Appendix 5 / Preparation of 5% acetic acid, Lugol's iodine solution, and Monsel's paste; 5% dilute acetic acid: Ingredients 1. of distilled water in a dark glass container. Applications • This solution is used as an indicator test for the presence of starches in organic compounds, with which it reacts by turning a dark-blue/black. Or more simply, the full packs of ingredients that you have linked to would combine with 1 litre (1 quart) distilled water to make 1 litre of 5% solution. Lugol’s solution and other preparations containing iodide have for almost a century been used as an adjuvant treatment in patients with Graves’ disease planned for thyroidectomy. Put 118 ml (4 fl. 2. Reply. Add the remaining water. To prepare a 10% LUGOL'S SOLUTION, the ratios of the elements change, since elemental iodine is not very soluble in water, thus, a slightly higher percentage of KI is needed. LUGOL'S IODINE: Potassium iodide 80.0 gm Iodine crystals 40.0 gm Distilled water 4000.0 ml Dissolve the potassium iodide in a few ml.s of water, then add the iodine crystals which will dissolve immediately. oz.) Your requesting physician should prescribe Lugol’s solution, 3 drops orally three times a day, beginning 1 day prior to the administration of MIBG and continuing for 1 day after the administration of MIBG. This indicator, also called a stain, is used in many different fields. Distilled water: 95 ml Preparation Carefully add 5 ml of glacial acetic acid into 95 ml of distilled water and mix thoroughly. Label, date, and initial, store in a brown gallon bottle. Mix 33.7 grams (1.18 oz.) Dosages range from 12.5 mgs to 300 mgs. How should I prepare for an MIBG scan? Lugol's is obtained from chemists and pharmacists who are licensed to prepare and dispense the solution. of potassium iodide into the solution prepared in step one. 1.

(This working solution should be prepared fresh approximately every 3 weeks) 2. 3. 4.

9 yrs to 16 yrs – 25 mgs of Iodoral or 4 drops 5% Lugols Solution (25 mg) v. 16 yrs and up – will depend on health issues, weight, etc and cannot be given in generalities. LUGOL'S SOLUTION (SCHILLER’S TEST) IVD In vitro diagnostic medical device Aqueous solution of iodine and potassium iodide Synonym: Schiller's test INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE REF Product code: LUG-OT-100 (100 mL) LUG-OT-250 (250 mL) LUG-OT-500 (500 mL) Introduction Lugol's solution, named after French physician J. G. A. Lugol, is widely used in the field of medicine. Prepare a direct smear of the specimen by mixing a small portion (2 mg) of feces with a drop of sterile physiological (0.85%) saline on a clean glass slide. 1. Glacial acetic acid: 5 ml 2. Supporting Nutrients for taking Iodine. 5% Lugols solution should give 6.25mg per drop!. I would suggest that for a 5% solution, if you are using 16oz of water then the amounts of potassium iodide and pure iodine crystals should be 50g and 25g respectively.

Prior to use, dilute Lugol’s Iodine 1:5 with sterile de-ionized water.


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