Many people find maternity pillows to be extremely beneficial. The size is small enough to fit into a tote bag, so you can easily take it with you on the go. Do I want a pillow that will be useful after pregnancy? The two sides are connected so you don't have to worry about the pillows slipping out, and it has a one-piece cover that's soft and removable for machine washing. for Pregnancy and Maternity Use, Belly Down Pregnancy Pillow | Pregnancy Pillow Stomach Sleeper | Belly-Down Sleeping Maternity Pillow | Pregnancy Body Pillow | Belly Baby Breast Pillow, 1 MIDDLE ONE Pregnancy Pillow, C Shaped Full Body Pillow for Maternity Support, Pregnant Women Sleeping Pillow with Velour Cover (Light Blue), Belly Bandit - S.O.S. Body contour support system relieves achy joints & other pregnancy pains and helps expectant mothers get a good night's sleep. Designed for comfort, this maternity pillow is able to fully contour to your body. Whether you're traveling, tight on space in the bed, or just need support in one area, this compact pillow will help support the weight of your bump without taking up too much room. You likely will end up using it on the floor instead of your bed, but you can also use it for activities like prenatal massages, exercise, and even as a pool float. This body pillow isn't marketed as pregnancy-specific, but it's still a great option because it can support your head, bump, and knees. Some people may find the head part too high if they're used to a flatter pillow. It’s best to make sure you’re sleeping on your side by the halfway point (around 20 weeks) to take the weight off your spine, and a pregnancy pillow will help with that. In that same vein, it's probably unnecessary to spend much more than $70 — unless you plan to use the pillow for some time after your pregnancy. and give us feedback about your visit today. Please take our 3-minute survey, Though it's primarily used for your belly bump, it can also be used at your lower back if that's where you're feeling the strain. It's important to think about what size of pillow you want and need. If you go under $35, you're unlikely to get a quality, supportive maternity pillow, so we wouldn't recommend spending too little. Much-loved small-footprint design that offers targeted support without being overly firm. Is your chosen pillow going to support the areas that need it the most? The Nursing Pillow is a must-have for any breastfeeding mom! Motherhood can be one of the most incredible experiences a woman can have. You can't find a comfortable sleeping position. This versatile C-shaped pillow provides unparalleled support and even works well as a nursing pillow postpartum. The small size also makes it less expensive, and if you feel like you need more support in areas like between your knees, you can always use an extra bed pillow there. Just keep in mind: several users noted that it's oversized, so it may take some adjusting to find the right positioning. Full-body pillows that hug you on each side of your body are likely to make you feel pretty toasty under any conditions. A good maternity pillow should not only help you lie down in the right position, but it also needs to be durable enough to keep its shape after weight is placed on it night after night. The inside is firmer than the previous full-body styles, and it still has a removable, machine-washable cotton cover. However, there are other fillings to be found on the market, although less frequently. It also allows for propping, tummy time, and learning how to sit. Luxurious Pregnancy Pillows and cool comfort bed pillows for therapeutic relief of maternity pain and discomfort. First, consider the measurements of the pillow in relation to your height. Relieves back and neck tension by placing the belly and spine in more comfortable positions. It's ideal for anyone that typically sleeps on their stomach or back because it keeps you in a side-sleeping position, which is best for pregnancy. While there's a fair amount of variation in the price of maternity pillows, you should be able to find a decent pillow that will keep you comfortable in the $35 to $70 range. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Since you're likely to also get back pain during the day when you're pregnant, it can be helpful to have a supportive pillow for your chair as well. You can't sleep well due to aches and pains. That said, you can start using a pregnancy pillow at any point during your pregnancy. AngQi Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Maternity Pillow for Back Pain Relief and Pregnant Women, with Body Pillow Jersey Cover, 60-inch, Grey. Excellent support for the whole body, whether you sleep on your back or your side. It also comes with extra stuffing that you can add or remove at home to get your perfect pillow height. The pillow is memory foam so you get good pressure relief, and the cover is machine washable so its easy to keep clean. Meiz Full Body Pregnancy Pillow - with 300TC Comfy Cotton Pillowcase & Microfiber Inner Cover- for Back Support - King Size (Grey). If you have a problem area that causes you discomfort, make sure the pillow you choose offers adequate support for that body area. It also can be rolled up and easily stored in its carrying case for when you're traveling or leaving it in a closet. You might want to use your maternity pillow after pregnancy, too. Soft, compact, and easy to travel with. This one's unique because it has a clasp at the end to keep it together, so it can be used as an infant lounger or lap pillow to feed your newborn. Ideally, you want to find a pillow with a 100% cotton cover. This pillow's smaller design stands out among competitors for taking up less space. Next, check the width of the pillow. $61.65. Are you a side, back, or front sleeper? However, you may find that you lose a little bit in quality, comfort, and durability if you purchase a pillow at the bottom end of that range. Once you've decided to purchase a maternity pillow, the hard part is deciding which one to buy. FREE shipping 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Roughly 80% of pregnant people report having more disturbed sleep than usual while expecting. Not as well-stuffed as some similar pillows, but some people find a flatter pillow more comfortable anyway. It's also widely available at lots of retailers and makes a great baby shower gift since the brand is so well-known. A maternity pillow is designed with the needs of a pregnant person in mind. Here are some of the main things to think about: We've already touched on the two main maternity pillow types: U-shaped and C-shaped. The majority of maternity pillows seem to have a hollow fiber polyester filling. You'll find this maternity pillow is available in green, blue, gray and white. While it was designed for pregnancy, people also find it helpful for pain related to chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and more. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Prices While there's a fair amount of variation in the price of maternity pillows, you should be able to find a decent pillow that will keep you comfortable in the $35 to $70 range. C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, 57 inches Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women, Memory Foam Maternity Pillows Support Body, Maternity Body Pillow U Shaped Pillow for Back, Reversible Maternity Pillow with Removable Cover, 55 inches Full Body Pillow Maternity Pillow, Full Body Pillow with Washable Cotton Cover. Material may lose shape over time. If you think you’ll only be using it for a few months, however, you may have trouble justifying a huge expenditure. It works just like an inflatable mattress with a valve for letting air in and out and has a reversible design with two different sizes for your growing bump. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The standard-size version was a winner in our bed pillow test, and this larger style has the same great design, including a fill that's a mix of memory foam pieces and microfiber clusters so you get a supportive yet lofty feel.


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