Last year, I decided to try applying some of the principles to my students and their learning. Mindfulness is when we are intentionally paying so much attention to something that we become part of it. This was in response to noticing that my students tended to lose focus while taking assessments in my class and in other classes. It is natural for our thoughts to stray and cling to things that have nothing to do with the task at hand. Choice Literacy is a community of passionate educators who lead. 1-Teach them how to breathe. Notice them, as if you were saying hi to them, and then send them away as if you were releasing the words or images in a balloon filled with helium. Do you come across students who suffer from test anxiety? When stray thoughts about things having nothing to do with the test pop into your minds, I say, look at them as if they were words or images. Referring your students to MTT could dramatically reduce their academic stress. Top Mindfulness Test Busting Tips: Mindfulness practiced should be taught, practiced and used BEFORE the week of the test. Franki Sibberson prepares her grades 3-4 students for state examinations by helping them observe attributes and patterns in test questions. I have had students tell me that when they are playing their instrument in band, the same thing happens to them. Question It – Know It – Show It  are the keys to test preparation in Andrea Smith's 4th grade classroom. Of course, this practice takes persistence and self-control at first. This is where the work of mindfulness and mindful test-taking comes into play. I know it sounds foreign or strange, but it is possible, and has lasting results. Here are some helpful facts about MTT to share with your students: Many students do not even realize that they have test anxiety. I signed up for coaching sessions with MTT, felt calmer during the test, and raised my GMAT score by 120 points out of 800! I am now a licensed medical doctor with my own private oncology practice in Houston, Texas. I have found that one of the most important things to do while practicing mindfulness with regular class work is to have reflective conversations. Mindful Test Taking offers individual & group coaching to clear stress related to academic tests. I have seen my students apply this technique to their other classes with great success as well. (415) 855 – 1182, © 2019 Mindful Test Taking - All Rights Reserved. When my students reach the point that they are intentional about using mindfulness in their work and are seeing it as a natural part of their learning strategies, I know that they have owned the use of mindfulness and that this will be part of who they are as learners from this point forward. From my experience, they eventually see others using the method and join in. I increased my ACT score by 9 points out of 36! Privacy Policy   |   Terms and Conditions. Are you a teacher, tutor, therapist or counselor? I have also had students who play soccer explain to me that the game of soccer is so intense that they forget anyone is watching  and screaming at them from the stands. Have you ever lost yourself in a great book and become unaware of the sounds and events happening around you? Since my students are not going to be taking a test daily, I weave the practice of mindfulness into their daily work. What I find most interesting is that they create their own strategies for dealing with the stray thoughts and bringing themselves back to mindfulness. Mary Lee Hahn finds 15 minutes of writing on Friday builds fluency and confidence in her fifth-grade students, and gives her a wealth of formative assessment data at the same time. That is because our focus is so tightly attached to what we are doing, we have very little for anything else. Choose the area of the site you want to search: Mark Levine is a social studies teacher at John J. Lukancic Middle School in Romeoville, Illinois. Mark Levine is a social studies teacher at John J. Lukancic Middle School in Romeoville, Illinois. © 2020 The Lead Learners. You can follow his latest thinking at. Worldwide over videoconference My state of mind during the exam was surprisingly calm, enabling me to successfully pass the bar!”, “Mindfulness coaching sessions with Mindful Test Taking helped me reduce my test anxiety and finally pass my medical board exam. Now, when I take tests, I no longer feel the built up pressure. As we sit down to take the test, we must commit to working toward mindfulness. Have you ever seen a child so engaged in playing a video game that they do not hear you calling them? Christopher Carlson takes on the role of observer and researcher to analyze his students' needs when it comes to test-taking skills, and enlists students in the process of reflecting on his data to implement new test-taking strategies.


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