0.75 oz Yellow Chartreuse. .25 oz. Strain over fresh ice with dehydrated lime wheel or lemon zest garnish. Tag @thebakermama on Instagram and hashtag it #thebakermama. 1.5oz Cucumber Juice.75oz Simple Syrup.5oz Ancho Reyes.5oz Fresh Lime. ¾ oz hibiscus syrup Directions: .5 oz. A traditional Mexican Firing Squad calls for only 3/4 oz of the lime and 3/4 oz grenadine in place of the pom. This can be done with a mortar and pestle (hard), or with a spice grinder, which you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20, if you don’t have one. 2 oz Rosaluna Mezcal | Privacy Policy. A favorite in the midsummer, for sure. Along the lines of of that; a slightly spicy coctail… Have you tried a jalapeno/basil margarita? Strain over fresh ice and garnish with a lime wheel dashed chili salt. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with cucumber ribbon. After you have crushed the chili pequin, mix a bit with a few teaspoons of sugar. 8-10 Mint Leaves Place 3 slices of cucumber and agave syrup into mixing glass and muddle. Riff on the classic Paper Airplane cocktail, .75oz Perfect Puree Caramelized Pineapple, 1oz Lemon Simple Syrup (or regular simple syrup). I should have said “inspired by the Andaz”. It makes for a fantastic sip! .5 oz Lime Juice 40% and add for taste), ​Ilegal Signature Cocktail by Carlos Abeyta. It has been hard, as you might imagine. 2. This cocktail wins me over every time! 1 Muddled Bordeaux Cherry Directions: And then, WHOA! Cucumber Mint Cooler 1. Pour in the rest. Mezcal Con Pepino (Mezcal With Cucumber) I know, I know: it sounds like a lot of trouble for what goes on the rim, but it makes the drink. .5 oz. A complex, yet smooth and approachable mezcal, for those who enjoy sipping liquors like bourbon, tequila, or craft gin. They have this drink at Zengo in midtown NYC. Build all ingredients in cocktail shaker. Directions: Top with seltzer and a rosemary sprig for good measure. 3 dashes of Sassafras Bitters lime, ½ oz. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with a cucumber sliver. I had to figure out the proportions myself, and I usually use agave nectar as my sweetener…. Directions: Ingredients: Copyright © 2020 The BakerMama, LLC, All Rights Reserved. Build all ingredients over ice in a Highball Glass. Build all ingredients in cocktail shaker. 1.5 oz Mezcal Ojo de Tigre .75 oz. Thanks Jay. Agave grapefruit, ½ oz. 2 Dashes Lemon Bitters Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. I blended a birds eye chilli first, used your recipe and also added a generous spoonful of lemonade and pear marmalade, as well as some pomegranate liqueur – delish! Add passion fruit syrup, mezcal and lime juice. 1.5 oz. Ingredients: Ingredients: 1 oz. Swapping the vodka for mezcal in this variation of a Moscow Mule results in a surprisingly delicious cocktail where the rich smokiness of the mezcal balances the ginger and passion fruit so nicely while allowing the spice from the cayenne to really tantalize the taste buds and have them begging for more.


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