with lies, excuses, and faked product updates. But “caveat emptor” was still a central principle of crowdfunding — and the line between a scam and an honest failure could be difficult to find. Indiegogo takes no interest or responsibility for helping with over site. It's all about the money and not about making people get things finance in an honest way. No one (campaign or Indiegogo responds to emails now. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

Futurefön backer Rebecca Pillinger was blown away by the renderings. Be the first one to find this review helpful. The phone number she’d been given stopped working, and her company was left with a $150 first payment and a certificate for 50,000 shares of IdealFuture stock.

4G is soon becoming a thing of the past as many new smartphones are launching with 5G network connection. While a device like the Futurefön might be exotic, mainstream products like the Microsoft Surface — a convertible tablet that can functionally replace a laptop — are a lot more usable. Because Carbo is claiming 28 miles full electric.

“To make a device like that would be like making a new car line, like making a Tesla. But not everyone agrees with that story. Indiegogo's refund policy makes it so after campaign owners receive their money, they have no liability for what they do with it or if they actually deliver their product. Répondre. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. Oh, by the way, they can be purchased on the internet for the last year and are cheap piece of crap Chinese products (as usual). You worked hard to bring an idea to life, and others contributed to turn your passion into action.

Indiegogo takes no interest or responsibility for helping with over site. I like cool things,” he says. This sounds amazing,” says Chris. They are fraud, I have ordered the Volterman wallet in year 2018 and until now they did not delivered to me and many others.I realize this campaign has run for a while but we (as in all of the backers) have been in touch constantly and inquiring about getting this final product for 3 YEARS. You must log in or register to reply here. Overselling on crowd funded projects will also likely mean some delays.

“Any fool can make something complicated.

It's rude, careless, corporate, and is an attack on the funders that used their platform. There was no working, functional model,” says Farhood.

Vaughan Phone: 905-851-3112 IdealFuture posted flurries of updates at first, boasting about hiring a new engineering team and working on a functional prototype. Will there be any support?

After 9-12 months, no responses to emails/messages, and no products.


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