Bacon Pizza from Lopez y Lopez, Madrid, 42. Down at number 10 is the bacon sandwich, not because it deserves to be, but because we’re not sure that you can really describe a couple of pieces of cooked bacon between two slices of buttered bread as a dish.

Salmon Pokè from Pokèria by NIMA, Milano, 6. Your choices will not impact your visit. And roast lamb always comes with mint sauce or redcurrant jelly.
Edmond Burger from Edmond Burger, Bordeaux, 98.

Poké Signature Super Protéiné from Pokawa, Paris, 3. A roast may also include stuffing and Yorkshire puddings; a batter of eggs, flour, and milk which rises in the oven.

WASA-BAE from Kai | Editions, Hong Kong, 87. Build Your Own from Honi Poke, London, 83.

The classic Cumberland sausage, from Cumbria in the north of England, is a popular choice.

You can buy it in almost any supermarket in Scotland, and fast-food chains sometimes serve it in the form of a large, deep-fried sausage. ComfyDay Soup 花膠蟲草花螺頭燉湯 from Soupday, Hong Kong, 43. 車仔麵 (1麵3餸起) from Yummy Cart Noodles 任你點車仔麵, Hong Kong, 53. The term ‘banger’ originates from World War II. Its origins date back to the Anglo-Saxon days in the 13th century; when households would provide hearty breakfasts for visiting friends and family. Yeti the fluffy Himalayan cat wows with his ability to SKATEBOARD without his owners' help.

Forty-four per cent of the British public favour a pepperoni topping and eat it at least once a week. Diavola Pizza from Solo Pizza Cafè, Milano, 100. Roast (with all the trimmings) Once upon a time, families in the UK would sit down … The British version of this dish might be unrecognisable to a native Italian but at least half the British population are happy to have a go at cooking this at home. Have a cookie A full English breakfast is a great (and hearty) start to any day in the UK. Grilled Boneless Chicken from Al Mandaloun, Dubai, 63.

Stir fried rice noodles are mixed with tofu, pork or chicken and flavoured with tamarind, fish sauce, garlic, chilli, palm sugar, peanuts, beansprouts and a range of chopped vegetables. The quintessential British ‘afternoon tea’ wouldn’t be complete without tea and scones. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Deliveroo has revealed its most popular dishes in cities across the world, with London's favourite being a Cheeseburger from Five Guys, while Chow Mein took the top spot in Edinburgh, Five Guys' Cheeseburger has won the hearts and stomachs of Londoners this year - and it was crowned the second most popular dish ordered on Deliveroo worldwide, 1. People often eat it with pickled red cabbage or beetroot. Best Mountain from Greg & Jerry's, Grenoble, 17.

Expatica uses technology such as cookies and scripts to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. Get ready to drool as we tuck into some of the most delicious British foods that are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and warm the cockles. A Sunday treat, often enjoyed with a pint of beer at the pub, this combination of meat and veg is unique to the UK.

Roast pork, on the other hand, comes with apple sauce. Sushi Rice Bowl from POKÉWORLD, Hong Kong, 75. During this time, families would work at home and had time to attend to cooking over many hours. Crea il tuo pokè from Makito Casteddu, Cagliari, 22.

A roast dinner is big meal, lamb, chicken or beef are joined by roast potatoes, at least two other veg, Yorkshire pudding and lashings of thick, thick gravy.

This is largely due to its rich flavor and nutty texture. Pizza was also the top pick in Sheffield, while Burritos were top of the list in Aberdeen and Bristol. Similar stews are scouse from Liverpool, Irish stew from Ireland, and cawl from Wales. Although this tradition has waned somewhat over the recent years, the roast remains a popular meal in the UK. This teatime treat consists of a pot of tea – preferably Earl Grey – with either lemon or a dash of milk; plus scones. This delightful dessert is baked in the oven until the crumble turns a golden brown and the apples are soft. A Sunday won’t be complete without this best British meal – the Sunday Roast …

Chicken Rice from Boon Tong Kee, Singapore, 84.

Roast Dinner. One in seven curries bought in the UK is a Chicken Tikka Masala, which, according to some surveys, makes it one of the nation’s favourite curries.

British food is truly international and the British consumer is happy to enjoy food from around the world, so here’s a run-down of the UK’s popular dishes.
Want to create these classic British dishes in your own kitchen? A Thai street food that is a firm favourite with the British. Similarly, the chips are cut thicker than French fries and deep-fried twice; once to cook the potato, and then to crisp up the outside. Little San Sushi from Maki-San, Singapore, 91.

The fish, which is usually cod, haddock, or plaice, is dipped in batter and deep-fried. Down at number 10 is the bacon sandwich, not because it deserves to be, but because we’re not sure that you can really describe a couple of pieces of cooked bacon between two slices of buttered bread as a dish. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Going out in style! Rewild Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream from Oh G!, Kuwait. We’ve saved the sweetest till last!

Meanwhile KFC's hot wings are the most commonly ordered dish in Brighton, while Edinburgh dwellers are most partial to Chow Mein. Pad Thai Box from Wok It Up!, Canberra, 81. Grilled Harrisa Chicken from Farmer J, London, 40. Chow Mein from Redbox Noodle Bar, Edinburgh, 97. They traditionally come with strawberry or raspberry jam and clotted cream; a rich yellow cream with a crusty top.


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