Other UN bodies are a diverse range of topics, enough delegates in the room to speak or stay silent, a variety of countries to work with and many new people to meet. The cues are intuitive so not a lot of time is needed for this step. Your Chairs will return the Position Papers to you with feedback a fortnight before the conference. The following position paper outline is universal, with options to expand in specific sections if you see it is needed. Step 1: Assign a different country to each participant. 2. MUN club activities are an important part of maintaining a Model United Nations team while establishing a positive club atmosphere. The policy outlined in the final section of the Position Paper should show ideas that address the issues outlined in your, associated with the committee topic (as should have been specified in the first paragraph). Sometimes, a Position Paper will need a 4th paragraph of extra supporting material covering additional angles that don’t fit into the main three. – To claim something as true or make a point. Do this within the limits of what your particular committee can do (What you would want to pass a resolution about). 4. Building an argument – An argument is a reason, or set of reasons, aimed at persuading others that an idea or action is right or wrong. Sometimes, the instructions given by the secretariat on how to evaluate Position Papers are clear and uniform. It typically contains four sections: Background of Topic, Past International Actions, Country Policy, and Possible Solutions. This where delegates take turns making speeches in front of the room by the order that they are listed on the Speakers List as selected by the Chair. Access to sustainable energy sources is often connected to social, economic, and environmental issues in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Proposal (Third paragraph): Passing laws that would have localized diseases with body counts that don’t cross the tens of thousands, to be funded by local unions. Delegates:8-15 delegates Level: Advanced While not usually recommended for beginners, Crisis is not inherently an advanced MUN committee. Make this game a surprise. Goal: Getting over the fear of the unknown people in the room. MUN activities help develop the skills Model United Nations teaches and work well alongside MUN theory lectures and simulations. At the beginning of each round ask the question out loud and start the timer. After they answer the basic five questions, direct them to learn about the other components involved in MUN research, such as topic-specific data, recent history, interests. Have each group find facts in the form of numbers to support general statements that you will present. Knowing if the Position Paper will be read only by the Chair or by the delegates should be taken into account when choosing what to write and focus on. A consistent set of topics, enough delegates in the room to speak or stay silent, a variety of countries to work with and many new people to meet. When the three minutes are up, go through the countries one by one. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from the WiseMee team. A few conferences will admit that no one will read the Position Papers, but most will not. Most conferences provide a Background Guide or Topic Synopsis that introduces the topics — read that first. We say viable because it cannot be so outlandish as to be impossible, but it should be something that makes the Chair stop and focus on your paper. When you think about how to start a Position Paper, don’t go for an intense sound-bite. PReP stands for Position, Relation, extra & Proposal, which are the essential parts of every position paper. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015, and aim to provide a blueprint for peace and security for all people and the planet. You practice and gain none of the skills that Model UN professes to teach, unless you are able to learn through observation. Are you wondering how does Model UN work? Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 should be full of these. . Note: When playing Clash in a Bag you will get three types of sentences written by the students: Clash, off clash and facts. Step 1: Separate the students into groups of four or five. After this second minute, the same circle is created and each student introduces, Getting over the fear of the the unknown people in the room. A Position Paper should accomplish three goals: 1. Encourage them to read as naturally as possible. Show your country’s previous relationship with the topic (preferably with relevant examples). Each of these paragraphs should try to have as much unique information as possible that can’t be found in the committee study guide (because everyone in the committee should theoretically know that information). The following article introduces the basic tools to navigate the MUN waters and land on your feet as you begin this exciting journey. Sometimes there are also no awards. (Second paragraph): How Greece doesn’t have the money to spend and how it has local diseases and problems at home. MUN is an amazing extracurricular activity that will teach you about the world, develop new interpersonal skills and connect you with amazing people from all walks of life. If you are a doer and want to help build the MUN, but don’t want to do the MUN part maybe the organization is the place for you. If it is going well, you can continue the game beyond the regular time until you feel that it has run its course. Ask students if what sort of questions they asked,… (check if open-ended or closed questions.. We are always open to improving our list of MUN games and drills so if you have any good Model UN club activities that you use, send them to us and we will add them to our list! In January 2000, for example, over 550 assault rifles, machine guns, grenades, and over two ton of ammunition were seized from peacekeepers in an ambush by Sierra Leonean rebels. Also, their issues would often not find themselves on the agenda of a UN GA. Once the students understand the five things they need to find, answer any clarification questions they might have. 200 delegates), where the Position Paper deadline is the day before the conference. At the end of each 30 second round play a cymbal, ring a gong, sound the church bells, yell or have a timer go off to let the inner circle know they need to quickly get to the chair on their right hand side, while the outer circle should remain put. It is the best opportunity for you to explain your country policy and the key sub-issues you would like the committee to focus on. Together, the class will figure out which statements are on clash and which are not. Good use of facts, with numbers and names properly capitalized, makes an impressive first impression. Once the topic is chosen the discussion moves into debate which has three formats. What is the longitude and latitude of Rabat, Morocco? –         Moderated Caucus – A less formal discussion moderated by the chair where delegates speak on a specific topic. Delegates will face questions such as what type of food assistance is the most appropriate (in-kind food, cash, vouchers, or combination), how to maximize nutritional value, how to ensure access to food in conflict zones, and how to provide long term solutions that support self-resilience. Interested in meeting people or experiencing the conference? 5. Remember that it is not enough to simply throw facts onto the page, they need to be connected to the point you are trying to make. Here you can see the Position Paper is more organized and easier to read. Everyone has to vote. After that I wanted to put more facts in my speeches and write stronger resolutions. Step 4:  Introduce their partners – Have Student 1 Introduce Student 2 then have Student 2  Introduce Student 1. After the United Nations was founded, on October 24th, 1945, the first Model United Nations was held at Swarthmore College on April 5, 1947. Sometimes there are many committees and often at least one of them is not a United Nations committee but rather another international body such as NATO or the European Union. The students can sit in a circle or go in alphabetical order. Step 2: Have all participants stand in the center of the room. Which country/countries do you share borders with? They are also a good way to keep Model UN from becoming too serious. Therefore, your choice of MUN committee should be derived from your own personal MUN goals. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Committee: United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) Topic: Food Security in Refugee Camps. When computers are not allowed you need to be more selective; you cannot print everything on the internet. The participants can discuss whatever they want as long as they use the MUN Rules of Procedure to move the debate along. Have each student read each statement out loud to the group. Feel free to contact us at info@bestdelegate.com. Do they treat them well or poorly? Once you have a few time options offered, ask if there are any seconds. Step 1: Sit the students in a circle and have them read speeches out loud.


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