Hi Nami! , I made this tonight, it was delicious! Scrape the gobo skin with the back of your knife. The most commonly used pork for this soup is pork belly slices. I like 2nd day, flavors come out more (and a bit saltier so you might want to add dashi or water if it’s too salty). Once boiling, add the konnyaku. Thank you for trying my recipes!

I love gobo and taro, and the konnyaku soaked up the flavours so nicely. Thanks for the help!!!! Hope you can find recipes that you enjoyed in Japan on my blog. Turn off the heat. Konnyaku is usually located next to tofu, deep fried tofu…. It may be a cold-weather staple, but I do enjoy the soup year-round. So it’s really up to you! I was hoping that they would feature this soup so I could make it as similar as his method… but they didn’t. Cook konnyaku for 2-3 minutes and drain the water. Try the second bowl with some kimchi - it's delicious. . This is a lovely recipe, which I’ve made a few times since we moved to Japan.
A very forgiving recipe, and an excellent method! So happy to hear you tried this recipe along with other recipes from my site. Packed with an excellent source of vitamins, it’s absolutely nourishing and soul-fulfilling!
This pork meatball spinach soup … Thanks Nami! Hi Em! Still, this recipe is my favorite miso soup.

It’s definitely fulfilling and nutritious (I prefer the tofu-wakame version though, it’s tastier for me). For convenience sake, if i’m making this in a slow cooker, would the miso lose its flavor if i mix it from the very beginning? i live in Colorado and we don’t have many Asian influence here so i was like time to go to amazon haha. Thank you Nami! Recipe by sucoco. Your recipe made it so easy for me to make. Did you make this recipe? Great recipe Nami! Each of the dishes is doable and I have the recipes just for you (Season 1 recipes; Season 2 recipes)! Add diced vegetables and a bag of Satoimo in the boiling water. Thank you! Hi Linda! . Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Adjust the amount of miso to your family's taste. Besides, you’re very responsive in answering questions to clear up whatever anyone might want to know – which is greatly appreciated. I want to show you a simple Japanese recipe that everybody can make at home. . Cut the pork into 2 cm wide pieces. Please read my disclosure policy for details. That works, and you are just missing the texture, not much flavors from Konnyaku. A lot of households in Japan have two types of miso – shiro miso and aka miso so we can switch around to make different dishes with different miso AND not to get bored with miso soup everyday, we make our own Awase Miso with red and white miso (or sometimes white only, etc). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yum! Add a spoon full Dashi into the boiling water. I first thought you didn’t like my tonjiru! https://www.epicurious.com/.../views/meatballs-and-noodle-soup-almondigas Thank you for sharing all your incredible recipes. Leave stand for 5 minutes. Please use your favorite vegetables and take care of your body! . I make Sukiyaki Donburi with the leftover Sukiyaki. Packed with B vitamins, fiber and minerals, this healthy soup is nourishing and soul-fulfilling. Tear tofu into small pieces and add them. Hope you enjoy this recipe! Quick question, in the Midnight Diner video, he seems to have 2 types of miso. Any miso works, and that’s the fun part. I’m glad to hear my recipe was helpful. It’s very cold now here in Peru and this was a main dish everyone enjoyed a lot. I’m glad you figured out the best way to make your Tonjiru! I really love Tonjiru and make it often too. Then mix all ingredient well. If you find yourself extra hungry after watching all the scrumptious meals prepared by the Master, it’s time to create them right in your own kitchen! Hi Janelle! Hi Wei! Thank you for your kind feedback! I hope you and your family stay healthy at these difficult times! Turkey thigh, maybe? Craving for it right now even though the weather is hot and sunny now in Singapore hehe. That your instructions are so clear with a generous number of extremely helpful & well-taken photos precludes any small slips with English grammar English is one of the most nonsensical & difficult languages to learn! Remove excess oil on aburaage with a piece of paper towel. Hi Vicky!

