Because the blockage, the fear, the sadness…that was all really coming from inside her at days end. “Swipe Right” soon becomes a living allegory for the perils and problems of internet dating, where what should be a simple conversation to test a connection gets hijacked by increasingly elaborate deceptions. And I love getting to have the song and dance at the end. HBO announced the show’s cancelation in mid-May, and the cast and crew feared Season 4 might be the end long before then. Mark, Julian and I all grew up largely in the ’80s into ’90s, so I know we all gravitate towards those eras as being formative and burned into our brains as specific times and places and feels. 25YL: Was the initial idea for “The Night Babby Died” yours? Have no fear: Those topics are all explored in the other three dozen entries (and plenty of them easily could be part of this collection, too). MITSUDA by Lefse Records “We’d shoot episodes in three days. And I guess we get a ’90s visitor to the room in “Bangs“. I play it on repeat during my solo-dance parties, and friends send me videos of their kids dancing to it. How Is HBO Max Involved. But that doesn’t mean there’s not bad shit out there, and bad people. Mel: Love that you love that episode! All of that fused together to become ‘Fur.’”. The projections as a whole symbolized the things inside the musician she was working through, via her art. Then I asked my producer friends at the time if they wanted to join, and while many of them did, I ended up making about half the tape under various aliases. I still want to go back.”. We had a meeting, me as the composer, I came in to talk about what that could potentially look like. ET on HBO. So maybe some people will get out of it a larger message, and hopefully if not they have some fun along the way. directed by Julian Wass cast: Brian Tyree Henry “Room 104” dabbled in just about every genre you can imagine, and this musical episode emphasized the production team’s creativity as … As a composer, you have an inside track, like, “What about this episode is working really well? Mel: Thank you for the kind words! Not only because they can always try something else during some other stay in The Room, but also because they are supported by a team of artists eager to push limits. In fact, we always talked about making some room for me to get back to the writing and directing part, but it really was about me making it a priority to carve out that space for myself. All four seasons of “Room 104” are available to stream on HBO Max. I spent so many hours crowded around a TV playing video games with my friends, and before that with my parents. And it all comes from a love of music but a severe lack of interest in performing music live. Fleischmann kept the navy chevron sweater Stephanie Allyne wore in “The Return” for Season 2. In The Room, creators can imagine feminist werewolves, voluntary cannibals, or whatever else without fear of what’s “acceptable” on TV. Warner Bros. Contemplates ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Fate. When the music industry was changing in the early 2000s, I started scoring short films and found that the types of things I was able to do in these weird film scores were scratching the same itch as producing records; experimenting, creating new sounds, and even better, I could do it alone! — SG, Season 3, Episode 3, “Itchy” cast: Brian Tyree Henry, “Room 104” dabbled in just about every genre you can imagine, and this musical episode emphasized the production team’s creativity as well as Brian Tyree Henry’s range of talents. HBO’s anthology series, Room 104, which debuted July 28, 2017, is premiering for likely its final season tonight (July 24). Catalina Sandino Moreno, Iyana Halley, Jay Duplass, Jenee LaMarque, Julian Wass, Mark Duplass, room 104. The upcoming series finale is a futuristic sci-fi drama titled “Generations,” which reportedly features The Room’s first foray into space. “The foam episode was definitely a challenge because foam is a challenge,” she recalls of Season 4’s “Foam Party,” a thriller featuring a group of raving housemates and a toxic foam machine slowly filling The Room. Julian Wass serves as co-executive producer. I was like, ‘I think there's ghosts here, but they're all ladies and they all kick ass.’”. (1) Each episode is a half hour or less. None of that was planned, that just came out of us. By the time she was filling The Room with foam in Season 4, she was prepared. And sometimes it requires or is asking for more of an “oomph,” like more of a punctuation. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Now, their lives are changed. September 11, 2020, 11:30 pm, by JW: Even when I was producing, I was pursuing scoring. I wrote the first draft of “The Specimen Collector” in a hotel room in Toronto where Jay and I were premiering our film Outside In. HBO’s anthology series, Room 104, which debuted July 28, 2017, is premiering for likely its final season tonight (July 24). Then something unexpected happened, as it always does in Room 104. The final episode of Room 104 airs Oct, 9, 2020 at 11:00 p.m. 25YL: Was your transition from being a producer to eventually becoming “President of all things Duplass” in a fairly short timespan difficult, scary, or did you take to it quite naturally? ET cast: Philip Baker Hall, Ellen Geer, Simple elegance paired with great acting goes a long way, and “My Love” brings the first season of “Room 104” full circle. But what I was trying to capture in that episode was a specific feeling, time and place that I remember very clearly: the beginning of high school and essentially womanhood.


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