Rapunzel said that it made them sisters, which angered Cassandra. Films She was taken in by the Captain of the Guards thereafter, and raised in Corona as a handmaiden. By manipulating him into believing she was in love with him, Cassandra discovers that Andrew is part of a separatists organization bent on destroying Corona. Cassandra is the tritagonist of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. While Rapunzel and Eugene fight off the goons, Cassandra takes on their leader Lady Caine. Moonstone: Turquoise hair with cyan highlights, turquoise eyes. Pocahontas: Pocahontas • John Smith • Meeko • Flit • Percy When the sinister warrior Hector attacks the company, Cassandra fights back and ultimately pushes him off the ledge. Cassandra seems to hold some fondness left for Rapunzel by sparing the frame picture she made her that was kept in her old room as she only put it down and a jar made by her Aunt Willow, which she holds dear. When Eugene arrives, an anxious Cassandra urges Rapunzel not to tell him about the hair, fearing he'll tell the king and queen, which would cost Cassandra her job. The Moonstone Opal (formerly)Cassandrium Necklace ", "Welcome back, Boys. I know you think I should just go tell Rapunzel it's me and go talk to her. Rapunzel chases after her in an attempt to convince her to come back, but Cassandra refuses to listen to reason and uses her stolen Shadow Blade to slice away the bridge of Black Rocks she created to make her getaway, leaving Rapunzel heartbroken over the thought that her best friend is now her newest enemy. Quirin, Adira, Hector, King Edmund (under mind control; all formerly) Cassandra is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. ", "Well was it your decision to push her out a window? Cassandra believes the princess should take a break regardless of what her father wishes, but Rapunzel refuses to do so. Rapunzel can tell that Cassandra is still good inside. Marvel Icons: Daredevil • Doctor Strange • Ghost Rider • Ms. Marvel • Thanos, Tough, protective, free-spirited, brave, loyal, fiery, wise-cracking, no-nonsense, cunning, friendly, noble, warm-hearted, insecure, stubborn, strong, confident, mistrusting, traitorous (formerly), cynical, defiant, sarcastic, impatient, hardworking, intelligent, passionate, Slender, pale skin, dark pink lips, black bob-cut layered hair with gray highlights, hazel eyes, Collecting weapons, combat, Corona's traditions, praise, respect, her mother's music boxes, clever or funny pranks, being independent, Monty, solitude, defending herself and others, adventure, playing the victim, spinning tops, Rapunzel, destinies, messing with Eugene (formerly), her mother (formerly), her adoptive father, Eugene (formerly), convents, thieves, being disrespected or overlooked, sharing her feelings (sometimes), accepting help (sometimes), strangers, her past, the idea of destroying Rapunzel, being seen as and called a villain, Calliope, believing that she's evil, Zhan Tiri and her manipulations, being the bad guy, Eugene's arrogance, her mother, "When your dad is Captain of the Guards, you tend to collect...stuff.". You tricked me into abandoning Rapunzel. She also claims she is not a villain or a bad person, in spite of the aforementioned misdeeds. ", "This trail of black rocks is your destiny, but I dropped everything to make sure you get to the end of it!! This article is about the character Cassandra from Tangled: The Series. The Fox and the Hound: Tod • Copper Background information "When your dad is Captain of the Guards, you tend to collect...stuff. Unfortunately, after Zhan Tiri manipulates her yet again, Cassandra comes to believe Rapunzel intends to destroy her, causing her to turn her back on her once more and revert to her vindictive self. One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil • Lucky • Patch • Rolly The two return to the castle where Cassandra tries desperately to cut the hair. ", "Rapunzel there is no bond between us anymore, got it?!!? To join the royal guard (formerly)To find and fulfill her own destinyTo destroy Rapunzel and conquer Corona (formerly)To help Rapunzel stop Zhan Tiri (succeeded) However, Cassandra believes that Rapunzel now sees her as a threat like everyone else when Zhan Tiri fires the weapon Varian was holding in order to trick her into taking over Corona for her. This allows her to take on guard duty, but after being assigned to guard the esteemed Dr. St. Croix, Cassandra abandons Varian during his presentation. However, like the rocks, it's unbreakable. You might wanna stand back for this. • "The Eye of Pincosta" • "Rapunzel and the Great Tree" • "The Brothers Hook" • "Rapunzel: Day One" • "Mirror, Mirror" • "You're Kidding Me!" When she tries to tell Rapunzel to leave Adira, the princess refuses and tells Cassandra that she'll sometimes make decisions they won't always agree on, which makes the latter feel like she's waiting in the wings for Rapunzel and her friends. ", "What am I doing? Though she has a more cynical way of going about life, Cassandra also finds joy in adventure, living life to the fullest, and experiencing new things. During their time there, Cassandra hears a mysterious voice calling her to a room that sucks her inside. She is also unwilling to take responsibility for her actions, blaming them on Rapunzel and Zhan Tiri, and refuses to acknowledge herself as "the bad guy". I'm taking this seriously! Rapunzel forgives Cassandra and says that there is more in her, more than she has ever known, which instills a new confidence in her. Cassandra also has skills in sewing, cleaning and other skills that are needed for her handmaiden duties.


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