H��WM�5�����qU�S�"��qAj�C�C�HX- Child support orders entered after July 1, 2017 take into account the income of the recipient. Illinois Supreme Court. 5�(���B~�:���&d����☵�Q(�Bd߻[;)�%�

Child support orders will often provide for automatic termination or reduction based on these events. All Rights Reserved. We will explain how child support works in Illinois.

If you fill out a form on these browsers, you will not be able to save your progress.

In this article, we explain how to change child support obligations when a child turns 18 in Illinois.

Save the form to your computer and use this "flattened" form to e-file. A child turning 18 or graduating high school would certainly qualify as a substantial change in circumstances that would be grounds for reduction or termination of child support. Otherwise, a person may file a motion in the Clerk's Office, located at the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Room 1006, Chicago, IL 60602 for both inactive and pending cases. Certification and Agreement by Counsel (Cook County) Child Support Data Sheet (Cook County) Financial Affidavit Letter to Employer (Cook County) Notice of Motion (Cook County) Notice to Respondent of Service of Disclosure To learn more about the change Illinois Child Support Laws, check out our article: Changes to Illinois Child Support Laws. In this article, we explain how to change child support obligations when a child turns 18 in Illinois. Motions to modify child support require that the movant show a “substantial change in circumstances” that would warrant a modification of the order. *For more court forms, please visit the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website and the Illinois Supreme Court’s website Domestic Relations Division Home About the Domestic Relations Division Illinois Child Support obligations don't always terminate automatically. Illinois Spousal Maintenance Law Articles, Illinois Collaborative & Cooperative Divorce Law Articles, Marital Abandonment In Illinois Explained, Illinois Powers Of Attorney FAQ | Medical Power Of Attorney. He has experience in litigation, estate planning, bankruptcy, real estate, and comprehensive business representation.

���b��+�6�[l�������������~V�_?|���;����Wβ�QX=}��܊��*�&����p�&�HM����I�,k�W�i�/����+������4��L^�ʁ6�W�B�9�?�G� %5�W��'�g��&�ڤʥ��/�A��G{���p� O'Flaherty Law is happy to meet with you by phone or at our office locations in: Thank you! Kevin O’Flaherty is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Chicago-Kent College of Law. The Form Library has court forms, legal documents, and letters for many kinds of legal problems.
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What is Domestic Abuse and How Do I Obtain a Civil Protective Order Under Iowa Law.

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��/��B�N�c`[�KJ��Ƿ���O!�d~5km e_?����&�&k�T�D���9?� н6Vp�q��9��j�;r�ĤF�I��[yA:�͐����ULp(�D Cook County's Resources and Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) WATCH NOW: Live Cook County Board Proceedings The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a participant in the federal and state funded child support collection and enforcement services known as the IV-D (4-D) Program . Child support orders entered prior to July 1, 2017 were calculated based on a flat percentage of the obligor’s income. When this motion to modify child support is heard, the court will likely recalculate the remaining child support obligation pertaining to the other children based on the new guidelines, even if the original order was based on the old guidelines. Suggest Changes. Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union: Copyright 2020 by Circuit Court of Cook County. Request a call from a child support specialist Send and receive secure messages For registration assistance or app support, please contact us at 1-888-245-1938.

For an overview of Illinois child support law, check out our article: Illinois Child Support 2019. Because every family situation is unique, the sample forms below may not fit your circumstances exactly. If there are multiple children covered by the child support order, child support should be reduced as each child reaches adulthood. The order may provide that child support automatically terminates on this date. endstream endobj 742 0 obj <>stream 787 0 obj <>stream

Q˘` ,%` Our Iowa & Illinois Attorneys are committed to providing exceptional client service in a cost-effective manner in the areas of, Illinois Child Support and College Expenses, Illinois Child Support Modification Explained, Urgent and Immediate Necessity In Illinois Child Custody Cases. To learn more about how to modify a child support order, check out our article, Illinois Child Support Modification Explained. *For more court forms, please visit the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website and the Illinois Supreme Court’s website, Privacy Policy       Disclaimer      Legal Holiday Schedule       Rules of the Court       Orders of the Court h�bbd```b``��@$S�du�'��>�d{f���3��0���& �愂H~��\# ɘ��Q��KAl�&ɨ�]̶����U 20̞$�Emad`*���HW�?��[� |�


Illinois Child Relocation Law | When Is A Move Considered Relocation?

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If the language of your child support order does not provide for automatic termination or reduction, then the obligor will have to file a motion to modify child support with the court in order to terminate or reduce child support when a child reaches 18 or graduates from high school. Notes.

Bringing the conversation back to the subject at hand, if a child support order covers multiple children and if the language of the order does not provide that child support is not automatically reduced when one child reaches the age of 18, the obligor will have to file a motion to modify child support to reduce his or her child support payments in light of the fact that one of the children has reached adulthood. You MUST first SAVE or DOWNLOAD each form as a PDF to your computer before you start to fill it out.

%%EOF Use this "flattened" form to e-file.


Learn what to do. ;9�� ����y����

the motion counter for filing court appearances, petitions and payment of court fees.
hޜWmo�8�+�تB�Kl'� NS�箹ɕ�)�〺���G���uLZ\�< ��h�v����o�o�����$�Q��� o ���z�W��|,. How Is Division Of Property Determined In An Illinois Divorce? The date that a child will reach the age of 18 is easy to calculate. This is a general rule that may depend on the language in the order and any prior agreement of the parties that gave rise to the original order. Illinois Legal Aid Online provides a guided interview that will ask you a series of questions related to this topic and then the program will complete the forms for you. However, you can still use the forms as a guide to create your … Motion to Continue . 766 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6E441BEFB9BD3943B7F8D450BB9FB07C><5EA4F5F30C95DB40B8831C44C00C8F92>]/Index[738 50]/Info 737 0 R/Length 127/Prev 205656/Root 739 0 R/Size 788/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Before you e-file any form you have "flattened," open the form to make sure it is not blank and looks the way you want it to look. The following sample forms are available: Information for Law Enforcement on Bond Cards, Petition For Authorization to Issue Bond Certifica, Petition For Authorization To Act As A Civil Suret, Part 20 (Rules) Court-Annexed Civil Mediation, Juvenile Justice&Child Protection Resource Section, Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Unio. Because every family situation is unique, the sample forms below may not fit your circumstances exactly. {����0a��ʞ~�Q}WC��m��of\�vW�����8����i��Fw��Ol�Msn�}g9��p� �h���Ţ��uZ�I3�T�с��$}���He��YFnɽ�p. We will explain how child support works in Illinois.

738 0 obj <> endobj The upshot is that for parents who stand to benefit under the new child support laws a substantial change in circumstances other than the mere passage of the law is required in order to have the new law applied to your pre-2017 child support order. Rather, in order to change child support obligations, the parent seeking to change the obligation must file a motion to modify child support with the court that has jurisdiction over the child support order.


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