element. Chemistry: Classifying Matter. or a . Soil 5. Soda just opened 6. compound. 1) is the amount of matter that makes up something. Classifying Matter Worksheet. Classify each of the following substances as an element, a compound, a solution (homogenous mixture, or a heterogeneous mixture. Understand that water can be found in all three forms. Pure Water. Carbon Dioxide 8. Similarly, if the material is … Salt 3. It has a •xed shape and structure. Oxygen 11. 2) Name the three phases (states) of matter? Gold 9. It cannot be compressed. The particles are not rigid. Italian Salad Dressing 12. It cannot be compressed. In the center column, state whether the material is a . 3) Identify and describe the particle in each phase of matter and how they are different in each phase of matter. Salt Water. 1. 2) is the amount of space that a material takes up. States of Matter Unit 4th Grade Learning Standards 12.4.14 Understand that matter is usually found in 3 states: liquid, solid, and gas and be able to identify the properties of each. If the material is a pure substance, further classify it as either an . Properties of Matter The particles are highly rigid. The three most common phases of matter on Earth are solids, liquids and gases. Particles are not rigid. or . 10. Classify each of the materials below. Takes the shape of the container. 7. Sand 2. The particles are tightly packed. The particles are closely packed. Brass. mixture. Matter is something that has mass and volume. It has a de•nite mass. 13. 12.4.15 Understand that an increase in temperature generally causes things to expand, and that a decrease in temperature in the right column. pure substance. Pure air. 1) What is matter? It has a de•nite mass. Faster Matter Slower Volume Use your notes from pages 1 – 2 and the terms in the vocabulary box to fill in the blanks for the following nine questions. 4. You will not need to use every term.


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