Sounds intriguing. This is an odd category in that the world is very unexplored, so, on one hand, it has a lot of potential to do things, but, on the other hand, there isn't much previously done to build on.

Previously seen in: Champions of Kamigawa, Betrayers of Kamigawa, and Saviors of Kamigawa.

While one-off portals existed between Rath and Mercadia, Ulgrotha and Dominaria, and Rabiah and Wildfire, the Thran developed a set of portals consistent in design and behavior. Where would you put Ikoria on the Rabiah scale?

Ravnica is about as tied to guilds (aka two-color factions) as any world can be tied to any mechanical component.

Ravnica and Tarkir are almost guaranteed returns at some point, but Rabiah will almost certainly never be returned to again.

For all intents and purposes, Shandalar has no mechanic identity. The Shards of Alara block story wrapped up without any major threads. That complicates a return. I could see a Zendikar book coming out next year sometime, playing off of the metaplot situation after the events of the card set. There's a lot of work needed to flesh it out, but I could see us potentially visiting here one day.

See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews.

I put Shandalar in the same camp I put Regatha, in that I believe the majority of our players simply don't know the name.

Lorwyn was too siloed (the separate creature types didn't work well enough together) for a tribal block and Shadowmoor was too dense (we weren't able to make enough true hybrid designs to fill all the space) for a hybrid block.

See e.g. Hi Mark. This is just going with the planes they have listed on the mothership. Innistrad is a top-down world that captures the feel of the horror genre. In short, I think players wanted to like the Dinosaurs and Pirates (and to a lesser extent the Vampires and Merfolk) more than the sets let them.

This category talks about what story threads were left last time we were there. The fact that it's connected to Chandra, one of our major characters, also helps.

Previously Seen In: Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx, and Magic Origins. It has issues, but space to expand is not one of them.

Unlike Regatha, Shandalar has no tie to the modern story and no main characters linked to it. Rabiah is less "inspired by" Arabia and more literally mentions real-world locations and concepts all the time. Portal: Second Age takes place on Dominaria, specifically on the island of Caliman. Last week, I talked about the vision design of Commander Legends. You can email me or contact me through any of my social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+). It definitely has a distinctive look, but not one that scored well in the market research. Audiences enjoyed the world, but I think a big part of the excitement was us going somewhere new and it being woven into an ongoing story.

The more room for expansion, the easier it will be to return there.

Kaladesh is probably the world where the player reaction to it is most mismatched with what I expected.

Note that this is weighted by how much the audience cares about a certain storyline. Where is it on Rabiah scale currently? Players liked Rabiah at the time, although there wasn't much to judge it against. There's lot of room for the Phyrexians to invade other worlds, less so to revisit the world they've already captured. Shandalar is basically Regatha with less story and character investment. These were later twisted by Yawgmoth to create Phyrexian portals that required the sacrifice of creatures, artifacts or a great deal of magical energy, and lead all across the multiverse. Terms of Use | In the same way, the Rabiah Scale is named for the plane of Rabiah, which will almost certainly never be revisited because it is not Wizards of the Coast's intellectual property. In addition, the theme it's closest to, Gothic horror, was done better on Innistrad, which makes a return unlikely.

Until them, may we return to your favorite plane. The Rath story was so long ago and so instrumental to the Weatherlight Saga that there aren't a lot of threads to follow up on. Hi Mark, Where is Kaladesh on the Rabiah scale? It just came out right after Mirrodin and it's mechanics couldn't beat affinity.) My second Storm Scale column was about the mechanics of Ravnica and Return to Ravnica blocks.

I'm going to be going in alphabetical order. Of all the worlds since we started doing market research, Lorwyn scored the second lowest (ahead of only Kamigawa). I'll have to get to the rest of the planes next week.

I think it's due to the stories were not as well crafted and that the majority of players when asked if they like a plane the old ones are just unknown to the majority of players. The world is a bit of a mess creatively, and any return would require extensive work to make sense of everything.


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