The outer core, one of the three layers of the Earth, is approximately 1,430 miles (2,300 kilometers) thick and between 7,200 and 9,000 F. According to National Geographic, the outer core is mostly composed of iron and nickel in a liquid alloy form. It is made of iron and nickel. The earths core is mainly made out of iron, mixed with a littel nickel. The solid inner core is located below the outer core. It is a magma like liquid layer that surrounds the Inner Core and creates Earth's magnetic field. By Hilman Rojak | February 2, 2019. Outer Core Of The Earth Definition Position Facts. Thickness: About 2,200km thick and is also the second largest layer of the earth. 5 interesting facts about the Outer Core: The lava in the Outer Core is believed to be composed of mainly iron and nickel. What is the earths outer core made of? As Earth spins on its axis, the iron inside the liquid outer core moves around. The nickel and iron are the primary materials, which compose the outer core. Facts about Outer Core The outer core of the Earth is a liquid layer about 2,260 km thick composed of iron and nickel which lies above the Earth's solid inner core and below its mantle. The outer core is responsible for Earth’s magnetic field. The distance between the earth’s surface and earth’s core is around 1,800 miles or 2,980 kilometer. Composition: The outer core is composed of iron and some nickel. The Outer Core is the second to last layer of the Earth. It is the only liquid layer, and is mainly made up of the metals iron and nickel, as well as small amounts of other substances. Its outer boundary lies approximately 2,890 km (1,800 mi) beneath the Earth's surface. In this section you will learn about how Earth's magnetic field is created, how hot it is, how thick the Outer Core is and a few interesting facts about the Outer Core. The outer core of the Earth is a liquid layer about 2,260 kilometers thick. What are the earth s layers earth layer fun facts what would hen if the earth s core what are the layers of earth facts about earth s inner core dk. The outer core is the third layer of the Earth. 40 Fantastic Facts About Earth Serious . 3 Interesting Facts About The Earth S Outer Core. 0 Comment. Outer core: t he second to last layer of the Earth. The thickness of the liquid layer is around 2,260 km for the outer core. This is above the Earth's solid inner core and below the mantle. Temperature: About 4,000-5,000 degrees Celsius. Facts About Earths S Outer Core Dk Find Out. Its outer boundary is 2,890 km (1,800 mi) beneath the Earth's surface. The outer core is liquidand the inner core is soild. Facts about earth s inner core dk fascinating facts about the earth s mantle 5 facts about the earth s inner core what are the earth s layers Earth S Core Facts For KidsHow We Discovered That The Earth S Inner Core Is Older ThanInside Earth By Chloe HowellFacts About Earth S Inner Core Dk… Read More »


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