Into the Woods When Lucy runs away from home to find her father, Henry, Victoria decides that Jacinda is no longer capable of taking care of her and removes Lucy into her home. You can help Disney Wiki by expanding it. Dislikes So it’s unsurprising that a patriarchal system would view a woman who is taking matters into her own hands as something evil. (succeeded) Drizella | She didn’t come down herself or try to win the prince. Nimue | However, she does have a daughter she cares about and needs saving, so she offers once again for Ivy to help find a way out if she is ready to listen. Lady Rapunzel Tremaine is the secondary antagonist of Season 7 of Once Upon a Time, serving as the main antagonist of the first five episodes.She is the mother of Anastasia and Drizella, stepmother of Cinderella, and step-grandmother of Lucy.. She was portrayed by Gabrielle Anwar.. History. Angered when the Prince declines, Lady Tremaine kills the Prince and pins his murder onto Cinderella. Goals Type of Villain Jack | The evil queen crafts the items to kill Snow White and delivers them herself. Maleficent | (succeeded), Cinderella's Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda, The Giant's Wife, Cinderella running away from him, his kingdom in danger, He and Cinderella part ways after she finds out that he cheated on her. Background information The evil queen tries to kill Snow White, Cinderella’s stepmother forces her to do chores and punishes her, the sorceress kidnaps a baby girl to raise as her own and then punishes her for a single sin, and so on. She is portrayed byAnna Kendrick. Quote Stepmothers in fairy tales become scapegoats, saddled with all the evil traits of a woman in power, set apart from the virtues of a true mother, and then punished for their agency and their attempts to navigate a masculine world as a powerful woman. But for the most part, if we see a woman villain, she will almost always cross blades (figuratively of course) with another woman. He and Cinderella part ways after she finds out that he cheated on her Medusa | 1 Background 2 Into the Woods 3 Gallery 3.1 Promotional 3.2 Into the Woods 3.3 On Set Cinderella's Prince, who was "raised to be charming, not sincere", is on an endless quest to find his bride, Cinderella. Neutral The stepmothers were more likely to feel jealous than envious and this occurred when they felt second best, like outsiders, or were drawn into competitive relationships. Taint that, and you taint all that motherhood touches — specifically children. The patriarchal system inevitably pits women against women in a competition for the male gaze, while also slandering stepmothers for being imposters in the patriarchal family unit, where Mother is a saintly moral guide to the household. There are many different stories about her from different states and countries. Clorinda | Felix | Anastasia, Secondary Villains S7, E01: "Hyperion Heights" S7, E02: "A Pirate's Life" S7, E03: "The Garden of Forking Paths" S7, E04: "Beauty" S7, E05: "Greenbacks" S7, E06: "Wake Up Call" Occupation As for Gretel, she got the chance to save herself by shoving the witch into her own oven, but in doing so destroyed another woman with agency. Jabberwocky, Other Villains Though fairy tales aren’t so kind to them, moving forward, perhaps we as scholars can at the very least extend the courtesy of a thorough, unbiased examination of stepmothers, granting them the same attention as favored characters and character types. Cinderella may have featured the most infamous evil stepmother, but Snow White was the first-ever Disney princess, and she lived with her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Alignment Florinda and Lucinda: Cinderella’s cruel stepsisters. When their actions are often the result of trying to act in a patriarchal world that will always label them as bad? While history and literature give us numerous examples of women working to oust competition against them and their children, it doesn’t mean it’s the norm. Mr. Smee | Cinderellais one of the six tritagonists from the filmInto the Woods. Victoria later hires Ralph to burn down Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack to destroy Sabine’s popularity on beignets. Cinderella, likewise, will often feature an evil stepmother who is constantly trying to push Cinderella into obscurity and elevate her own daughters. Captain Hook | Zelena | I find I agree with the emerging sentiment on this topic — that fairy tale stepmothers ought to be, if not pitied, viewed as complex, three-dimensional characters worthy of the same attention we give heros and heroines. Greg Mendell | In Hyperion Heights, she is known as "Victoria Belfrey", the founder of Belfrey Towers and Belfrey Developments who plans to buy up the lands and buildings of the neighborhood to develop them as a gimmick to bring in more people from outside of Hyperion Heights. Allies Dancing with Cinderella at the Festival Almost any version of Rapunzel will feature an evil stepmother figure, the witch or ogress who steals a baby girl from a family because of some stolen greens. Prince James | Snow White, too, seemed to have her own selection of stepmother problems as well. Enemies Origin Regina Mills/Evil Queen | The Shadow | Blackbeard | Fiona | Ivy is unable to pull her legs free, and Victoria realizes that Eloise intends to sacrifice the girl to revive Lucy, presumably for nefarious purposes. Rapunzel took her to Gothel, who preserved her last breath using magic, meaning she could be revived, however she planned to imprison her in the tower next to which Rapunzel reveals she stole the magic spell for that before trapping Gothel in her place. Cinderella's Prince is one of the six tritagonists from