The stock and fore end was marked with broad white painted bands and the letters "DP" for easy identification. The Lee–Enfield family of rifles is the second oldest bolt-action rifle design still in official service, after the Mosin–Nagant. During the recent civil war in Nepal, the government troops were issued Lee–Enfield rifles to fight the Maoist rebels, and the Maoists were also armed with SMLE rifles, amongst other weapons. [33], Due to the poor performance of the .303 British cartridge during the Second Boer War from 1899–1902, the British attempted to replace the round and the Lee–Enfield rifle that fired it. p. 372. I'm making it a sticky for your reference: Good site. The floating barrel increased the accuracy of the rifle by allowing it to vibrate freely and consistently, whereas wooden forends in contact with barrels, if not properly fitted, affected the harmonic vibrations of the barrel. 7 and No. [13], During both World Wars and the Korean War, a number of Lee–Enfield rifles were modified for use as sniper rifles. RFI stands for "Rifle Factory, Ishapore", denoting a rifle made after the Partition of India in 1947. De Lisle, was effectively an SMLE Mk III* receiver redesigned to take a .45 ACP cartridge and associated magazine, with a barrel from a Thompson submachine gun and an integrated suppressor. The new rifle also incorporated a charger loading system,[23] another innovation borrowed from the Mauser rifle and is notably different from the fixed "bridge" that later became the standard, being a charger clip (stripper clip) guide on the face of the bolt head. [17][18], The Lee–Enfield was adapted to fire the .303 British service cartridge, a rimmed, high-powered rifle round. [93], The quality on such rifles varies from "as good as a factory-produced example" to "dangerously unsafe", tending towards the latter end of the scale. Some SMLE’s may be found with as little as a 3 digit number and high as a 5 digit number. serial #2774590. 32 Mk. 4 Mk I* rifles that were brought up to Mk 2 standard were renamed No. It was the British Army's standard rifle from its official adoption in 1895 until 1957. A redesign of the Lee–Metford (adopted by the British Army in 1888), the Lee–Enfield superseded the earlier Martini–Henry, Martini–Enfield, and Lee–Metford rifles. Both were located at Long Branch, Ontario. 4 Mk IV, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFWilson2007 (, sfn error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFSkennerton2001 (. 32 3.5× telescopic sight. [25], The best-known Lee–Enfield rifle, the SMLE Mk III, was introduced on 26 January 1907, along with a Pattern 1907 bayonet and featured a simplified rear sight arrangement and a fixed, rather than a bolt-head-mounted sliding, charger guide. Despite a rubber butt-pad, the .303 round produced excessive recoil due to the shorter barrel. 4 Mk I/2, whilst No. These stand for "Standard Small Arms" and "National Rifle Factory", respectively. 49C5877. Police forces in both the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu continue to operate and maintain stocks of No.4 rifles. [107], This article is about the early twentieth-century British rifle. The No. The Indian conversions were originally chambered for the .410 Indian Musket cartridge, which is based on the .303 British cartridge, and will not chamber the common .410 shotgun cartridge. I rifles at RSAF Enfield and a few others including Stevens-Savage No. Unmodified muskets require handloading of ammunition, as the .410 Indian Musket cartridge was not commercially distributed and does not appear to have been manufactured since the 1950s. The Indian Army phased them out in 1990-92, being replaced by AKM-type rifles; see Indo-Russia Rifles. Work on a long-range replacement cartridge began in 1910 and resulted in the .276 Enfield in 1912. [67], The C No.7 22" MK.I rifle is a .22 single shot, manually fed, training version of the No.4 Mk I* rifle manufactured at Long Branch. 5 Mk I (the "Jungle Carbine"). [44] The No. SAF Lithgow, in Australia, produced shotguns based on the MkIII action under the "Slazenger" name, chambering the common commercial .410 shotgun shell. 3) in 1944 which had a improved field of view of 8 degrees 30 minutes. The bore is in … ('66), India Ishapor Enfield No.1MK3* RFI #29074N .303 ('64), Savage Enfield No4 MK! [28] It was produced in very limited numbers and an experimental folding stock version was made. 7 Jungle Carbine.” The Lee-Enfield No. All serial numbers on Savage made No4s have a serial number format which includes a C in it, for Chicopee Falls, Mass. 4s. Although the .276 Enfield had better ballistics, troop trials in 1913 revealed problems including excessive recoil, muzzle flash, barrel wear and overheating. [96], Many Afghan participants in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were armed with Lee–Enfields. 