Ancient Irish historical research is underway in an attempt to make the most sense of some of the facts we have. family tree, surname, vital records, biography, or otherwise Utilizing the method of estimating time periods discussed above, this would indicate that the 3 early branches form the L1403 block – L1402; Moore; and Gillespie – occurred perhaps around 900BC. Last night, R-DF21 and Subclades Project Administrator David R. Moore sent out the following memorandum. So the first L1403-block SNP is estimated to have occured about 2400       years before this point where the multiple SNP lines branched off as descendants of L1402. Moore FamilyTree DNA Project - A description of a group researching the paternal lines of … It is interesting to look at how long after the SNP explosion we find new SNPs that are private, or near private, to only one particular surname. My grandfather’s favorite day was St. Patrick’s Day, and also the day that he died, just two days after his 80th birthday. (L1402 Smiths may also fit into this branch based on STR results.). The descendants of the L1402 block who moved away generally do not seem to have taken an Irish surname with them, which would support a migration between 800 AD and 1000 AD. Learn more The warrior gene In fact, in much of Scotland and maybe on the Isle of Man, surnames were fixed about 1300 AD. On August 31, 2011, I joined the R-DF21 and Subclades Project at Family Tree DNA with a kit I  manage that represents my maternal grandfather’s Y-DNA, or direct male line. This calculation based on fixed surnames supports the 800 AD date for the end of the L1402 block that was calculated from YFull’s estimate. A Y-DNA test ranges from 10 to 111 markers on the Y chromosome. The L1403+ L1402- Moores and the … Other US Census data for MOORE Ordered by 29% of customers for an origins analysis. Please, add your favorite Website(s) to this page! A world map shows your different origins. As mentioned above, one answer might be that when these lines migrated between 800 AD and 1000 AD to areas that did not yet use surnames, their surname identity was sometimes lost. In our projects, we highlight very interesting new discoveries in the field of DNA genealogy. If you do not want to receive these occasional emails, please let me know. written and online after approx. From:   David R Moore, Project Administrator, If the two tests match on 37 markers, there is a 90% probability that the MRCA was less than five generations ago and a 95% probability that the MRCA was less than eight generations ago.[2]. At 140 years per SNP, this indicates consistent use of surnames began about 500 years ( 3.5 x 140 ) after the SNP explosion, or about 1300 AD. When you find a useful new resource, go to the right Linkpendium page and click Compare your own DNA-profile with famous people's DNA. lillian beasley 8/03/14. So, how does this fit with the known surname lines under the L1402 block? The work of a couple of giants in Y-DNA genealogy research, Alex Williamson and Mike Walsh, is relied on. In a surname project an investigation of the biological relationship between men with the same or similar surnames is conducted. Madison Martin McDowell Mecklenburg Mitchell Montgomery,, Biographies of Monroe County, Michigan (names starting with L to P), H. Miller, Henry Miller, Homer Miller, John Moross, Charles Morse, A. J. Moses, Edwin,, Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Texas, Maverick Medina Menard Midland Milam Mills Mitchell Montague Montgomery,,,, Moore County, Tennessee Genealogy and History,, Welcome to the AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for North Carolina, Jones Lee Lenoir Lincoln Macon Madison Martin McDowell Mecklenburg Mitchell Montgomery,, Biographies of Bristol County, MA (names starting with M to O), Milbank, Elias Milliken, Frank A. 225 likes. But it sure is interesting. To find out how far back our L1402 cluster connects with our nearest L1403 relatives, we can use the estimate of 140 years on average per FTDNA Big Y SNP. MOORE Surname DNA Project. Only with the iGENEA Expert Test you will find all your genetic relatives in our database. came to the USA in abt 1860 perhaps. This is after a long string of 17 SNPs within the L1402 block from which no surviving intermediate branches have been found. In most cultures, there are few or no matrilineal surnames, or matrinames,[1] so there are still few or no matrilineal surname projects. I have had my DNA test via 23and me and my paternal group is shown as R1b1b2a1a2f*. Well, that’s the first update. by Jennifer Zinck | 12 March 2015 | DNA, General, Genetic Genealogy | 1 comment. The beginning of the L1403 SNP block is five SNPs more distant in time, or an additional (5 x 140=) 700 years. Because surnames are passed down from father to son in many cultures (patrilineal), and Y-chromosomes (Y-DNA) are passed from father to son with a predictable rate of mutation, people with the same surname can use genealogical DNA testing to determine if they share a common ancestor within recent history. However, DNA tests are equally important for the two sexes (see genealogical DNA test). Thank you Ray Lawler, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Thanks from all of us at PLEASE HELP! The significance of the Moore surname being one of the branches or even the main L1403 branch and reaching this far back is not known. In most cultures, there are few or no matrilineal surnames, or matrinames, so there are still few or no matrilineal surname projects. You’ve been included because you control a kit in the project or otherwise potentially have some interest in the research we are doing. Home > USA > Surnames > M Families > Moo Families > Moore Family: Surname Genealogy, Family History, Family Tree, Family Crest. Three lines of descendants of the L1402 SNP explosion (Moore; Devoy; and the A426 bunch – Doolin, Dolan, Lawler, Phelan, and the various Kelly) remained in County Laois long enough to acquire surnames that are still prominent there, but the other four lines (A459 Morrison, McNeil, McAdams, McMorris and Downing;  A421 Morrison, Kewley and Johnson; Bassett; and Kitchen) seem to have migrated away fairly soon after the lines began, leaving no known representatives in their lines who were in Ireland long enough to establish an Irish surname branch of their individual SNP line.


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