the film, Into the Woods. She keeps Anastasia safely in a coffin and most of the world believes she is dead with no way to return, while her mother plots a way to revive her and take revenge on Ella for getting her "killed". The evil queen shows diligence, artistry, and even generosity, giving Snow White tools that a mother might give a daughter such as combs and ribbons. Much later, Gothel begins her ultimate endgame: wiping out all of humanity. To find the girl he danced with at the Festival. But unfortunately, fairy tales have a nasty habit of creating more women enemies than women allies. Even more pitiable is that it all results in a reader having to choose sides between two women trying to grasp power in a patriarchal system. But in a patriarchal system, this level of agency is viewed as dangerous. "I must find that girl. The stepmother takes strides to move up in society while the husband, who isn’t dead, seems to just exist ambivalently in the background. She is one of the few characters in the film who are not based on fairy tale characters. Hades | Victoria retrieves the storybook Henry wrote and gives custody of Lucy back to Jacinda before telling Lucy that fairytales are real but she doesn't know the whole story. Though she longed for a child who was white as snow, black as ebony, and red as blood, she soon grew jealous of her own daughter and plotted to kill her. Her magic activates and the daggers fly towards the cabinet, after which the true dagger is revealed inside. Cinderella's life was made hell by a wicked stepmother, with her two evil stepsisters in tow. These are the evil acts placed on these women. Not always. This section of the article is a stub. Their jealousy seemed to be a response to feeling, and being, powerless and disregarded within relationships. Inspiration They’re fighting each other. Powerlessness to be “as good as or better than” a child’s real mother, powerlessness to fight back against this idea of the evil stepmother, powerlessness to even talk about their fears when it comes to raising another woman’s child. Trivia. Eventually, Ivy repents herself by saving Anastasia from being corrupted by Gothel like she had with her and their mother. In “The Juniper Tree” the evil stepmother kills her stepson, for instance. Sheriff of Nottingham | After informing her of the truth and showing her Ana's body in a coma, she says that happy endings are impossible, also showing her security footage of Jacinda kissing Nick in the hopes that it will convince Lucy that Henry is not Jacinda's True Love, also stating that Henry left town and won't look back. When Ivy leaves, Victoria makes a deal with Detective Weaver to let her go and save Anastasia in exchange for giving him information on the Guardian to help remove the Darkness from him, letting him live the rest of his mortal life and join Belle in the afterlife. Flying Monkeys | At Ana's questioning, Victoria confirms the above to be true. Mr. Hyde | Rumplestiltskin | ""I was raised to be charming, not sincere." Pretty disturbing, right? So they replaced them with figures that were already mistrusted, strangers to the household, new and unknown…the Stepmother. For instance in Bluebeard tales where women save one another, or arguably the Twelve Dancing Princess tales where the twelve sisters escape the world around them for a time. The favor of a man, for instance (Cinderella’s stepmother has her daughters cut off parts of her feet in order to marry the prince), or comparisons of beauty that arise from a patriarchal view of beauty (Snow White and her stepmother). One day in winter, the three girls were playing on the ice and building a snowman when Ella accidentally broke the ice, falling through along with Anastasia. Although their experience of jealousy differed markedly from the way stepmothers are portrayed in fairy tales, many felt silenced by the image of the wicked stepmother, and some saw themselves as wicked, particularly if they were jealous of their stepchildren. The Grimm Brothers' Cinderella: Summary & Characters King Arthur | Victoria is disgusted at her younger daughter and commands Ivy not to look at her. We don’t know for certain, but a lot of us suspect that these changes were made to preserve the sanctity and purity of the image of mother and motherhood. And isn’t it about time that that view was replaced, or at least critically reviewed? Patriotic motherhood, the purity of Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, the hardworking, kind, gentle, and tender mother of literature (think Mrs. March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women)…there are many examples where motherhood is this wholesome idea. In the wake of her death, Jacinda and Lucy place flowers on Victoria's grave and, in spite of everything, mourn her passing. Cinderella running away from him, his kingdom in danger Good stepmothers are seen as the exception, and they have to be distinguished out from the masses of stepmothers who must assuredly be evil or cruel in some way. Ivy comments once again that Victoria is simply ruining her nails on the walls, which gives her mother an idea to use her louboutin heel to hit the lever that controls the rope, lowering it to their level. Unnamed King (father)Rapunzel's Prince (brother)Rapunzel (sister-in-law)Cinderella (ex-wife) If their stories were flipped, we’d applaud these women for their hard work, diligence, wisdom, and willingness to fight back when they are wronged. Victoria warned her not to let the witch out and the mother in her wants to let her youngest daughter rot in here with only Victoria's warning as a reminder to her for the rest of her numbered days.


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