I’m Rachelle and I’m the “bear” behind this blog. This is a very quick and easy boiled soup using winter melon, which supposedly has cooling and detoxification properties. 100g yellow soy bean – soaked for 1 hour Boil 2/3 pot of water and add the stock cube. Mix the bowl of minced pork gently and pour onto the noodles. now that my hubby and i are living abroad, we have been deprived of hawker food or mom’s cooking. I’m currently hurtling through my forties, trying to share a piece of my world and kitchen. Red miso paste is recommended in this recipe for its strong and bold flavour. world foodie & wild traveler Mix the bowl of minced pork gently and pour onto the noodles. Main: Boil over medium high heat for 5 mins. Close the lid. You just made me miss my gran! Before dishing up, break egg into soup. Remove ingredients from the soup. Did I mention my immense passion for food too? Serve topped with the rest of the fresh chopped coriander, if liked. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Yummy..!! It is something sold in grocers in Malaysia and usually imported from China. It’s pretty much the same result in the end! Throw in the noodles and cook for another minute, stirring, to combine and ensure it’s all heated through. The blanched minced pork made with fresh Indonesian pork settled at the bottom of the bowl of pork bone soup added natural sweetness to the savoury clear soup. Be adventurous and modify the recipes to your liking. I have not baked these Cream Cheese Buns for ages! Authentic, mostly healthy Japanese recipes for everyone, Writing about Christmas and New Years in Japan, CakeJournal » All About Cake Decorating, Tools and Tutorials, What to Know About the Different Cookie Scoop Sizes, What You Can Expect Today from a Top Home Grocery Delivery Business, Collagen Bone Broth (Eat Matters) - A new beginning, easy beef rendang | review of mayer pressure cooker, 【上海飯店推薦】上海世茂皇家艾美酒店 – 簡約新穎五星級飯店、超優地理位置步行1分鐘到南京路、SPG俱樂部, Recipe: Kaeng Hung Leh/ Burmese- Thai Pork Curry, Granny Shu's Heirloom Recipes II - 30 August 2014. It should look like a liquid-y meat paste. The slender proprietary noodles added a layer of saltiness to the savoury sweet blend. The Perfect Ultra Soft Blueberry Chiffon Cake - maximally loaded with blueberries HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ladle more pork soup and pork meatballs into the serving bowl. Tagged: Thai food, Thai recipe, noodle soup with pork, noodles, Spicy sour salad with coconut chicken + coconut rice, Chilli, ginger, lime, coconut sauce with salmon. Add in salt, sugar and pepper. looking forward to more recipes from you. Miso pastes can be found in most supermarkets and Asian grocers. Add in salt, sugar and pepper. Very easy. Mix the bowl of minced pork gently and pour onto the noodles. wild foodie & world traveler. WOOHOO! Press Start. I am glad you tried this out. i can’t remember what that green thing is called too. Allow the minced pork balls to float to surface of water. Allow the minced pork balls to float to surface of water. This is not fatt choi. The weather has been blazing hot recently! For my family of 2, just soup with rice is sufficient for a wholesome dinner. Bak Chor Mee Soup (Minced Pork Noodle Soup). You do not need to remove the meatballs from the soup. 300g minced pork Pork ribs and pork bones are used in simmered soups while pork loin, pork liver and ground pork are seen in quick soups and congee. Bear is my moniker. I would say that this menu is tasty or not tasty. Peel and chop the shallot and garlic. Even though the original version does not contain any pork lard, I went ahead and added some extra “happiness”. Close the lid and press Pulse for 10 seconds. White pepper to taste, Soup base: 80g dried anchovies – gut and head removed, rinsed Roll into eight balls using the palms of your hands. While the soup is cooking, heat the oils in a large pan or wok over medium-low heat. Do you have a recipe for the dry version please ? Scoop the soup into bowl, garnish with fried pork mince and serve hot.


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