Hey! How can countries stop people from exploiting and taking advantage of other human beings? How can the world help Libya take steps to resolve its problems? Hi! (UNODC mandates focus primarily on SDG 16). The SDG tracker is a great place to start. Topic 1 – Improving the Coordination of Efforts Against Trafficking in Persons. What most delegates don’t realize though, is that a great way to incorporate the SDGs, while highlighting the real impact MUN can have on the world, is by aligning committees and topics with the 2030 Global Goals.
Thousands of people have died and the conflict does not look like it will end anytime soon. Each delegate will choose one constituent group on which to report. How can we make forest protection a priority? 12 schools will be invited to have a delegation of 4 join this committee. Kick off your opening (or individual committees) with a relevant short video addressing the SDG. If you can notify the agency or NGO and let them know what you are doing, they might be able to suggest additional resources and to share your work into their networks. Debate topics are listed on page 8-9. They are one of the keys to a healthy, stable, and honest democracy. See you in committee!

How can the world become a more accepting place? Hello, I’m Camila Arbe and I’m thrilled to be directing this committee alongside Vania. SPECIALIZED COMMITTEES.

An important part of the work of the Committee will focus on the examination of human rights questions. NYC February Conference Upper Elementary However, countries could create weapons in space to attack other countries or get what they want.


Can’t wait to see you in October! Delegates will be challenged to immediately put in place measures to reduce the tension, de-escalate the conflict and ensure stability in the region, in double-delegation, fast-paced action. Pick one of the SDGs to be your driving theme. It is the central platform for fostering debate and innovative thinking, forging consensus on ways forward, and coordinating efforts to achieve internationally agreed goals. MUN Impact is a registered 501(c)(3) with EIN Tax ID # 46-2648241. Embedding the SDGs into your MUN conference is a relatively simple task. I began to participate in MUN in 2017 and I realized how much I enjoyed and learned from all the experiences I had. Space belongs to all the people of Earth and no country can claim to own anything in space. This means other states will punish the country in a non-violent way.

Add a new or specially themed committee so that all the topics associated with it are linked to the SDG. The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations and make recommendations on them.

Position paper deadline is Monday September 28 at 11:59 p.m. The United Nations was founded to maintain peace among the international community, yet given the amount of ongoing conflicts in the world something must be failing. Normative work to assist States in the ratification and implementation of the relevant international treaties, the development of domestic legislation on drugs, crime and terrorism, and the provision of secretariat and substantive services to the treaty-based and governing bodies.

I am Micaela Vera, I am 18 years old and I study psychology at the Universidad de Lima. They decide what is a danger to peace. NYC March Conference Middle School, Chicago Conference Upper Elementary The most important functions of the FAO are to: Topic 1 – Combatting Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing. There are numerous UN and NGO-driven social media campaigns that you can tap into. Our interconnected world makes it easy to commit crimes from halfway around the world.
Crisis in the Suez. Just to clarify, students should follow the format in our Teacher Manual and use only MLA format for references. My name is Jorge Lazo and I will be your committee director for the United Nations Security Council alongside Carlos Elias and Rodrigo Salazar in the Crisis Room. As a delegate, I have learned that MUN opens your eyes to existing worldwide problems and the fact that we can come up with viable solutions for them.

Por ejemplo, he participado en LiMUN, ILMUNC PERÚ, HNMUNLA etc.

This Committee relates to a range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world. An example might be not buying the country’s products or not allowing a country’s sports teams to compete internationally. Q: Do Opening Speeches also need to be submitted? There have been nuclear weapons in our world for more than 70 years. If a problem becomes bad the Security Council recommends sanctions.

Unfortunately, some people target journalists because they do not like them telling the truth. General Assemblies. Despite the difficult circumstances in which we live right now, we hope everyone has a good time and learns from the discussions in the committee!! After my experience in MUN, I see it as a great opportunity to widen our horizons and learn to use our abilities to contribute our ‘grain of sand’ in initiating change towards a better world, which is what I hope you can achieve after this conference. However, for the last 3 years, the number of hungry people in the world has been increasing. Hi! Typically, you will hear back about corrections needed within 10-14 days after submitting your papers.

– For Postponed Participants Only, 2021 NYC Conference – Dates To Be Announced, Live ONLINE MMUN Teacher Coordinator Course – November, Live ONLINE MMUN Teacher Coordinator Course – January 2021, Live ONLINE MMUN Teacher Coordinator Course – June 2021, Live ONLINE MMUN Teacher Coordinator Course – July 2021, For Already Certified Coordinators: Upcoming Drill Down “Mini-Courses”, Decision Making Stages During Conferences, Download the 2020 NYC Feb. Conference Upper Elementary Matrix, Committees and Topics PDF, Download the 2020 NYC March Conference Upper Elementary Matrix, Committees and Topics PDF, Download the 2020 Chicago Conference Upper Elementary Matrix, Committees and Topics PDF, Download the 2020 Chicago Conference Middle School Matrix, Committees and Topics PDF, Download the 2020 Rome Conference Upper Elementary Matrix, Committees and Topics PDF, Download the 2020 Rome Conference Middle School Matrix, Committees and Topics, Promote the common welfare and raising levels of nutrition and standards of living of the people around the world, Improving the production and distribution of all food and agricultural products, Improving the condition of rural populations, Contributing to an expanding world economy. If you have multiple committees, and multiple issues within those committees, make a plan to have at least ONE debate topic related to the theme per committee. How can countries work together to stop this problem? Conflicts such as the Korean Civil War and the Iranian Civil war back in 2011 have demonstrated the fragility that some states have, and how crucial the role of intervention is. Hi, my name is Magda Núñez and I’m very excited to be a part of CasMUN 2020. Topic 1 – Nuclear Disarmament. This group helps peace in several ways. Most SDG targets are driven by data, so ensure that you are including links to data-driven resources. Research and analytical work to increase knowledge and understanding of drugs and crime issues and expand the evidence base for policy and operational decisions.


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