Modifications include: 1) Didn't insulate top or bottom; oversight on my part, but still performed well (ice outlasted keg by days) 2) I used 3/4" rigid insulation, cut into strips but left the film on one side, so it could wrap the keg like a jacket, then wrapped that with some eco-fiberglass stuff (didn't want to buy more rigid insulation). Next, open the regulator valve near the hose on the gauge by pointing it along the hose. I love this idea. If you have a spare keg handy, this is an excellent time to size everything up. Fill the gap below the foam with spray foam. All rights reserved. They are cheaper than buying the components separately and are easy to find online. The refrigerator will keep the beer in our kegs cold, but air in a refrigerator tends to stratify—that is, the cool air sinks and the hot air rises. It necked down around the top so I cut about 2" off the open end. 1. I haven't done an outside sun test. 1⅜-inch and ⅞-inch hole saws8. I chose a coffee can to use as a form, it seemed like a pretty close fit. Enjoy! If it's not right, fiddle with the regulator until it is. Keep in mind, I made mine like this because I had these things laying around. These are perfect for home brewers and beer enthusiasts. I added a round piece of varnished plywood and installed a kegerator tower. You may need to adjust this to get the right amount of gas for each keg of beer. Historically, brass has been used for items such as pumps, pipe fitting, and goblets. If any of the fittings leak, crank 'em down until they stop. This wasn't the end of the world, but we no longer had the pilot hole to hold the drill in place while we sawed the larger hole. All Rights Reserved. As of now, the beer suspended in the lines of the tower will be far warmer than the air below. Slide the nut on the tubing, the sleeve after that, and then slip the tubing into the threaded piece. Made one of these this weekend. This build utilizes a design that been around for a while where you construct a collar and place it between the top and base unit. good 'ible. Here are key aspects of a convertible fridge: * As far as capacity goes, most 4.4- to 5-foot models will work for one or two kegs that hold one-sixth of a barrel of beer. One cut into these lines and the fridge is dead. If you are using it all week in 90 degree heat, the drain is nice. Early this spring, I thought that it would be nice to make it portable for camping, parties, fishing … We repurposed the fan from an old computer that was gathering dust in the attic as the heart of our cooling system. In a double gauge regulator, the second gauge shows how much pressure is in the keg. See more ideas about Kegerator, Kegerator diy, Beer. You can buy a ready-built kegerator, but with a price tag that usually exceeds $700, you're spending a lot of money to buy a fresher beer. Push the beer hose onto the other end of the shank and fasten with a clamp. Alright, I have been shopping around for some poly expandable foams and the one you chose looks to be pretty good for the price. on Introduction. Instead of being able to use the rest of my pink foam board, I had to purchase some 1/2" insulation for the lid. Connect the faucet to the shank and moderately tighten with a wrench (some kits come with a special wrench for this purpose). With the cooling system in place, reattach the lid, filling in the area around the PVC pipe with Great Stuff window and door foam. I'm a Christian, father, husband and former aerospace engineer. Leave several inches un-coiled on both ends, as you're use this length to attach to the inlet and tap sides. In my spare time I like to engineer furniture for the weekend DIY'er like myself. For the beer to remain properly carbonated at 70 F the CO2 will need to be set around 25 PSI. Along with a plastic lined interior to give some contrast in color, and keep down on the condensation. Note: When the taps sit for a while and warm up to room temperature, the first pour will create a lot of foam. 5 years ago Dry ice would probably freeze everything in about an hour. You will need to put the loose clamp onto the hose before attaching it to the shank. 1. 1 Wknd. Being larger in diameter would give the beer time to expand on its way to your glass, resulting in a glass of foam. Most standard coolers seem to have around 1/2 - 1" or so of insulation and I think the "super" coolers are closer to 2". Let me just say, it was the hit of the party! Same as the last step, only this time on the back of the cooler, using the tubing adapters for copper tubing on the inside, and vinyl tubing on the outside. Today, domestic beer brewers typically endeavor to use only stainless steel or stainless steel-lined copper equipment (piping, fermenters, filters, holding tanks, bottling machines, keys, etc.) Use a 2.5-inch-wide section of PVC piping to connect the bottom hole to the tower and insulate the conduit and the bottom side of plywood with moisture-resistant aluminum tape. Generally speaking if something is safe to hold cold water it's safe for cold beer. If you don't have an old fridge rotting in your garage or basement, you're bound to find somebody else who does. Pulling it off can prove difficult, so work a thin spatula under the lid and gently tap on the bottom of the plastic piece with a hammer, working your way around the fridge until you feel it starting to give. 30 Gallon Plastic Barrel (used) - $103. I started out by drilling holes in the top but quickly decided to remove the top all together. on Introduction, Your instructable is great, but I need address the copper and tubing to use: This jockey box video explains it the best but you can soak copper peices to remove lead and you can use draft tubing instead of copper. Copper kettles have been used historically (and currently with the microbrewing revolution) for years. makes me want to go get a keg just to have an excuse to make one! I am a college student and am looking for a little extra cash so i have been selling shrimp at the flea market and been