and alive in my heart.

Poetry and Verses for Funerals and Epitaphs. as to have them in your life one day it's needs must be since he lingers there. OT9Silently we grieveAnd brush away our tearsThe memories he/she left behindWill last throughout the years. LD1Do not think of me in the night;And see my death.But walk with me a while,Til you reach the golden morning light;And see my smile. But it will take the rest of our livesTo forget the way we lost you. you comforted me when, What companies do you use to ship your products? Privacy Policy G4Keep her Jesus, in Thy keepingUntil I reach that golden shoreThen dear Saviour let me have herAnd love her as I did before. Do you make plaques, nameplates, and what else? LD2I cannot say, And I will not saythat he is dead...He is just away. I'm on a tight budget when it comes to ordering an urn. We will hold our child again one day, that was only here on loan. MY10Memories are like threads of goldThey never tarnish or grow old.
Bereavement and memorial poems are included in funeral and memorial printing , such as funeral programs and funeral bulletins. H15In the hearts of those who loved youYou will always be there. What Are the Benefits of Keeping My Loved One's Ashes With Me? Don’t lose the love I gave you, Don’t fret because my leaving that brings, such heartfelt pain and sorrow. I’ve gotten my wings, LD3Remember friend as you walk by,As you are now so once was I,As I am now you will surely be,Prepare thyself to follow me. there is no greater joy. Where do I contact you and follow up after I received the urn? RY8A little tribute, small and tenderJust to say we still remember. Funeral Poems | Memorial Poems | Bereavement Poems. Can I Take a Filled Urn to a Different Country? Copyright © 2020, memorial plaques. H13There's always a place for U in my heartThat way we'll never really be apart. and find them gone tomorrow. MY4It's hard to believe your no longer hereWe think of you, you feel so nearIn some small way every single dayMemories of you come our way. Memorial Poems – Remembrance Poems – In Memoriam Verses are for those looking for a significant poem to remember the loss of a loved one – Memorial – Remembrance Poems can help a person to express grief and feelings toward those they have loved and lost. Because of the poem's message, this would be a great poem to read at a tree-planting memorial ceremony. when no one else would. I have included poems for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and children. H14I keep in my heart the love of the pastFor there it was planted forever to last.

MY5Sadly missed along life's wayQuietly remembered every dayNo longer in our life to shareBut in our hearts you are always there. HA3It's lonely here without youWe miss you more each dayFor life is not the same to usSince you were called away (name)To your resting place we visitPlace flowers there with careBut no one knows our heartacheWhen we turn and leave you there. It makes sense that so many poems about death use tree imagery. G6Only a memory of bygone daysAnd a sigh for a face unseenA constant feeling that God aloneKnows what should have been. They last till the longest dayThey never wear out or get lostAnd can never be given awayTo some you may be forgottenTo others a part of the past.But to us who loved and lost youYour memory will always last. No need to feel distressed.

but we must trust and believe. time in mourning. Darkness now surrounds me. want you to know. H9Nothing can ever take awayThe love a heart holds dearFond memories linger every dayRemembrance keeps him near. Don’t waste your hours grieving. HA8With aching heart and tears unseenWishing your absence was only a dream.

You guided me, OT5Every tear is a prism through which I seeA rainbow of emotions and memoriesThrough fate has led you to another placeTrue moments hold meaning time cant erase. forever will stay. reached out and took them home. When one comes into our life, Search - Content.

Select Verses & Poems For A Funural Thank You Card. MY13Treasured memories like a golden chainLink us until we meet again. That I am with you,

How Do I Explain Cremation to My Children? The love that we shared

. What are my options for Biodegradable Urns? The loss of a little child,

My wings grew fast, Deep in my heart it

Do the ashes in an urn disintegrate/evaporate over time? In this poem, the family has suffered a loss of a loved one. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE What Are the Guidelines for the Scattering of Ashes?

I’m tired of life’s frustrations, I left to be with Jesus, and

H12Since you'll never be forgottenI pledge to you todayA hallowed place within my heartIs where you'll always stay.
OT1Though tears in my eyes don't glistenAnd my face is not always sadThere is never a night or morningBut I think of the mum/dad I hadNot a day do I forget youIn my heart you are always hereFor I loved you and missed youAs it ends the second year. As that of a your child, H6Wonderful memories woven in goldThis is a picture I tenderly holdDeep in my heart a memory is keptTo love, to cherish, never to forget. . Search - News Feeds. Free In Loving Memory Cards Memorial & Sympathy Quotations Poems & Verses Popular Sympathy Memorial and Quotations, Poems & Verses Rolling River I Thought of You Today Poem Click Here for Urn Mountain Home Do Not Stand By My Grave & Weep Click Here for Urn Ocean Paradise A Silent Tear Poem Click Here for … There’s nothing in this world, You can then paste that verse directly into the 'Quotes & Prayers' window, which is located on any of our funeral card designs. Don’t spend too much

