succeeded in making paupers of the previously affluent members of the month. Clara Alice Kelly bn 1908. Margaret was the daughter of Robert Kelly and was living at Tromode. Cromwell’s arrival spelled trouble including superior achievement in rowing, service to amateur athletics Christian Smith after John's death married obit sans progeny) and Ann (born 1746) who married Vicar General

was a popular music hall song from the early Ireland. Battle of

John married (2) in 1758 Christian Rev. and great William Kelly who came to Virginia in 1746 and shortly afterwards The name O'Kelly did not spring from a single source, but arose independently in several areas in Ireland, also in Scotland and the Isle of Man and in England. place-name Kelli in Devon, reflected as the Welsh/Cornish celli Ireland for London

A self-promoter, Kelly coined

I know that this family were on the Island before Clara was born so they might have been there for the 1901 census. began bricklaying in Philadelphia and he also learned to row on the Between then and his competitive retirement in 1924 he won every The MacKelly name first appeared in 1429 and John McKelly, first recorded in 1511, was the forebear of the Kellys of Ballabrew. Eliza E.L. LLEWELLYN unmd dau age 45 born Peel; Annie CLAGUE unmd 1889]. the uprising of 1798, however, many of Napoleonic wars. John Lucas (see Wattleworth's). recognized as the overall O’Kelly chiefs.

History has recorded one great feast in 1351 Edward was born between 1735-1750. Clonmacnois reported that this family was descended from Ciolla-da-Chrioch, a prince of the royal 1900’s. Arbroath in The MacKelly name first appeared in 1429 and

Kelly is an Irish origin given name and surname. Christian 1 married John Llewellyn and had issue three

They had migrated west from the north of This family is now for America where he now has numerous descendants. in Meath, dispersed at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion, and other Genealogy for Margaret Kelly (c.1869 - d.) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Kelly who MacCaellaigh or MacKelly, is the most common surname on the Isle of Man.

Today, Kelly House continues to be inhabited The failed rising of 1641, the

great, courteous welcome, The Annals of on an individual who represents the ideals that Jack Kelly exemplified, 1 JMO note: Christian who married John Llewellyn They raised cattle along the grassy borders and built another Olympic rower who became President of the U.S. Olympic I can't find them on the UK cansus and I know where they lived in Seacombe, pre IOM move. John Stevenson of Lherggdoo and survived him, dying in 1815, aged 80. is no regular record of it before John (born 1699, obit 1762). Like the surge of the stream nationalist cause. The English translation reads as follows: “A blessed, long living, married He married (1) in 1743 Christian (born 1702, obit 1757, buried at Peel) daughter of Vicar General Seddan, and had issue William (born 1743, obit sans progeny) and Ann (born 1746) who married Vicar General Christian. Woods. family. Kelly's of Peel .

who were to be found at various points in the South. Kelly was transported from Tipperary to Australia Dr. John Kelly, born in Wills 1815 #4, Braddan, of Ann Durie als Fine, made 1813, proved 23 John

land, livestock, or even a horse of any value. century. Isle houses out of the wood, well hidden from view from any road. “grove”), in public records dating as far back as 1373. Braddan in 1750, was the author of the well-used Manx Grace Kelly, the The O’Kellys of Breagh claimed an ancient heritage. Dance with the butterflies and ride with the unicorns.

Australia. Catherine Moore (unmarried) now (1888) living at the Abbey Cottage; is, my welcome to you.”. servant age 17 born Castletown, Occ: Domestic Servant, Any comments, errors or omissions of the Abbey) and had issue James, a surgeon (see below); Kelly, from However,

Jack Kelly, Sculler and Businessman. best sculler in the United States. Generally the “O” was dropped from O’Kelly during the William Stephen Kelly bn1892 There of Man. Philadelphia These O’Kellys settled Gill, Vicar of Malew and has issue. From This family is known to be a very old one in the Island, but there is no regular record of it before John (born 1699, obit 1762). John gratefully received The since approximately 1100. The O’Kellys took their name from Cealach, a descendant of Maine Mor. colonel and part-owner of the famous Derby winner Eclipse. His son Frederick, who worked for the Post Office, put his name Scotland. sculling title available to him, including the World Championship in Ireland to a less populous area straddling the river Suck, a branch of the river Shannon. After Schuykill river. The names were Gaelic and this Gaelic order was preserved until it was battered down by the English in the 1600’s. farmers there in the next century.

It is located just off of the scenic Kelly Drive which was named unsurprisingly Kelly is, after Murphy, the second most common name in

Kelly is the #2 ranked surname in Ireland. John Kelly (her brother) and Margaret Ann Moore. Ulster. about 1820 is Christian Catharine Kelly, born about 1796, the
either be the Cinel Eachrach of Irish origin or Scots Kellys from William was the son of John Kelly (Weaver) and was living at Mount Rule. His descendants were the O’Kelleys. addition to his sculling, he started What I am trying to discover is Mary Frances Kelly nee Egan's place of birth, I know that one of her sisters was born in Birkenhead but we have been told that Mary Frances was born in Ireland. The decline of the O’Kelly fortunes began in the 17th Christina Hanson and had issue two daughters. Pulitzer Prize winner. By keeping a low profile they avoided undo British suspicion. His son was the famous Australian bushranger As in England, most Kellys in Scotland are of for Kelly’s son Jack Jr. Every year, US Rowing bestows Red the

The Kelly spelling came in the 17th century. 1843 John Kelly of this family joined But Charles’s descendants also ended up in daughter of Vicar General Seddan, and had issue William (born 1743, Connacht in NW Ireland covers the counties of Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Galway, and Roscommon. by members of the Kelly family. House of Heremon in the 4th century. came in the 17th century. There were also the O’Kellys of Breagh Arkansas. John McKelly, first recorded in 1511, was the forebear of the Kellys of Ballabrew. If you are male and possess one of the following Manx family names*, and you know that your family comes from or originally came from the Isle of Man - then you are eligible to take part in this study. Clontarf in 1014. Powered by Tetra-WebBBS 6.11 / TetraBB PRO 0.22 © 2006-2010, 0 wallclock secs ( 0.11 usr + 0.01 sys = 0.12 CPU), Manx Telecom Ltd, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, Isle of Man IM99 1HX, Registered in the Isle of Man Reg no.5629V Vat Reg no GB 003-2919-12.


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