Thanks so much for trying this recipe and your feedback! Thank you so. It was very tasty. 5 Tbsp of miso was a bit strong for my taste so I added more hot water and returned to comfortably level of saltiness. Your email address will not be published. Packed with an excellent source of vitamins, it’s absolutely nourishing and soul-fulfilling! You don't need to worry about taking dietary supplement. , Hi Steph! Josh, thank you for your comment. Please do not use my images without my permission.

Yes, you can keep Tonjiru in the fridge, maybe up to 5 days… if you add potatoes and tofu, they are one of ingredients that could go bad first (so watch out for that). Cut the taro into ⅓ inch slices and soak in water to remove the sliminess. Thank you very much for your kind feedback! I used your recipe and it came out perfectly. Rotate as you shave the end of the gobo, like how you sharpen a pencil with a knife. This was delicious! One is dark and one is light. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. Tonjiru is a savory miso soup with pork and root vegetables. Add 5 Tbsp miso using a strainer (Tip: always start adding a little less than the recipe says; each brand/type of miso has different saltiness). Can i simply replace the fresh tofu w/ that? I did not have gobo or taro, but it still tasted really good. Cut up the rest of the ingredients into bite-sized rectangular pieces. Enjoy!! When ingredients are coated with oil, add gobo and taro. Depends on what soup it is, it can improve skin condition, reduce cough/eczema, and reduce allergy symptoms etc. So happy to hear you enjoy this Tonjiru recipe! The Best Japanese Beef Meatballs Recipes on Yummly | Easy Sweet And Sour Meatballs, Japanese 7 Spice Beef Skewers With Brussels Sprouts Salad, Stewed Beef Noodle Soup Thank you for the recipe! Hi Ima! Just wanted to let you know that ginger is missing from your ingredients list. Thank you for letting me know! Always love your recipes, btw can you do a sukiyaki donburi recipe? I usually serve tonjiru with grilled fish (since miso soup has meat in it), side leafy vegetables. , Hi Komo! must be wonderful!! You can make me share my love to my family through the meals I can cook for them. Tonjiru is a savory pork and vegetable miso soup you can easily make at home. Hi Nami, thank you for all your recipes, it’s just what I need as a big addict of Japanese home cooking! Thanks for all the time & work you put into Just One Cookbook. Cut the stem end off the shimeji mushrooms. https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/170895-tonjiru-japanese-pork-soup You can buy pork belly slices in Japanese or Korean grocery stores or big blocks of pork belly in Chinese grocery stores (read this tutorial on How to Slice Meat Thinly). Sesame oil always brings out the appetite of the dish. For about 4 bowlfuls. Add konnyaku, aburaage, negi, and dashi. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Hoping to make it one evening for dinner. It was my way to find how to make them in a language I can understand. Hi, Nami san! After watching Midnight Diner, I was craving this soup, which though not featured in the series, was depicted in the opening scenes. Discard the dirty water and rinse gobo with running water. Cut off both ends of taro and peel the sides with the knife (or peeler). Required fields are marked *. Hi Jos! Ideally, if possible, I would use raw, uncured meat because we don’t want to introduce salt from the meat. This post may contain affiliate links. About a little bit less than 1 gallon of water, A pack of frozen Kuro buta (Black pork) ground beef, A scoop of pot spoon of Miso paste (Your choice), A spoon full of Dashi (Bonito fish soup powder). Copyright © Cookpad Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When boiling, lower the heat and skim off the scum and fat from the soup.

If you let it cool down once and reheat it, I think the flavor improves. I have varied EVERYTHING on the list depending on what I had or could get, and it stays amazing. Tonjiru is a savory miso soup with pork and root vegetables. I think it tastes better if you let it cool down once and re-heat it. . Now on to my shopping list for it! Yes his specialty is Tonjiru. (De-grease the aburaage first by pouring boiling water over it).

We always have different flavors when you try with different miso. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Aww thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! But my English is not perfect, so you will find a lot of English errors! Tip: Salt releases water along with the unwanted odor.


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