Establishing a deadline for your campaign (the Timely part of your SMART goal) gives you a much better idea of when, how, and how often you’ll promote it. RedBubble's customers are likely to agree -- and open other emails in this campaign for more inspiring quotes. Your audience won’t complete your “desired action” unless they understand how it benefits them, too. Affectionately named Stratos, Red Bull's superterrestrial marketing campaign featured Felix Baumgartner, a skydiver from Austria who partnered with Red Bull to set the world record for highest skydive. Why are you running this campaign? Based on your people and financial resources, how often can you afford to post and promote your campaign content? Experiential marketing might sound a bit like event marketing, which makes sense -- experiential campaigns do tend to be event-centric.

So, essentially, people directly paid for aspects of a large scale ad. Design-wise, it's nothing special -- but that's the point. Creating an entire campaign might be complex, but it’s a pretty straightforward process — if you do it correctly. Your audience is, after all, the lifeblood of your campaigns and company. The key to Tasty's success is in having quick, bite-size content that is also topical. So they installed large, interactive posters -- in places like bus shelters, food trucks, and restaurants -- that locals could use to vote for a cause. When you think of "holiday email marketing," your mind might jump straight to Christmas, but there are other holidays sprinkled throughout the rest of the year that you can create campaigns around. This gives you parameters to work within. Give people the ability to play and compete for something, and you'll instill in them a sense of accomplishment that makes them more passionate about your industry. Still, the experience was clearly branded, to make sure people associated it with Lean Cuisine. For example, if your goal was to increase organic blog views by 100K, any bump in views would be considered successful. The original ad, which aired in 2014, raised some eyebrows...and 63 million views. Landing pages give your campaign a home, a destination. Let's get into how to create an effective email marketing campaign of your own. Ask yourselves questions like: So, marketing campaigns involve a lot of information, decision-making, ideas, and observation. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some great campaign examples below. The video's success can be attributed to having the courage to face tough scenarios. Work events are really hit or miss. By refusing to take itself seriously, the hectic, 60-second spot gathered lots of attention and some awards along the way. Try out our free email signature generator now, and check out some more of our favorite HubSpot marketing email examples. The foundation of Worldwide Breast Cancer hopes to lighten the mood a bit with the #KnowYourLemons campaign. One thing is for sure: There's very little gray area when it comes to social marketing.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a direct ask of your audience.

Late-night stalwart Denny's is another example of using Twitter as a campaign. The planning stage will determine how you measure success and will guide your team and campaign when things (inevitably) go awry. The campaign featured its own landing page, video marketing assets, and hashtag (#GoodGoesRound), separating it from its “parent” brand and making it shareable among its audience. Some of the best emails out there pair super simple design with brief, clever copy. Through the years, there have been an astounding number of campaigns introduced to the world. I already have a soft spot for BuzzFeed content ("21 Puppies so Cute You Will Literally Gasp and Then Probably Cry," anyone?

Even if your campaign is effective and drives a ton of traffic, it still needs to complete its desired action. And since 74% of consumers say a branded experience makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted, Google and Zappos both stood to gain new customers from this crowd. Check out these 10 email marketing tips in 60 seconds: Ready to take a deeper dive? Park visitors are prone to sharing their selfies anyway, so the “feel good” benefit of adding a hashtag was an easy transition. A branded hashtag, for example, can get people talking about the experience. If you were online October 14, 2012, you probably came across a live stream of the … When you consider that 49% of folks create mobile video at branded events -- 39% of which is shared on Twitter -- it makes sense to incorporate a digital element. As the automotive industry started to take big leaps into environmentally friendly products, Volkswagen wanted to help make people's personal habits healthier to go along with it. Identify your audience's hobbies and embrace them. Source: brandchannel. What TV shows do they watch? (Research-Backed), 5 Steps to Building an Email Re-engagement Campaign, Brooks Sports: Desiree Linden's Boston Marathon Victory, Mom and Dad Money: Get to Know Your Subscribers. And in our line of work, that sort of thing has a name: experiential marketing. To give your attendees an experience of value, consider hosting an expert who can answer questions or give tips related to your marketing campaign. Set up in airports, these digital posters would display images of some problems that Misereor works to resolve -- hunger was depicted with a loaf of bread, for example. The videos are engaging, short enough to enjoy on a work break, and never make the viewer feel like they're being sold to. We’ve talked about the “connected” part, and we’ve covered the “operations” part. Here are four steps you should follow to create an effective email campaign. I've been a huge fan of Cook Smarts' "Weekly Eats" newsletter for a while. See all integrations. For each photo shared, Disney would donate $5 to the Make A Wish Foundation, up to $1,000,000.

