We take great efforts to make sure that our packing is being properly managed and controlled. ĩ��?�vW��rH�N@��\u�3� �>a�߉;��T����(��Y��H�;�cq�t�iG��~ٙ�E������SW���A�\U�S9;���eI9�s�cOw�Nu=}����F�Uw���Or�QwR� Distributor / Trader : BASP Chemical Products Limited. :1310-73-2 Standard (Chinese Mainland): GB209-2006 H.S. No. Peak Limitation - a maximum or peak airborne concentration of a particular substance determined over the shortest 5 0 obj Chemical Product and Company Identification . Vadodara Pin code no. Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), if discarded or spilled, as well as other wastes generated during use of sodium hydroxide or containing sodium hydroxide may exhibit one or more hazardous waste characteristics under 40 CFR 261.24: D002 – Corrosive. Sodium Hydroxide Flakes CAS No 1310-73-2 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SDS/MSDS . Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) Formula: NaOH CAS No. Product company identification Emergency Contact number: 0413- 2655111-113 Email: chemfabalkalis@drraoholings.com Website: www.chemfabalkalis.com �)3��c��s:>Ӂ]t�;���}taSF9���2������˫4��;�5���R������8Qߗ&���{R 3�}�T�J�w�K>�>��jw��}�����t����j1��?&9_�3t߆���K{(�+��F�{��'VB:6H��K����b��(7��i3k=�1uf~�9$�Z+�������_3fք�r��?�R��r3� cʻ��= c�����c��z�d:�֜tgeO�x�L�>U��t8��;R�ܙ�N�S��)}��8l�B�4���P�t�S~�֏.|m��l���v����w��kJH�x' *��dU��n����{߆?��6���&R�գ}P6��XU�}�k�����]��Z�fF��E����M�kK�[�?��}���gJ�.�K�B[l"'�?���T�����aS�ҥ�ug��|�W��[{�4��2�B��=�\�����������c��ru.�*]��ş�{�s>�r We do not ensure that every batch of caustic soda matches this level. For detailed technical specification, please refer to the following table. Page 6 of 8 MSDS t Caustic Soda Special Remarks on Chronic Effects on Humans: May affect genetic material (mutagenic). 2232681, 2232981 –82, 2232039 Fax No. Special Remarks on other Toxic Effects on Humans: Acute Potential Health Effects: Skin: May be harmful if absorbed thro ugh skin. It is strongly alkaline aqueous solution with alkali all… CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES – MSDS . Chemical Formula : NaOH . Our caustic soda flakes are packed with PE bags with PP woven bags outside, while caustic soda pearls are packed with thick PE bags with PP woven bags outside. Toxic effect on fish, plankton and on sedentary organisms. Material Safety Data Sheet 004.078.2-004.079.0 Caustic soda 7/12 9. Product Identifier: CAUSTIC SODA LIQUID (31.5% and 48%) Caustic soda Solution Sodium hydroxide solution Caustic Soda lye CAS #: 1310-73-2 UN #: 1824 Formula: NaOH Molecular mass: 40.0 g/mol SECTION 1. Revised on 01/19/2015 Page 1 of 6 Safety Data Sheet Sodium Hydroxide, Flake Technical 1. The upper pH limit tolerated by most freshwater fish Revised on 01/19/2015 Page 1 of 6 Safety Data Sheet Sodium Hydroxide, Flake Technical 1. ��i4�f�(�A�l��I�E�$�V����P�n��lG+�c%ǢlR`Q6)�(��X�M*4ʦ�(�A�l��Y,ʦeS��)�l �e��X�w�2�1V`Q6%�(�RX�M)4ʦ�(�A�l��Y,ʦ e���i�Eټ_�1��X���я���i�EٴB�l��4�f�(�!X��,�f(e3���E��V��D@�yE����~�Uh�M�Q6�F�e�X��,�f ������P6�'Q@��K���|i�����}���ȓ�QSw6��t6���_�`����[,���z��Å�D����b7+���7��G���%\�`Ht@\�5$zO$�s˃_[�l�L��>:v�� ItY�# .Kp�F�%8c��>:��E�%. NOTE: Statistics marked in blue is tested result in our laboratory back in Shihezi, Xinjiang, China, dated Dec. 2010. Chemical Name : Hydrogen Peroxide. MVC-MSDS-B-002P/L Safety Data Sheet CAUSTIC SODA Page 4 of 4 Issue Date : 11/15/13 Rev. Tianye Chemicals branded CAUSTIC SODA, manufactured with ion-exchange technology from Asahi Kasei Corporation, Japan, and Bertram equipments from Switzerland, not only enjoys good reputation and price leadership in the caustic soda market in Mainland China, but also exports to more than 70 countries and regions, with especially strong presence in Russia & Central Asia, Middle East and Africa, and ASEAN markets. Product Identifier: CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES (98%) Caustic soda Flake Sodium hydroxide Flakes Caustic Soda Flakes CAS #: 1310 -73 -2 UN # : 1823 Sodium Carbonate CAS #497-19-8, < 1.0% Formula: NaOH Molecular mass: 40.0 g/mol SECTION 1. : 1823 - ION EXCHANGE MEMBRANDE GRADE CAUSTIC SODA - Met EU REACH Compliance - Offer flakes 98MIN & pearls 99MIN Pure anhydrous sodium hydroxide is white translucent, crystalline solid.


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