William Bonac, $150,000. List of Mr. Olympia 2019 Winners & Runner Ups; Mr. Olympia 2019 Open Division. Roelly Winklaar, 5th Place – $40,000; Dexter Jackson, 4th Place – $45,000; Hadi Choopen, 3rd Place – $100,000; William Bonac, 2nd Place – $150,000; Brandon Curry, 1st Place – $400,000; Special Mention – Patrick Moore ; Mr Olympia 2019 Classic Physique 4. This year Iranian bodybuilder Hadi Choopan wins the 2019 people’s champ title! The official Mr. Olympia 2019 results and score cards. He had won last year’s competition, so all the other athletes were gunning for his throne. Andre Ferguson, $12,000 3. 3. GI Team - September 15, 2019. Tweet on Twitter. Raymont Edmunds, $35,000 2. • Raymont Edmonds won the Men's Physique Olympia title dethroning Brandon Hendrickson. Dexter Jackson, $45,000. Hadi Choopan, $100,000. 2. By. The Olympia 2019 weekend was full of shocks and surprises alongside a set of Olympia champions new and old. Kyron Holden, $8000 Roelly Winklaar, $40,000. Brandon Curry, $400,000. 5. 1. However, when the dust settled, it was Raymont Edmunds who pull the win. Share on Facebook. Mr. Olympia 2019 Results. Brandon Curry made good on his status of 2019 Mr. Olympia favourite on Saturday, winning his first-ever title. Brandon Hendrickson came into the 2019 Mr. Olympia as the man to beat. Mr. Olympia 2019 Results & Prize Money 1. As fast as it started it has come to an end.


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