Kappa Casein BB cow's milk is this ideal milk, clotting 25% more quickly and twice as firm as AA milk. PH: (903) 784-0674. They more easily maintain their weight while producing at their peak. ​. We have been in this business for quite a few years now, and although we may not know the answers to all the questions you may ask, we will strive to find someone who can help you. Clinical Mastitis is visibly noticeable in the milk, and frequently, in the udder where you may find a hard, red, hot spot. The rule of thumb is 2% of her body weight in grass or hay a day. Steers can be weaned with an Easy Wean Nose Ring or put into the bull's pasture. Where were the calves obtained? The farmer is the car salesman and that cute brown-eyed-beauty swishing her sassy tail is your potential new-to-you used car. At this time they can't identify an unknown parent. All Rights Reserved. When that's not possible, as in Winter, grass hay can be fed. Bulls should additionally be tested for Trichinosis. We keep a couple types of block licks out. Our Miniature/ Mid-Sized Jerseys are registered or can be registered with the AMJA. We have had a cow, Buttermilk, tipped and it lasted several years. The sharpest point is cut off just a couple inches down leaving the remaining horn intact but blunt. There are lots of pictures on our website and Facebook pages for you to see how our cows are loved and how they live. When weaning we remove bulls to a separate pasture. They should not appear to have tiny legs or a large head on a normal sized torso. Copyright 2010-2020 North Woods Homestead, LLC, all rights reserved. Your cow may eat from the tree and be fine but if a windstorm knocks off a branch and she consumes it she will die a very terrible death similar to Cyanide poisoning. Untreated Mastitis can lead to the Quarter losing the ability to produce milk, or worse, the death of your cow. In hot climates horns act as a personal air conditioning system by circulating blood through the horn to cool it down, similar to the way an elephant's ears work. The Miniature Jersey is not a bred-down version of the standard Jersey of today; they are the result of selective breeding of descendants of the original Jerseys imported from the Isle of Jersey with other polled, small breeds. There are several registries available for Mini Jerseys. A typical Miniature Jersey only needs a half acre of pasture, as opposed to a full sized cow that may need an acre or more. We are a breeder of Miniature/ Mid-Sized Jerseys and we do not milk. kappa Casein E is fairly rare, only showing up in about 2-5%, Navel Ill starts in the navel but will move to the joints if left untreated, collected for cryopreservation (commonly called sperm banking), Learn to Score Body Condition for Dairy Cows, removing horn buds with caustic paste is the least traumatic, a special tool to gouge deep into the head. Healthy calf feces should look like a milk-fed human baby's poo; mustard yellow, firm but not solid or runny. When the time comes, we use an. Some cows will have "Blind Quarters" when they come into milk for the first time. Mini Jersey Cattle- AKA- Old World Jersey, Guinea Jersey, Rabbit Eyed Jerseys, Lessor Jerseys and Barnyard Jerseys or simply, Little Dream milkers! These cultures are run on the milk so it's easy to collect samples. They're a beautiful flashy brown and white color. That trait is expounded with Mini and Midsize Jerseys. We tested three adult cows on 11/20/2019 for BLV, BVD, TB, Johne's, Brucellosis, and Q Fever. There are several things to watch for. Just like you'd have that shiny car looked at by a mechanic, you want a vet to look over the cow and run some basic tests. Ayrshire are rugged and durable with coats similar to the Guernsey, but more red. Does she do well on a grass-based diet? Most grocery store milk is A1/A1 from a Holstein cow. If there are other cows they may try to mount her, or she could mount them. Creme Caramel's horns regrew after being gouged and cauterized when she was 5 months old. registered mini jerseys **measuring** all stock here are measured to the highest point of the hip bone not to the hook bone. For milk cows, who are handled many times a day, we find most people, like ourselves, prefer not to have horns. You'll also need to be able to tell if your cow is healthy as she cycles through pregnancy, lactation, pregnant while lactating, drying off, and freshening. Really. A bull or steer calf will typically have a shorter life expectancy since he will likely be butchered by his second birthday. She's sleek and angular but in good condition for her