– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –. While the “music” – your anxious thoughts – may not magically disappear, the way that you relate to them is up to you. Notice any emotions that you may be experiencing – relate to them with kindness and compassion. By teaching awareness for one's physical and mental state in the moment, mindfulness … This blog will give you a mindset and perspective shift through the words I write. There’s a lot riding on this exam. 6- Mantra– Have children create individual or class mantras. 5- Mindful Colouring– As teachers, we will feel the growing pressure to use every moment of the school day to focus on the learning and revision the closer we get to the test. Sounds pretty great, right? The lifelong skills of dealing with stress will support them not only for the test but for the general stresses in life. Attention will wander, you’ll notice it’s moved, and you’ll gently bring it back without having to give yourself a hard time about it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. How does it feel? Despite our best efforts in preparing for these tests and ensuring they have the right skills to be successful on them, test anxiety can throw a spanner in the works; causing children to react in ways that sabotages their ability to show all they know. Have the children create posters and plaster them around the class and school. Some of my academic interests include: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, mindfulness, stress reduction, work/life balance, mood disorders, identity development, supervision & training, and self-care. Subscribe Now and I’ll Immediately Send You the Latest Issue Free! More information on Mindful Colouring can be found here. Enter your email address below to get our updates delivered straight to your inbox once a week, HR managers discriminate against attractive candidates when hiring for less desirable jobs, study suggests, Appealing to self-interest makes conservatives more accepting of coronavirus-prevention behaviors, study finds, Study pinpoints neural basis for the interplay between a close relationship with God and enhanced sense of control, Psychological entitlement predicts non-compliance with COVID-19 health guidelines, study finds, Study uncovers a large increase in sexual inactivity among young heterosexual men in the United States, Women perform as well as men in spatial-action video games when accounting for previous gameplay experience, New study sheds light on the neural underpinnings of musical chills, Singles who are satisfied with their friends are less likely to desire a relationship partner, Exercise might be a key factor in maintaining working mothers’ quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump-voting counties exhibited less social distancing and subsequently faced higher COVID-19 infection rates, Dissatisfaction with government’s COVID-19 response linked to impaired psychological wellbeing, Trump support predicted intentions to defy social distancing norms during early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, Men are more likely than women to perceive face masks as infringing on their freedom, People who trust Fox News more than CNN engage in fewer preventive and more risky COVID-19 behaviors, Both Right- and Left-Wing Authoritarianism are linked to support for punitive coronavirus measures, Heightened susceptibility to misinformation linked to reduced mask wearing and social distancing, Competitive bodybuilding does not appear to be linked to heightened psychopathology, Study suggests 20 minutes of Hatha yoga can improve the ability to generate creative solutions, New psychology research highlights the value of consistency in closeness to God, Media coverage of transgender issues linked to increased referrals for services at child and adolescent gender clinics, Four weeks of pranayama breathing exercises reduces anxiety and negative affect and is linked to changes in the brain, Neuroscience study finds non-deceptive placebos lead to genuine psychobiological effects, Study suggests psychopathic individuals do have emotions, but they are inept at regulating them, Awe-inspiring psychedelic trips reduce narcissism by boosting connectedness and empathy, study suggests, Natural changes in hormone levels are linked to changes in women’s sexual psychology — except among women on hormonal contraceptives, Conservatives’ propensity toward conspiracy thinking can be explained by a distrust in officials and paranoid thinking, New study explores the psychological predictors of extreme political attitudes, Study suggests that attractive candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives are more likely to win votes, Controlled study finds no evidence that MDMA increases trust, cooperative behavior, or empathy, International study finds 79% of individuals who microdose with psychedelics report improvements in their mental health, People who microdose psychedelic drugs report that the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks, Caffeine can help sustain attention over long periods of time, according to new experimental research, Neuroscience study indicates the narcolepsy drug modafinil enhances cognitive control in healthy people, Psychedelic experiences share many features with those described by mystics and religious practitioners, Scientists induce psychedelic-like experiences from a placebo alone, Oral contraceptive use during adolescence is linked to altered stress reactivity and neurophysiology, Adolescent treatment admissions for cannabis use disorder fell in Washington and Colorado after legalization, The partisan divide in factual beliefs is not just insincere political cheerleading, according to new research, Neuroscience study finds political attitudes can influence how the brain responds to information, Reading literary versus popular fiction promotes different socio-cognitive processes, study suggests.


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