doing so well i need to upgrade from igloo coolers to something larger. To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Drill pilot holes for each screw through the lid and through the plywood below and then install the screws. We made the mistake of starting by drilling the smaller hole through the outer layer. As far as finding drums, that took me awhile. Reply DIY Portable Cornelius (Corny) Keg Cooler-Kegerator. Add a clamp to the gas hose, then fasten it to the thin end of the keg coupler and clamp it down. Now comes the fun part. This is because the cold beer is flowing through a warm tap, creating foam. The connection of these lines is fairly straightforward. on Introduction. As a result, I had to use drywall anchors. Your R2Beer2 has been an inspiration for me to build one of my own. Measure the thickness of the door between the holes, then saw your PVC pipe to that length so it inserts into the hole. But if you've got a spare refrigerator, you can build a keg fridge for around $200. in addition, those were typically not set up for a CO2 driven system but more towards a one-night keg killer party with a standard air tap.As with most of my projects like this that drive my wife crazy, I talked about it for a few weeks, researched on the 'net, and had a fairly detailed plan in my head by the time I started buying materials. Theoretically, that could be done by plumbing up some type of an expansion chamber (as the CO2 expands it will absorb some heat) BUT, unless you have a free source of CO2, it would get very expensive. It will drop as the beer gets lower and help you predict when you will need a new keg. Also, some welding suppliers will fill your existing tank, which is cheaper. But for a change up, a friend of mine asked if i could make him a chiller for his bottle shop using an old keg. Just keep in mind that this is also the only step with any real risk of messing up (we found that out ourselves). Lots and lots of zip ties!I've been purposely vague on the sizes of the fittings, and the sizes of wrenches and tools for the simple reason that you may not be able to get the exact same sizes of adapters that I did.All of the fittings were purchased at Homebrew Heaven, in Everett WA. Did you make this project? It works and looks okay but I may make a switch at some point. on Introduction. This piece also features a spigot at the bottom that allows for drainage and a hose! There is not enough alcohol to significantly change the leaching properties and that is also true generally with acidity. The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. He knew he was free to drill the hole for his tower a few inches in front of this line. on Introduction. Since we had so little room to work with we drilled twice and cut away at the plastic interior to create an oval hole. The lead he talks about is in the Brass, copper doesn't have lead in it. Probably 60% of the Jockey Boxes out there use copper coils. Insert the coupler into the keg with the handle pointing up. Check for screws holding the plastic piece at the top of the fridge in place–you might find that it's just glued on. You can also now see my mistake in not removing the lid when painting. If your CO2 tank came empty you can usually get it filled at a local welding company, paintball store or fire extinguisher company for about $15 to $20. Follow along in the pictures.- A medium sized cooler, say 30 quart or so, it doesn't need to be huge.- At least 20' of copper tubing. 4-101.14 Copper, Use Limitation. Screw the bottom of the jug onto the brackets and add a strap to make sure the canister will be secure. Most tap fittings are chromed brass, wort chillers are almost all brass and or copper. Not sure what the small one had in it but the large one was from a gas station car wash (you could ask there as well). This should be a tight fit and can be adhered to to collar with 100% silicone. Did you make this project? For shrimp, you'd really want to use regular ice. The use of copper, aluminum, and various plastics in brewing has been discussed a lot and a very good place to reference would be the Basic Brewing Radio podcast. We went with enamel paint because we wanted a flat black color instead of gloss. I purchased a kegerator last year to enjoy cold beer on tap at home. on Introduction. Used 20' of 3/16" ID copper and 5' of 3/16 ID vinyl tubing for the beer line I did some experimenting and found the keg needs to be chilled (~50 F or less) for it to not pour foamy. If you are killing the keg in a day or two, no need for one. The lid will probably leave indentations in the insulation—use these as guides to keep the hole needed for the tap centered. Misc PVC Fittings and pipe - left over from previous plumbing projects6. Reply Materials:1. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and contains lead which is used to combine the two elements. If you are looking for a longer-term solution, the keggerator route may be better. I used 5-1/2″ plywood pieces and a pocket hole jig to screw from the inside. Conversion kits come in two styles: door-mounted taps for upright fridges and towers for chest freezers and compact fridges. 11 years ago Getting almost to the end now....Flip the whole works over and mount the castors. Share it with us! He then mixed cornstarch and vodka into a slurry and applied it liberally across the top of the fridge. Here are our step-by-step plans for building the most basic draft system. If you read our previous how-to on keg tapping, you should be an expert by now. Start by unwinding several feet from the coil, and holding the end next to your form, slowly start shaping the tubing around it. Crimps make the connection permanent once the fan box is ready for installation inside the fridge. I used 1/4" ID. Join the movement & punch your next project in the face. Because copper is an essential nutrient for yeast growth, low levels of copper are metabolized by the yeast during fermentation.


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