Lasioglossum sordidum, also referred to as the small native bee, is one of the smallest native bees found in New Zealand. pp. New Zealand Journal of Botany 17: 441–466. [3] In Deutschland gibt es 64 Arten aus den beiden Untergattungen Evylaeus und Lasioglossum s. 191–194. [8], L. mataroa species prefers montane environments. Lincoln, New Zealand, Manaaki Whenua Press.

Eusoziale Arten können kleine Kolonien mit nur einem oder wenigen Arbeitern aufweisen oder große Kolonien mit Dutzenden von Arbeitern. [1] Understandably due to the size the L.mataroa is also known as ‘small native bee’ and ngaro huruhuru [6] in Maori as the species is native to New Zealand. The Lasioglossum series (or strong-veined Lasioglossum) is mostly composed of solitary or communal species. Some of these nest may never gain more members, and the female will remain solitary.

Legs beyond the main sector of the body are yellow but those attached to the front are half yellow and half black. New Zealand Journal of Botany 21: 317–333, Webber CJ, Peterson AJ, Kelly D, Clemens J 2012. Nester können von einem einzelnen Weibchen gegründet werden, oder aber von mehreren gemeinsam (Pleometrose, oft Schwestern, oder Mutter und Töchter, seltener auch nicht verwandte Weibchen). [10] The ability to influence sex ratio for Hymenoptera is due to the haplo-diploid system whereby the unfertilized eggs produce males and fertilized eggs produce females, this leaves ability for speculation as to whether the female L. mataroa considers the needs for the success of its own species in its local population when mating. 367–373. Lasioglossum sordidum are described to have a eusocial life cycle [9] this means that there is a mix of juveniles and adults. [14] This could possibly explain why the L. mataroa favours this plant as nesting sites are in saline soils and therefore the dandelion species would be growing close by and easily accessible.
They are pollinators of some fruits of great commercial value like kiwi fruit. In Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz kommen 88 Arten vor.

str., viele Arten sind sehr selten.

Read PEC, Donovan BJ, Schroeder NC 1990. Their appearance is described as fly-like.,[1] and small and agile. The face exhibits hues of metallic reds and blues. Lasioglossum mataroa has not widely been researched and therefore, it should be considered that information regarding the lifecycle of this species is assumed to be most similar to Lasioglossum sordidum as confirmed by Donovan, “An outline of the life cycle is known for only one species, L.sordidum, but that of other species is almost certainly similar”. There is limited social organization shown within the behaviours of the bee as they are usually solitary however females forage from one nest. The Hemihalictus series (or weak-veined Lasioglossum) includes species with a wide range of sociality. Variability in New Zealand montane and alpine pollinator assemblages. Beide Geschlechter fliegen dann einige Zeit gemeinsam, bis die Männchen sterben und die Weibchen Überwinterungsquartiere aufsuchen. With preference to nesting alongside each other,[5] mature bees may re-use a previous nest, one which they have spent the winter in or build a new one.
Goulson D 2003. [11] The daisy family, Asteraceae, are the largest of flowering plants (Stevens, 2001 as cited in Panero & Crozier, 2004),[12] and L. mataroa prefers the Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) which is highly competitive possibly making it readily available to forage on and “commonly found in pastures throughout New Zealand”[13] but it is also resistant to drought in the summer. Michener, C. D. (2000).

Bei vielen Arten ist der Hinterleib der Männchen rot gefärbt. They appear very similar in colour and shape to a honey bee, however, the small native bee is not as stout. Life cycle/phenology. S.I., Porters Pass, This page was last edited on 26 June 2020, at 08:25.


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