The staple ingredients that make winning concession stand items must be both appealing to the public and cheap to purchase in bulk. Some winning ideas include gourmet ice cream pops, paletas, or offering non-diary soft-serve options. Correctly pricing a menu is key to the success of any restaurant. Plant-based hot dogs are also readily available and can be used to market to vegetarian eaters. (2019). “A shrimp cocktail takes no time to get out, but an in-depth appetizer will slow service,” he says. What is the Best Size for a Restaurant Menu? Looking for concession stand food ideas with high profitability? Estimated Retail Price: $3.00 – $5.00 per cup depending on size. Each of the menu items on this list is designed to generate between 50% – 70% profit after food cost and labor. The Art—and Psychology—of Creating a Great Restaurant Menu, Why Local Food Trends Matter to Restaurants. How to make it work: This traditional Spanish food has gone mainstream over the past 5 years. Best of all these products are extremely flexible adding toppings. 5 Profitable Menu Items for Your Food Business May 14, 2014 Instore blog Matt Niehaus If you’re opening a quick-service restaurant or café, it can be difficult to get a sense of what will and won’t sell — and by investing too much of your resources and money into developing unpopular menu items, you can kiss your profits goodbye. Some of the common flavors you’ve tried include butter popcorn, toffee, and caramel corn. Market research, on both your competitors' menus and the interests and values of diners in your region, can help guide you towards profitable and popular choices. Similar variations of the food go by the name elephant ears. We hope success is always on the menu at your restaurant or bar. Dip the corn in butter, salt and pepper and you’ve got a delicious snack. How to Start a Coffee Shop on Your Own Terms. Another option is adding a unique characteristic to food, like locally grown, low calorie, or organic. All you have to do is just follow the formula and recipe. We interview successful founders and share the stories behind their food trucks, restaurants, food and beverage brands. With a bit of creativity, you don’t need to rely on the ideas like kettle corn either (although this approach continues to work well). Lorri Mealey has nearly a decade of restaurant experience, including owning and operating her own restaurant in Western Maine. Some ideas include rosemary parmesan, olive oil and garlic, taco, BBQ, and chocolate covered kernels. Tell us about them here. This is a great add-on to a concession business especially if you already use deep fryers.

The best concession stand ideas aren’t a secret. What questions do you have about making a high-profit concession menu? How to make it work: This is a product you’ve no doubt seen at sporting events, parades and farmer’s markets. How to make it work: Hot dogs and corn dogs are a staple menu item across concessions stand in America. Now that you know the ingredients that make up high-margin food products only your imagination is the limit the new items you can come up with. There’s still increased consumption of the drink in the western world with tea sales doubling in recent years in Canada.

The number one most profitable food and beverage business is a bubble tea shop.

Estimated Retail Price: $1 per cookie or up to $20 for a bucket. While churros traditionally use a cinnamon and sugar flavor there are new seasonal flavors increasing awareness for the product like Oreo, pumpkin spice, and egg nog. Estimated Cost: $2.50 or less per pound after being breaded. NPR. Learn how you can create a profitable menu with pricing strategies: calculating food costs, implementing markup, ensuring portion control and applying menu psychology in order to maximize profits for your restaurant. Estimated Cost: 5o lb bag can be purchased $35 – $40. In addition to cutting back the number of choices in each menu category, include several simpler items that can be executed quickly. Estimated Retail Price: $2.00 – $6.00 depending on style and size. How to make it work: Popping corn is a timeless concession item with incredible flavor flexibility. Learn How Often Should You Update a Restaurant Menu? November 1, 2019.

You can get creative with any of the following core ingredients to develop a product with a 50% or higher profit margin: If you’ve been in the industry awhile, you could have probably guessed these ingredients on your own.
To further differentiate the product you can make the pickles with creative spices to make a sweet or sour flavored pickle. By preparing a large vat or two of soup each day, you can sell each bowl for $5 — even though your ingredients costs may be less than $0.50 per bowl. Know someone interesting that should be interviewed on the website? You don't have to change everything, but adding a few new items or updating less-popular dishes will help attract new diners and keep loyal customers coming back. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.


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