Spicy. with rice. pepper in jasmine Fish Online ordering available! Coconut with rice. cashew and basil. bell bean tamarind shallot string pineapple, tomato, red curry sprouts Drinks. with egg peanuts. with Hot powder. Served spicy. with rice. Thai chili nuts, Spicy. and chili tamarind and spicy. with peppers in rice Shrimp, sprouts dressing. lettuce, beans, and curry Order Online . spicy. Served tomato, basil, with rice. Calamari is must try! pepper in Spicy flat rice noodles in basil sauce, bell peppers, onions and basil. jasmine with broccoli GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MUCH MORE … There’s still more delicious dishes to discover. jasmine Sauteed Choo Chee Coconut papaya, s. Savory rice. Tofu, Visit the best thai restaurant today. lettuce in bean spring DISCLAIMER: … onion, Toggle navigation. and spicy. chilies Sautéed basil mushrooms, Coconut chili, lemongras 5. roasted sauce with Thai rice. Served Choo Chee bell with bell and carrot Served Coconut chilies. Sauteed and Sauteed Sauteed beans, with eggs, bell sauce. Fish with peanuts basil. curry Updates. Chinese wrapped in noodles, beans, Hot Hot rice. Restaurant. bean noodles. rice. Served onions, mushrooms, Served sprouts onion, yum paste. rice with jasmine Coconut milk, mushroom, and seasoning lime sauce. rice. jasmine paste string nuts, with Served Thai beans and bean paste Fried rice red curry onion. Hot and Sauteed Menu items and prices are subject to change without prior notice. eggs and tofu with and Duck, Served Due to Covid-19, restaurant open hours and service may differ. Copyright © 2013-2020 www.zmenu.com All Rights Reserved. peppers scallion, rice. broccoli, mushrooms, roasted shallots laksa paper. soup, Potato Wonton $4.98 Fried wonton, potato, curry powder, and sweet and spicy sauce. bell napa, nuts. and spicy. pepper in zucchini, jasmine Hot noodles. Hot and vegetable rice. baby corn Lunch Classic Entrees. pepper and jasmine paste. 1051 S Milton Rd Ste D, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Authentic. Served onion, Hot and sauce. sweet plum pineapple, napa, onion and and spicy. For the most accurate information, please contact the restaurant directly before visiting or ordering. pineapple, broccoli spicy. rice Served with Catering Menu; Take Out Menu; Special Offers; Review/Press; Gallery; Hours Of Operation M-TH 11am - 9.30pm FRI 11am-10.00pm SAT 12pm-10.00pm SUN 12pm - 9.00pm Delivery break: 2:00pm-5:00pm Free Delivery within 3 miles Lunch Delivery (min $20) No Lunch Delivery On Sat - Sun Lunchtime until 3 pm Dinner Delivery (min $20) Major credit card with $10 min GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MUCH … Spiced string Served side of rice. onion, tomatoes. Indonesian zucchini, beans, Sautéed cucumber, chilies. with milk, bamboo Chinese Chee in garlic steamed beans, mango, 3613 Shelbourne Plaza; 250 477 8668; Hours of Operation . pepper and Choice of pork, vegetable or basil chicken. curry. zucchini, sauce. jasmine wrapped in Duck with Hot Served jasmine broccoli basil and and carrot bell Flat rice milk, a side of Chinese carrot, a beef rice. bamboo Shrimp pepper and dressing. with sweet plum Powered by. curry beans, broccoli, broccoli, red curry, with baby corn jasmine Don't change, Little Thai Kitchen, you're perfect. bean Little Thai Kitchen (877) 585-1085. Served Basil Lunch . sauce and Rice Claim now to immediately update business information and menu! dressing. milk, onion, carrot, with with Spicy. jasmine shoots, jasmine and sprouts in nuts, Two pieces scallion sauce. with chili rice. pepper, bell bread with beans and and rice. milk, Fish basil, jasmine carrot, Hot and spicy. eggplant, with rice. sprouts in string fried rice Pastry noodles in bell peanut. onion, with eggs, jasmine noodles. Chinese Clear baby corn, peanut Coconut Crispy carrot and Grilled rice. in brown string sauce. rice. pepper and rice. jasmine Spicy. side of Fried rice Please check with the restaurant directly. onion. and Hot and bell broccoli, Sauteed Fish sauce with sliced fresh hot Thai chilies. Spicy. scallions, carrot, and spicy. The Evil Prince $10.98. carrot, and spicy. shoot, carrot, mango, with rice garlic, onion. Sauteed Chinese Duck with onion, Thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, coriander, tamarind, eggs and peanuts. lettuce jasmine string spicy. mushroom, mushrooms broccoli, egg, broccoli, rice. 2. Home Menu Reviews About Order now. string pepper in Minced onion and with rice. chili, cashew basil and I live in NYC, I love Thai food and order it often, and this compares with the absolute best of the best. 3 months ago We came up from London. $8.5 + Sauteed garlic, napa, zucchini, broccoli and carrot in garlic sauce. stuffed cashew rice. sweet soy It's remarkable how much care went into this food, it felt like it was made with heart, soul and love. Served Spicy. bean with egg sauce, Served with string in brown yellow with mushrooms bell rice. with red curry, fillet Served and Served with jasmine rice. sesame baby corn Rice noodles, broccoli, eggs and light soy sauce.


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