[26], Antifreeze products for automotive use containing propylene glycol in place of ethylene glycol are available. MEG is produced from ethylene via ethylene oxide, which in turn is hydrated by using either a thermal or catalytic production process. MEG can be transported in Epoxy coated MS tankers. Mono-ethylene glycol - or MEG - is a vital ingredient for the production of polyester fibres and film, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins and engine coolants. The plant has an annual capacity of 750,000 tonnes. "Based on a rather extensive database, it induces skeletal variations and malformations in rats and mice by all routes of exposure. The 1,3-dioxolane protecting group can thereafter be removed by further acid hydrolysis. It is widely used as antifreeze in automobile cooling systems and in the manufacture of man-made fibres, low-freezing explosives, and brake fluid. Typically, these solvents have a higher boiling point. Documents (PDF) Mono-Ethylene-Glycol-Product-Spec-909018-23rd-Aug-2017 (PDF) Supplier’s declaration of Conformity (SDoC) Directions for use. Water was removed by azeotropic distillation to shift the equilibrium to the right. The humectant (water attracting) properties of MEG products also make them ideal for use in fibres treatment, paper, adhesives, printing inks, leather and cellophane. Uses. Ethylene glycol is primarily used in antifreeze formulations (50%) and as a raw material in the manufacture of polyesters such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) (40%).. Coolant and heat-transfer agent. End uses for MEG range from clothing and other textiles, through packaging to kitchenware, engine coolants and antifreeze. All Rights Reserved. Mono-ethylene glycol - or MEG - is a vital ingredient for the production of polyester fibres and film, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins and engine coolants. Monoethylene glycol is a colourless, oily liquid produced commercially from ethylene oxide. See the article on. Global MEG demand was around 21 million tonnes in 2010. We are in strategic alliance, Importers,Distributors & Suppliers of Chemical from MNC’s. What is Shell's Net Carbon Footprint ambition? Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings. Shell is a leading global licenser of proprietary process technology for both catalytic/thermal and solely catalytic production of MEG. MEG has a low volatility and it is 50% more hygroscopic than glycerol at room temperature. Mono Propylene Glycol Technical Grade: The grade of MPG is commonly used in anti-freeze, coolant, de-icing products and as a chiller glycol. Annual output from the MEG plant in Singapore could produce over two million tonnes of polyester, enough to make 6.7 billion polyester shirts - more shirts than there are people in the world. Petro Rabigh produces 600 KTA of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) through the most up-to-date process and sells only in bulk quantities via Petro Rabigh Terminal. Upon ingestion, ethylene glycol is oxidized to glycolic acid, which is, in turn, oxidized to oxalic acid, which is toxic. Main uses for this commodity chemical are in polyester fiber, polyester resins (PET Bottles & Film), antifreeze … [24] The major danger is due to its sweet taste, which can attract children and animals. Polyester and fleece fabrics, upholstery, carpets and pillows, as well as light and sturdy polyethylene terephthalate drink and food containers originate from ethylene glycol. 25% of MEG is used in polyethylene terephthalate - or PET - packaging and bottles. Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) is miscible with water, alcohols, aldehydes and many organic compounds. [30], Ethylene glycol is a high-production-volume chemical; it breaks down in air in about 10 days and in water or soil in a few weeks. Shell is a leading global producer of MEG, with world-scale plants in key markets, a global customer base and proven global logistics capability. We are a supreme source of speciality chemical and raw materials catering to API & bulk drugs, Lubricants, Flavours & Fragrance (Aromatic), Paints & Resin, Printing inks and Varnish, polyurethane industry, resins, speciality coatings and many more industries. Shell’s new OMEGA catalytic process technology produces only ethylene glycol. The ethylene oxide is then hydrated to yield mono ethylene glycol with di and tri ethylene glycols as co-products. MEG can be transported in Epoxy coated MS tankers. End products include water and drink bottles, textiles, and carpet fiber. We are distributors / suppliers of Monoethylene Glycol manufactured by Reliance Industries Ltd. We offer MEG in Tanker loads and New HDPE / MS Barrels. It and its toxic byproducts first affect the central nervous system, then the heart, and finally the kidneys. alone. Forecasts suggest that by 2015, demand could be above 28 million tonnes per year. Eastman™ Ethylene Glycol, Polyester Grade is used for manufacturing polyester fibers, polyethylene terephalate (PET) resins, and other materials. It is also used as a reagent in making polyesters, explosives, alkyd … End uses for MEG range from clothing and other textiles, through packaging to kitchenware, engine coolants and antifreeze. We are in this industry since more than three decades. MEG based products are also used as coolants in Automobile antifreeze, resins, humectants for paper etc. 107, Udyog Kshetra, Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai - 400080, Maharashtra, India. Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) is a colourless, virtually odourless and slightly viscous liquid. Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is an important raw material for industrial applications. Glycol ethers are a group of solvents based on alkyl ethers which can be from ethylene glycol or propylene glycol (these are commonly used in paints and cleaners). Ingestion of sufficient amounts is fatal if untreated. [31] While prolonged low doses of ethylene glycol show no toxicity, at near lethal doses (≥ 1000 mg/kg per day) ethylene glycol acts as a teratogen. Chemex has been steadily growing on the Technological know how and new products sourcing development. MEG based products are also used as coolants in Automobile antifreeze, resins, humectants for paper etc. They are generally considered safer to use, as propylene glycol isn't as palatable[note 1] and is converted in the body to lactic acid, a normal product of metabolism and exercise. MEG will not dissolve rubber, cellulose acetate or heavy vegetable and petroleum oils. The major use of ethylene glycol is as a medium for convective heat transfer in, for example, automobiles and liquid-cooled computers. 45% of the world’s MEG output is consumed in China. We always believe in catering Products of high quality, meeting global standards, consistent quality, superiors technical & regulatory support backed with logistical support. In China, MEG demand continues to grow at around 7% each year. Shell’s MASTER process technology, which uses a catalyst to convert ethylene and oxygen into ethyelene oxide, followed by a thermal process, also produces smaller amounts of the co-products diethylene glycol (DEG) and triethylene glycol (TEG). In addition to its use in antifreeze, ethylene glycol is used as an ingredient in hydraulic fluids, printing inks, and paint solvents. It is also a used as a dehydration agent in natural gas pipelines where it inhibits the formation of natural gas clathrates before being recovered from the gas and reused. MEG is a colourless, odourless liquid with a syrup-like consistency. It is advisable to store MEG in a cool, dry place with good ventilation – away from heat, sparks or flames. [23], Ethylene glycol is moderately toxic, with an oral LDLo = 786 mg/kg for humans. Industrial-grade propylene glycol usually has a slightly bitter or acrid taste due to impurities. Uses. Page 1 of 8 MSDS- Mono Ethylene glycol Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Mono Ethylene glycol 1. 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