Darkseid on the other hand, is a character that fears a few people. I thought it was meant to be ambiguous if he actually got the bat to laugh or if he had finally pushed him to far and got his face murdered. The Savage Avengers and Agents of Atlas Are Facing Marvel's BIGGEST Threats. Also, the Joker could easily tank some hits from Daredevil like he does from Batman and then deploy his gas. Countless times the Joker has had the chance to kill Batman but didn't between his sheer need of BAtman and the moment not being "right". Related: Joker Is Putting the Batman Through Another Knightfall. Only one cosmic figure is shown to have the willpower to resist the influence of the Joker: The Spectre, who at this point in time was connected to the spirit of Hal Jordan. Joker's "philosophical" proclivities run in opposition to Darkseid's. He leaved Darkseid deep in space after considering making him a "hood ornament," quoting the same '90s Bud Light commercial that the rest of the Quintessence had been forced to repeat. Atlantis Attacks: One of Marvel's Agents of Atlas Just One-Punched a Dragon!? The near-omnipotent, 5th Dimension prankster, who is capable of rewriting reality on a whim, has a perchance for jokes. He is a master manipulator and an incredibly persuasive actor. @degraaf: that's true. I can definitely see the possibility to Joker doing something so unexpected that it catches DD off guard and knocks him out. The Joker is immune to it so he can just sit within a cloud and tell terrible jokes while Daredevil laughs to death. I know Darkseid thinks of Joker as an insignificant Earth germ but what does Joker think about the Dark New God? He even discovered the Joker had figured out the Anti-Life Equation, enraging Darkseid and leading him to try and put aside his hatred for Highfather long enough to speak with him. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Soulfire or Anti Life Darkseid + Emperor Joker, I gotta give it to them. Daredevil often just rushes people he has no knowledge of after appearing through unknown means before them? Daredevil, like any other street leveler who is not Batman or completely incorruptible, will die laughing. Dove. Do those two even know each other … Press J to jump to the feed. Despero is a telepath, telepathy does not equal possession as it is a direct physical rewriting of the person's brain. Joker gets a billy club to the face. Not sure if this counts as on topic but... Did Bruce actually laugh at his joke? Darkseid: Why the Anti-Life Equation Is DC's Most DANGEROUS Weapon. Let's say (not to change OP or anything, but to speculate) that all the Parademons were previously humans, and retain some of their human qualities. https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-261e3d3a2ab730b52015baf25be15adf.webp. The Joker is jokelusted. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Given the range of people permitted to laugh at Darkseid, I don't see him winning. @k4tzm4n@god_spawn@citizenbane@deranged_midget. With unearned popularity amour™ Joker could actually KILL Darksied,by laughing at him. Are you looking for Joker vs Darkseid facts comparison? Now, I know this is rules lawyering, but Emperor Joker is a version of the Joker that existed at one point of the timeline during which Darkseid existed too. Calling in some moderators to lock this thread. User Lists: 0 #1 Edited By josephkerr. DC Superheroes + Zealot. Darkseid had to team up with superman to defeat him. If anything, the Joker's CIS is the only thing that potentially saves some of them. He cut his own face off for no reason other than “the lulz.” He is the embodiment of fascism and desires absolute control with the anti-life equation. Daredevil doesn't have anything on either of them in that regard. What’s the point? In the Emperor Joker storyline, the Clown Prince of Crime used his stolen powers to defeat Darkseid. It seems that even Darkseid has the potential to be driven mad if confronted by the Anti-Life Equation himself. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. I am not sure whether the Joker is an exception to this rule. The Joker was crafty enough to trick Mxyzptlk, instead figuring out how to steal the other 99 percent of his power and leave Mxyzptlk with almost none. Unable to feel love for others, the Joker obsesses over the important things he deals with—particularly Batman, whom the Joker makes his life miserable. I don't think Matt would really hesitate to kill the Joker...he's killed people less evil than that before. Ultraboy. Seriously, Joker takes one club to the face and he's done. Take Braniac for example. Joker need not defeat Darkseid or even personally survive the encounter. The Adversary. Having said that Daredevil would get his bearing and finish this fight fairly quickly. Darkseid?! The Joker also gets regularly beaten to a pulp by Batman and he is still fully conscious. The fact that prep is not stated in the OP. Featuring weekly comic release discussions, creator AMAs, a friendly and helpful userbase, and much more! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While traveling the world, Mxyplitk found the Joker locked away in Arkham. Something that most versions of the Joker have in common is...that they're not funny.


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