Stuffed Piglet Blancmanger (chicken & rice casserole) Lenten Slices Drawen Benes V Pottage of rys Ale was a much enjoyed, daily drink in medieval England! Boiled Sallet Pumpes (meatballs) Venison Custarde He was a popular member of the local community – and would have loved my medieval beef stew recipe! Conversely, the medieval poor had less choice and a simple pottage recipe with bread had to suffice. Frumenty My recipe for barley bread is a good example of the kind of medieval bread they ate. Amongst the most popular ingredients for a medieval salad were the primrose, the sweet violet, mint and parsley. So much so that you will want to try out some recipes! Recipes by Type. Contact. After all, the successful cultivation of vegetables, herbs and other plants was a key factor in the food and cooking of 13th century Europe. Recipes from England. Especially, medieval England. Onion and Parsley Salad Conserve of Orenges Gyngerbrede Gyngerbrede G Grete Pyes Therefore, whoever you are and whatever your reason for being interested in medieval recipes, I hope you find something of interest here. Italian Pudding (bread pudding) Crusterolles (fried crackers) This website and its original content (Recipes, Articles & Class Handouts) are copyright of: Cassandra Baldassano - Euriol's Culinary Journey, Karen Macek - Kateryna's Culinary Journey. Search : Sauce Madame (chicken with fruit stuffing) Buttered Beere Connecting the subject of food to one of the most fascinating times in the world’s history is a sheer delight for me! Recipe No. In addition, you have permission to use, with appropriate credit, brief excerpts from this website content in your own work for the aforementioned purposes. Wafers, Home : The forerunner to ‘mushy peas’ as the English call them. Tartys In Applis Lumbard Mustard Roman food is an amazing subject! My maternal grandfather understood the benefits of medieval herbs. Sauce for Stekys Snowe, Boiled Asparagus Another surprising fact that came from my bread research relates to plates. You might ask why we should be grateful. Mawmeny (chicken stew) Cameline Sauce Purslane was also very popular – recently discovered as a rich source of Omega 3 and now much sought after by people looking for a healthier diet. The beef stew in the photograph is a good example. Peeres in Confyt Turnip Pottage Cormarye (roast pork) Stewed Capon (chicken) Black Sauce for Capon Pyes of Paris (meat pie) Gyngerbrede After a good growing season, there was plenty of fresh ingredients for cooking a wide variety of recipes from stews to desserts and salads.


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