5 Mk I). In the case of Savage Stevens the serial numbers began with a 0C1 and for Long Branch 0L1, these serials progressed in sequence directly relating the serial number to the number of rifles produced. 32 telescope sight to the left side of the receiver. Then, the work was assigned to Holland & Holland, the famous British sporting gun manufacturers, which converted about 23,000 No. The Canadian scopes made by Research Enterprises Limited and were prefixed with a letter C and went through C no. Special Service Lee Enfields: Commando and Auto Models by Ian Skennerton. 2/1 was also made. The Lee–Speed Sporter was a higher quality British made version of the Lee–Enfield. 558-9). Sent you a PM about the/my '42 Savage in your listing - listed as a Mk.1* but it is, in fact, a Mk. 2, of varying marks. [61] They were generally single-shot affairs, originally using Morris tubes chambered for cheap .22L cartridge and some larger types, circa 1907. #L1421 .308 cal. [68] Production of this model was 1944–1946 and a few in 1950 to 1953.[69]. An example would be: rifle serial number 52C2689 would be the 522,689th rifle produced by Savage Stevens. [36] The increased gap resulted in an improved sighting radius, improving sighting accuracy and the aperture improved speed of sighting over various distances. Long before the No. with bayonet ('43) Places that will have the serial information is on the bolt, receiver and normally the barrel. [citation needed] The Lee–Enfield No. These design features facilitate rapid cycling and fire compared to other bolt-action designs like the Mauser. '43 Maltby Mk.1, SN AC 15615, matching, Mk.1 backsight. During the 1960s, the British Government and the Ministry of Defence converted a number of Lee–Enfield No. [13][99] As of 2012[update], Lee–Enfield rifles are still being used by the Taliban insurgents against NATO/Allied forces in Afghanistan.[84]. [74], In the early 1950s Essential Agencies Ltd. The mark and type of rifle will be stamped onto the left side receiver wall. Australia and India retained and manufactured the SMLE Mk III* as their standard rifle during the conflict and the rifle remained in Australian military service through the Korean War, until it was replaced by the L1A1 SLR in the late 1950s. Near the end of the war and after, Canada made blued steel buttplates. The magazine cutoff was also reintroduced and an additional band was added near the muzzle for additional strength during bayonet use. [95] Enfields continue to be used as drill weapons by the National Ceremonial Guard of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). 2/1s (Mk. These rifles were designated as the No. Several First World War accounts tell of British troops repelling German attackers who subsequently reported that they had encountered machine guns, when in fact it was simply a group of well-trained riflemen armed with SMLE Mk III rifles. It was unsuitable for general issue and production ceased in 1947, due to an "inherent fault in the design", often claimed to be a "wandering zero" and accuracy problems.[46]. The action features helical locking surfaces (the technical term is interrupted threading). 4 rifles to 7.62×51mm NATO. Khyber Pass Copy rifles cannot generally stand up to the pressures generated by modern commercial ammunition,[93] and are generally considered unsafe to fire under any circumstances.[13]. 32 telescope progressed through three marks with the Mk. The barrel was now halfway in length between the original long rifle and the carbine, at 25.2 inches (640 mm). The main deficiency of the rounds at the time was that they used heavy, round-nosed bullets that had low muzzle velocities and poor ballistic performance. Truth be known about Enfield serial numbers is simply, the serial number was used more for production counting than any other reason. 4 Mk 1 rifles were re-named No. Once the initial range of numbers was maxed out a letter prefix was added and the numbering began again. The bolt has a relatively short bolt throw and features rear-mounted lugs and the bolt operating handle places the bolt knob just rearwards of the trigger at a favourable ergonomic position close to the operator's hand. They did, however, continue to be used at Bisley up into the 1970s with some success, and continue to perform extremely well at Military Service Rifle Competitions throughout the world.


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