As for "our downfall", I don't see it, if anything its' stronger now with all the cancer cut out. But that’s my idea for what will happen. So Blizzard does love themselves some twisted symmetry between the factions, and Blizzard does love to give players what they ask for, if not necessarily what they really wanted. Assuming the Forsaken become like the Pandaran and be able to choose Alliance or Horde, I would rather Lillian be the leader of the Horde Forsaken and Calia the Alliance Forsaken. Sylvanas was at first looking out for the Forsaken over all else, after our home was destroyed by the scourge. Overlord Gey'arah: The Mag'har have never known life without a warchief. You can have that when the horde aren’t the plot device for the alliance they actually are. they should make Lilian Voss the new leader if the Forsaken. It'll be the final nail in the coffin if THAT becomes the leader.The only development the Forsaken need is the development of more blight and it raining across the eastern kingdoms until they're the only ones that can inhabit it. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I had this idea once, that IMO, factions should be a PvP-only thing: the Horde and Alliance always band together to face a greater evil. And have them be lead by people with no ties to the Forsaken as a people? If Sylvanas really is unsalvageable, then so is Nathanos. I personally feel like Voss makes for a better choice. Lilian Voss as Leader of Forsaken. Wow. The entire identity of their race just got ripped up and thrown in the bin after fifteen years. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I know I’m a broken record here, but the point of BFA was clearly to make as many Jaina cut scenes as possible. They can’t reproduce and there’s no more Forsaken being made, so they are the last of their faction. NooooooooooooooooShould just put Lilian as boss. I want Nathan to lead the Forsaken. The Forsaken relied on Sylvanas to be a mental anchor. Now Calia doesn’t seem like she’d be a good third voice to break that tie, but she places the survival of ‘her people’ in very high regard and honor gets people killed where as crossing that line can often times save lives. That's just....dumb. And for that, we need the right leaders in place. If Calia Menethil leads the Forsaken, everything is over.. OHHHHH NOOO PEACE!forsaken have alliance leader this is about to be the end... of the world of warcraft. I am Lilian Voss. It’ll be Calia. It’s such a mistake of a concept to make something like that. Great racial. The surprise announcement of World of Warcraft patch 8.3 came with loads of info about what we can expect from the final major patch of Battle for Azeroth.But what it didn’t touch on were some of the smaller, more minute details that would be awaiting us. I believe Calia Menethil can help many who are lost. Have Calia come and be an advisor on how to handle the issues of a population! Whether she actually tries to make them less spooky or not, it all helps reinforce them as a group a bit what with everything having been up in the air some. This group of three Forsaken leaders, who already exist as their own distinct characters, will represent different facets of Forsaken philosophy counter balanced against each other. As someone else put it, she’s a literal saviour-complex Übermensch who feels none of the pain, alienation, trauma or inhumanity of her peers. Overcoming it and becoming a badass assasin. Janicielle-proudmoore 2019 … Lilian Voss eventually stepped up to represent her people, serving as an interim representative for the Forsaken in the newly formed Horde council that would lead the Horde in place of the Warchief, though she notes she will only do so until a more viable leader steps forth to take the reins of their people's fate. Wow. I really hope not. :/ Feels just "oh, Horde is too dumb to lead on their own, so we gonna give them some Alliance leadership"...*sigh*If they at least did any sort of buildup for either of them to lead... this is the best part of it all so far bet it's really hard for all the sylvanas fans out there seeing their object of obsession being replaced by this new undead queen who also happens to smell nice lol. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! She’s also the leader most stridently protecting the principles of free will and honor. Anyway, I’m sure people have objections to make, placing a rogue in the position of the honorable leader, or Calia even existing in this triumvirate. Lilian Voss:Where they always have--with the Forsaken. His hate towards the Alliance is understandable, and he’s been with the Forsaken since the beginning. With how the Horde is reshaping their government and abolishing the position of Warchief, Calia may not want to occupy a similar role to Sylvanas anyway. Just bad, bad writing. Calia is antithetical to everything the Forsaken are. While I think factions really won't matter too much in the future, it just seems odd. :-/ undead are sooooo complicated, they’re doing something what a leader wants them but then they find another leader and want to change for a better way...... She isn't going Horde, she is going Forsaken.


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