All In Loving Memory Poems be it a girl or boy. MY7So much has changed since your goneThrough ups and downs our lives move onBut as time rolls by one thing remains trueWe'll always have memories of you. Don’t ask yourself questions, H4Wonderful memories of one so dearTreasured still with a love sincereIn our hearts she is living yetWe loved her too dearly to forget. OT4A few more steps along lifes roadPerhaps a few more yearsThen by God's grace we'll meet againBeyond the vale of tears. Tears are for the sad. Can I Order a Custom Cremation Urn Not Seen On Your Website? It matters not what you have, God, our Heavenly Father, You’re a part of my soul They say time mends a broken heart. when it is your Day! it was my time to die. Will the engraving of a plate or urn effect my order and shipping time? when you cry. Ordering, Design, Products, and Customization. Trees remind us of connections. About Us and learned to fly. H7Within our store of memoriesHe/She holds a place apartFor no one else can ever beMore cherished in our hearts. Witha cheery smile and a wave of the handhe has wandered into an unknown land.And left us dreaming how very fair,it's needs must be since he lingers there. MY1Thoughts wander as daylight fadesTo the land of long ago.Memory paints the scenes of oldIn the gold of the twilight glow.We seem to see in the dim lightA face we loved the bestAnd think of her when the sun's raysGo down in the far off west.

I am not gone and that brings, such heartfelt pain and sorrow,

In loving memory messages, verses and poems can help to express our inner most feelings of sadness and sorrow, at this most difficult time. more precious than birth. H11Loving memories of one so dearTreasured still with a love sincereIn our hearts she is living yetWe loved her too dearly to forget. They are not in any particular order or category as every person interprets a poem in their own way. RY3Softly the leaves of memory fallGently we gatherAnd treasure them allSome may forget now thatyou are gone, we will alwaysremember no matter how long. H10Although you can't be here with meWe're  truly not apartUntil the final breath I takeYou'll be living in my heart. How do I put the cremated ashes in a Jewelry Urn?

spread here and there. TY1We think of you in silenceWe often speak your nameBut all we have are memoriesAnd your picture in a frame.Your resting place we visitAnd put flowers there with careBut no one knows the heartacheAs we turn and leave you there. Funeral or bereavement poems are used funerals and memorial services. wherever you go. MY7Though absent you are ver nearStill loved, still missed and very dear. Search - Categories. MY11Tenderly we treasure the pastWith memories that will always last. Life here for me was ended Grow it with your love and and have much needed rest. You can copy and paste them into your email when submitting your quote request or give #_ and first line of verse. Contact Us

Memorial Poems – Remembrance Poems – In Memoriam Verses are for those looking for a significant poem to remember the loss of a loved one – Memorial – Remembrance Poems can help a person to express grief and feelings toward those they have loved and lost. The smiles, the tears of childhood's years, Every tear is a prism through which I see, Through fate has led you to another place, True moments hold meaning time cant erase, But as time rolls by one thing remains true, No words are needed, we shall never forget. MY9No space of time, no lapse of yearsCan dim the treasured pastA loving memory keeps it dearAffection holds it fast. Search - Contacts. Short In Loving Memory Verses MY6As time unfolds another yearMemories keep you ever nearSilent thoughts of time togetherHold memories that will last forever. MY14Sincere and true in heart and mindA memory sweet you left behind. Memorial & Sympathy Quotations Poems & Verses.

G8Resting where no shadows fallIn peaceful sleep he awaits us allGod will link the broken chainWhen one by one we meet again. TY4Our thoughts are ever with youThough you have passed awayAnd those who have loved you dearlyAre thinking of you today. TY1We think of you in silenceWe often speak your nameBut all we have are memoriesAnd your picture in a frame.Your resting place we visitAnd put flowers there with careBut no one knows the heartacheAs we turn and leave you there. You taught me to fly, My world seems so undone.

when none other could. MY6Your life was a blessingYour memory a treasure...You were loved beyond wordsAnd missed beyond measure. OT8If tear drops could build a stairwayAnd memory a laneWe'd walk the long road to reach youAnd bring you home again. If true, time is my friend. this should make you glad. Memorial Verses and Poems. We’ll have another meeting, or try to reason why. "We hope your grief is short and happy memories bring you peace. And I’ll wipe your tears,

MY15Words are few, feelings deep,Memories of you are mine to keep. to have and hold on earth. What are the types of Cremation Urns do you sell? I Am Not Alone. Short In Loving Memory Verses Family, Home RY1This day is remembered and quietly keptNo words are needed, we shall never forgetFor those we love don't go awayThey walk beside us every dayUnseen and unheard, but always nearSo loved, so missed, and so very dear. nurture it with care. HA6The moment that you diedMy heart was torn in twoOne side filled with heartacheThe other died with you. G5Looking back with memoriesUpon the path you trodWe bless the hours we had with youAnd leave the rest with God. we’re apart.


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