Let’s start simple. If you’ve combed through the previous section, you should have all the answers you need to guide you through this step. Companies are taking it seriously, and their customers are too. Your campaign CTA can’t simply ask them to complete your goal. They are likely the experts on that portion of your business and can speak to what your campaign needs to succeed. But, if you see a Nike billboard, scroll past a Nike sponsored Instagram post, and receive a Nike email all promoting the same product … you’ve definitely witnessed a marketing campaign. What cultural references would they understand? When Desiree Linden won the 2018 Boston Marathon, she became the first American woman to win the race in more than 30 years. Lastly, let’s think about another question: What does “success” look like for your company? This post about the best digital marketing campaigns you can learn from has been updated with fresh examples for 2020. Emails triggered by milestones, like anniversaries and birthdays, are fun to get -- who doesn't like to celebrate a special occasion? He had only one piece of direction: Create a movie centered around the idea of “make it count.” Neistat took the budget, grabbed a friend, and brought his signature style to a video documenting his trip around the world in 10 days.

Walt Disney's liberal use of social has led to some amazing campaigns over the years. You, too, can use animated GIFs in your marketing to show a fun header, draw people's eyes to a certain part of the email, or display your products and services in action. Events a… Plus, the timeframe can be modified based on the business model. But what makes those insights so valuable?

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The copy is brief but clever with some great puns, and it aligns perfectly with the brand. Between 2012-2014, 56% of companies increased charitable giving, and Google is no exception.

Now that you know what goes into each one, you might have a better idea of how to build one for yourself. What (outside of your goal) would constitute success for you (or serve as a milestone)? At the bottom of the email, RCN also took the opportunity to highlight its social media channels, which the company appropriately uses to keep users informed of network outages. RedBubble sells merchandise featuring designs from artists all over the world. When creating their campaign assets, some businesses use an in-house team while others opt for an agency. If your campaign involves multiple marketing efforts (such as social media, direct mail, and radio ads), it’s wise to define how you’ll measure your campaign on each medium.

(We all know that the snacks and drinks are the money makers anyway!) Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team to better understand your audience. The moto maker brought out the Live Your Legend campaign in early 2016, and has found some pretty great success. And rather than focusing on their weight in pounds -- or anything pertaining to body image -- the women opted to be measured by things like being back in college at 55, caring for 200 homeless children each day, or being the sole provider to four sons. So while only one brand came away from the experience with an epic sugar high, both got plenty of exposure. We also love how consistent the design of Uber's emails is with its brand. This wouldn’t be a HubSpot Ultimate Guide if I didn’t show you some examples from the pros. At 28 million views and counting, they obviously did something very right. When a brand decides to stop talking like a brand, there's a fine line to be walked between “genuine” and “trying too hard”. What's particularly cool about this experience is that none of the participants actually interact with a Lean Cuisine product. Better yet, they didn't keep their focus on celebrities, but also took the time to reply to “regular people” as well. We're committed to your privacy. Go nuts, but keep it on-brand. Before you create what your audience will see, you must consider what you want them to do when they see it … or read it or hear it. Hosting an experience is your chance to make an impact on your community, not just the users of your product. After all, if brands are taking up subscribers' time -- and inbox space -- with another email, every message must have a point to it. Talking about medical conditions is never easy. Every couple of days the restaurant puts out a new piece, which instantly gets retweeted, shared, and replied to en masse. Following in the wake of the Women's March on Washington, REI is focusing on women's empowerment for 2017.

When was the last time you used cash to pay for something? A quick Google search will show you thousands of articles written about the company, and it just reported its 17th straight sales increase. Check out Red Bull's recap video below. Celebrity spokespersons may have started the conversation, but the messaging resonated with a much wider audience who soon joined in to tell their own stories. That's a great co-marketing partnership right there.

Each year, 29Rooms has a different theme, with this year's being "Turn It Into Art."


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