stage of lactation. Common weeds like Wild Onions, Pig Weed, Milkweed, Lamb's Quarter, Brassicas, Jimsonweed, Pokeweed, Bracken Fern, Dock, Nightshades, Sorghum. Our cows vary in height and the best way to decide which cow is the best fit for your farm is to make an appointment to visit us. Registered with the American Miniature Jersey Association, Dave is registrable with the American Miniature Jersey Association, He will make an excellent sire for your Miniature Jersey herd, Chuck is the son of May and Royal. We found this to be horrific, even when performed by and experienced vet. Each breed of dairy cow has their special trait. The offspring of a mating will be one generation count higher than the lowest parent. Most cows are obvious about their heat, even if they're alone in the pasture. Better cheese quality and yield Our miniature Jersey cows and bulls have the Kappa Casein B variant and BB genotype which are associated with increased cheese yield. She will give everything to her calf if we don't monitor her carefully. There are basic things you can't compromise; the ability to produce milk, to reproduce, and to provide for your family for years to come. This next section is all Betsy; Signs of active labor are different with each cow but they all exhibit a few. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, see the dam and sire of the animal you are considering, and request disease testing that has been done on them. the hook bone is approximately 1.5" lower than the top of the hip bone on most cattle. Zoonotic Diseases are transmittable from animals and people. At … It's best the heifer be no younger than 13 months and the bull 10 months when starting to reproduce. A Miniature Jersey is small and stands between 38" and 42" inches tall. Ideally, it’s healthiest if a larger pasture can be divided into smaller sections and used for rotational grazing. They're the smallest of the dairy breeds and have the best feed-to-milk conversion. All of our breeding stock are registered and DNA tested which ensures that you know the heritage of your animal, while maintaining the integrity of the breed. You're cow will likely not need much assistance in raising the calf. A buyer is welcome to pay for the tests they want as part of our contract. We test each cow while she's in milk for BLV, BVD and Johne's through API Lab in Oregon. We at Mini Miracles Farm believe in the traditions of the American small farmer and homesteader. A typical Miniature Jersey only needs a half acre of pasture, as opposed to a full sized cow that may need an acre or more. High fertility and grazing efficiency make the Milking Shorthorn a common breed to cross with for hybrid vigor. Our Mini and Midsize Jerseys have been genetically tested and DNA verified 100% Pure Jersey. Mini Miracles Farm The general saying in the mini jersey circle is; " two miniatures to one standard forage". Not all grasses are the same. Cherry Trees branches become toxic if cut off. We believe that one of the greatest blessings we possess is the freedom to live as close to nature as possible, to eat those things that we grow and produce by the sweat of our brow, and by the grace of God. We allow them to nurse for four months. These are Quarters that don't produce milk, and never did. Cows can't lick enough to get all the minerals and salt they need. Mini refers to the mature height of the animal. A good indicator is the development of her udder. They are dual registered with, requires DNA, genomics, verified height, and negative dwarfism tests to be considered for the, Our small Standard size Jerseys are utilized in our breeding program to add strong dairy traits and A2/A2 to our MIni Jersey bloodlines. Climate plays a factor in prevalence of some diseases and we don;t have as many issues here in the cold north. (We always wipe off any paste after about 45 minutes so momma doesn't lick it off and injure herself.). There are many reasons to remove or keep the horns on a calf. An injected nerve block agent can also be used to manage the pain. He can be registered with the American Miniature Jersey Association. We've heard of Jersey bulls and heifers being fertile as young as 4 months old. Buttermilk, Due For The Second Time, Caramel's Dam, Ruby's Grand Dam, & Fern's Great Grand Dam, Creme Caramel, Due For The First Time, Buttermilk's Daughter & Ruby's Dam, Ruby at a Year Old, Caramel's Daughter & Buttermilk's Granddaughter, Fern at 3 yrs old, Ruby's daughter, Caramel's Granddaughter, and Buttermilk's Great Granddaughter.


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