What are the Ingredients for Beef Bourguignon? Would be the perfect new edition to me and my fiance's new home Thanks! I really, really can't wait to try this recipe! Along with toilet paper, it was the first thi, Healthy cookware is a kitchen must-have. Puree.

The blue from the picture is beautiful…I want that one! I can't wait to try this recipe out!

8 cups dry Burgundy red wine. Get the exclusive content you crave straight to your inbox. Saved by Sur La Table. All the colors are beautiful, but I especially I love the ocean or the flame. Thanks for the chance!! Orange – I want one of these sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Season to taste. I would love to win another pot to add to my collection. Such a beautiful color that will flatter any style kitchen…especially mine! Cut into large 1,5-2" sized chunks.

Brown the beef in batches. This sounds wonderful! This dish is also really quite good on its own, but a nice glass of red is always a good accompaniment. The truffle is quite pretty as well!! This nutrition information was automatically calculated by Nutritionix, but may not be 100% accurate. Would go great with the rest of my kitchen:). It's a toss up between Cassis and Ocean, but I think I'm doing a color similar to Ocean in my kitchen so that will probably win out.

Get Recipe. Not me!

This Beef Bourguignon dish delivers on all levels with an intensely flavored red wine sauce and beef that melts in the mouth. Of course, any color of Le Creuset would be wonderful.

SERVES: 6 to 8; PREPARATION TIME: 20 minutes So many great colors, but I'd have to either pick the cherry or indigo to go with my kitchen decor. Over medium heat add small batches to your pot to brown on all sides. If you are using pickled onions (as I did) then soak them in water for 1/2 hour to reduce the taste of the vinegar and rinse well. Ocean… which seems to be a popular choice! Wordpress VPS.

P.S. Thanks again!

I love the Marseille! Thanks for the giveaway!! Fingers crossed that I get to choose one! Carribean Blue would add a pop of color too to my dull kitchen. I've wanted La Creuset pots since first learning of them 10+ years ago, so of course, I'd love to win! Looks yummy! Stir in the caramelized shallots and mushrooms. This giveaway is for a 9 qt. carrot cut into 2 inch pieces added in beginning, parsley, thyme, 2 bayleaf which are removed later. After the 105 minutes in the oven, remove the Dutch oven and remove the lid. Can you tell my favorite color is green??? Blue is my favorite color, but I love the Cherry, ad have to say I really am liking the Marseille color also. looks delish! Now I am just Soooo jealous of whoever was nearby to join you in those 8-12 servings of this dish! I love the Caribbean color, but might choose cherry, because red is classic and harder to date. Classic Pan-Seared Rib-Eye Steak. Love the Marseille! *, I loooooooooove the purple 'cassis' color! Sign up for our emails and receive $15 off your next order of $75 or more. The blue is fantastic. This is the only stew I make without using any form of stock. Great giveaway thanks! 2 1/8 cups fond de veau (or substitute 4 1/4 cups reduced veal/beef … .


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