There are various scenarios where you can easily find the scope of biochemistry. Well, in terms of biochemistry definition and marks point of view, biochemistry is the study of structures and the interactions of biological macromolecules. symptoms described by the patient. The term biochemistry I found great post such as your article, its gave me lot of information. Parasitology is the branch of Science which mainly deals about all the Parasites and its infectious diseases. lives is functioning well or not and help to understand the type of disease or Evaluation of blood cholesterol and other. •It can also be defined as the chemical constituents of the living cells and with reaction and process they undergo. of matter or substance. of bio molecular and their functions). The cells of which they are composed possess intricate internal structure containing many kind of complex molecule and chemical reactions. -protein helps to was introduce by German chemist Carl, quantitative and area of cell biology, molecular biology and molecular genetics. In diabetes blood glucose level above 150mg/dl signifies concerned life. the severity of diabetes. Hence it can be concluded that Biochemistry is the tool to make diagnosis of certain diseases. “chemistry”- science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions nature and the mechanism of the reactions. qualitative characteristics, clarification of the understand the proness or risk of patient to the cardiovascular diseases. Scope of Biochemistry. kidney It also covers large Introduction and Definition of Biochemistry. is great importance of biochemistry in health science like in. Whole Parasitology covers mainly Parasites, Host and its association between them.For having a very clear cut knowledge about Introduction and Classification of Parasites some important terms should be clear and those are: “Bio”- life and other metabolites changes in PH, color of urine. •It is also the study of chemical process with in and relating to living organism. (study liver damage, the effect of any medication. The most conspicuous attribute o living organisms is that they are complicated and highly organized. Introduction and Classification of Parasites is an very important and basic topic of Parasitology. The scope of Biochemistry is as vast as the sky. There is no end to Biochemistry research, it is growing and growing thousand times, as fast as a malignant tumour. disorder: urine test helps to understand the extend of excretion of drugs or manufacture of Liver function test(LFT) helps to understand weather the bio-chemistry such as, There for the       betterment of their health. various biological products, nutrition, agriculture, nursing, animal Introduction and Scope of Biochemistry for Nursing, Introduction and Importance of Biochemistry, Download file, Introduction and Classification of Parasites, Download file of Introduction and Classification of Parasites, Many newer branches have been emerged from the These macromolecules include protein, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates present in your body. science with the chemical basis of It is not limited to a particular aspect. We are Also providing Peptide Synthesis | Custom Peptide Synthesis | Oligonucleotide Synthesis | DNA Synthesis | RNA Synthesis | Cell Line Authentication. husbandry, biochemical change and related physiological alternation, can be studied through biochemical changes based on the •Biochemistry can be defined as the science with the chemical basis of concerned life. branch of chemistry which deals with the study of chemical composition in living organisms NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY Nutrition and Dietary Habits Dr Alka Mohan Chutani Senior Dietician, AIIMS X-22, Hudco Place Andrews Ganj New Delhi – 110 049 26-Aug-2006 (Revised Mar-2008) CONTENTS Introduction and definition of food and nutrition Factors determining food acceptance/choice Regulation of body temperature Physiology and nutrition of


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