Is there room for more than one middleman-slaying home brand? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Three Dessin Fournir alums are relaunching its iconic furniture brands. “We’re a part of massive category. “I think there will be big-box retailers forever. Toothbrushes? It’s a completely different form factor, and requires a different supply chain and shipping experience than our previous products,” she says. But Kaye is confident that the processes Parachute has developed will stand it in good stead as she takes risks. Mission Statement: Parachute Productions is producing a mass impact full-feature film envisioning a paradigm shift into a new reality for humanity. Being disrupted as we speak. ( Log Out /  The goal is not simply to grow vertically, but horizontally as well: Unlike Warby Parker, which is mainly attempting to reach more people with the same product, Parachute is attempting to reach more consumers with more offerings. But after a round of venture capital funding in 2018 to the tune of $30 million, Parachute has been growing into other rooms in the house (the brand now sells rugs, napkins and laundry detergent). Parachute is spending a considerable chunk of change building out its product offerings and growing its retail presence. “But we also want to be a healthy business, one that is profitable and successful 100 years from now. Will home be the secret to JCPenney’s comeback? “I think there’s room for many players and many styles,” she says. Simply put, the strategies that got them to $1 million in revenue can’t get them to $100 million. Indeed, many Parachute competitors have sprung up in the last five years, all offering minor variations on the same concept. However, one gets the sense it’s the kind of problem Kaye wants to have. Disrupted. Two weeks ago, competitor Boll & Branch announced a $100 million investment. “As we continue to grow, we are looking to touch more categories in the home world, but in a way that’s cohesive and not overwhelming,” she says. The retail landscape is going to shift and change, and there will be lots of ways to buy, both on and offline.”. It does not require a majority to… We live in a disruptive time. We started with bedding because it provided a great way to create a personal connection with our customers in the most intimate room of the home,” she tells BOH. We’re aiming to be a household name.”. ... such as financial statements, and may be asked to interview with the selection committee. Many showrooms disappear when their founders retire. They face new challenges, new competitors, and the slow fade of the hype that accompanied their initial launch. SideDoor aims to fix that, Why this Utah designer doesn’t rush the design process, This Chicago makers collective just launched a furniture line—and with it, a new business. Some are accepting the limitations of a direct-to-consumer model. See all employees Similar pages. Why haven’t you heard of it? Parachute Technology, Inc. Parachute's Home for Dreams Initiative. The company has seven retail locations, and is planning on opening 20 by the end of 2020. Kaye is also hopeful that Parachute’s growing brick-and-mortar presence will help it build the connection with consumers. Disrupted. “But I do think that bigger-box retailers will also take cues from smaller startups. Towards the end of our conversation, I made the mistake of asking Kaye what kept her up at night—the wrong question for the CEO of a bedding company. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The idea of one disruptive company storming in and completely owning a category is out. In some ways the success of other brands is our success—it brings attention to our category as a whole and reinforces that there are options for shopping for home essentials beyond big-box retailers.”, Kaye pitched a broadly inclusive vision for the future of retail, somewhat at odds with the David and Goliath narrative that accompanied the debut of many direct-to-consumer startups. ( Log Out /  Others, like Parachute’s Ariel Kaye, are trying to break right through them (carefully). Documenting the deceit & abuses of the old greed-motivated financial governing system, it will offer new solutions to reclaim our freedom, livelihood, & interconnectivity with all existence. It will certainly be tough as Parachute grows bigger and bigger (including its retail employees, the company now employs more than 100 people). “When it comes to our growth goals, the sky is the limit,” Kaye tells Business of Home. “There was a lot of testing, tweaking and learning—some of which has been done post-launch. It seems like every week sees the introduction of a new company threatening to cut out the pernicious middlemen and deliver quality direct to the consumer online at a reduced cost. Kaye thinks so. “We focus on being in the relationship business, not the transaction business,” she says. Parachute locations aren’t heavily sales driven; the goal is not so much to move product in store, but to simply engage with customers (who may end up buying online). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Discover our Bedding and Bath Collections now. Change ). There’s definitely room for many types of shoppers and stores,” says Kaye. "These quilts are the best. Stephen Hull Audio Engineer and Systems Integration Specialist. While retail can be leveraged in many new ways, an old truth still applies: It’s expensive. Like Parachute, the brand has expanded its product offerings outside of bedding and has experimented with physical retail (though Boll & Branch currently only has one store). Kaye says that was the plan from the beginning. Ariel Kaye Courtesy of Parachute “When it comes to our growth goals, the sky is the limit,” Kaye tells Business of Home. Kaye says the company is also spending venture money on tech infrastructure, bringing the company’s digital design team in-house and shooting to provide a better online experience. The success of your business is so tied to the happiness of your team.”. Pier 1 pivots to digital-only, Furniture Today family of publications has a new owner, and more. Today, a visitor to Parachute’s website, or one of its seven retail locations, would be forgiven for thinking the brand wasn’t a direct-to-consumer bedding startup, but a West Elm competitor. That carefully built-up relationship with customers is a fragile thing, and it only takes a few dud products to break trust. Parachute isn’t the only one spending to grow. But it’s been so exciting and rewarding to see how many people love our mattress. BOH Insiders unlock access to weekly designer classes and exclusive Insider-only workshops, Parachute’s Ariel Kaye on what it takes to become a household name. Parachute's Home for Dreams Initiative. ( Log Out /  The company also has a mattress. It’s what this whole thing is all about, creating a place where people love to work. Olive oil? ... its mission and your business plan. Like a lot of D2C brands, it focused on one niche and attempted to own it. This home organization brand just cleared $250 million in sales. ( Log Out /  I asked her if Parachute could one day be as big as Walmart. “We started as a team of one, then there were eight people around a table, then 65 people around a much larger office—some members of our team have been here since the very beginning,” she says. We have one on every bed – they provide extra warmth in the winter, just a little weight in the summer, and look great folded at the end of the bed year round." Skip to main content. Harmony, and a heterogeneous marketplace, is in. Of course, it’s difficult to go from having a laser focus on one product to suddenly tackling dozens. To that end, the stores are designed around presentation rather than shelf space, and feature regular events to keep customers coming in. This one won’t. Parachute Home | 5,132 follower su LinkedIn | Home happens here. “For example, if we’re approaching napkins or rugs, we’re not looking to launch 50 SKUs—it’s more about considering what two to three styles make sense for our customer, will be easy to take care of, and will last over time.”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “Growing into other areas of the home beyond the bedroom is something I’ve talked about with our investors even prior to launch. It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds  ~  Samuel Adams. Wayfair takes a dive, a Sotheby’s lawsuit and more, Sick of getting shopped? She has reason to believe she’ll be successful—Kaye says the company’s launch of its own mattresses in January proved it could break out of its lane. Founded in 2014 by Kaye, a former advertising executive, the brand’s initial premise was: luxury linens, sold online, at an affordable price. And one of the biggest signals that we’ve created something unique is the number of mattress purchasers who are first-time Parachute customers.”. “Of course we want people to shop and buy our products and love them and use them, but at the end of the day, we focus on people having a positive Parachute experience regardless of whether they end up shopping with us.”. “Our mattress was so different than anything we’ve ever done before. Documenting the deceit & abuses of the old greed-motivated financial governing system, it will offer new solutions to reclaim our freedom, livelihood, & interconnectivity with all existence. From the finalists, one grant recipient will be chosen.


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