Both sound very good to my ears. I'm absolutely hooked on Newtone Double Wound Mediums for my D-18GE. There've been a number of discussions about Newtone strings here, mostly very positive. It turns out that shipping to the U.S., even with the VAT removed, is more expensive than buying in the UK (where shipping is free) and just eating the VAT, so I'll just pick them up in England next month when I'm there. The recommended way to string a guitar/bass.

These Electro-Acoustic strings feature a Nickel wound 3rd, whilst the rest of the wound strings are Phosphor Bronze with all being on Round Cores.

This compares with $11.99 from An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings. on a gig, ever.”. They are cheaper from Strings Direct, in the UK, than from Malcolm direct.

At Newtone Strings, we put an optimum amount of time and effort into each string to help benefit our customers, catering for a wide selection of instruments and specific styles of playing. I've used their archtop strings, which are also double wrapped on a round core. Whilst the Nickel is brighter than Phosphor bronze, it is less so than the plain strings.

Availability: made to order, up to 14 days. Newtone Strings and our ‘exclusive’ use of Round cores? I tried out the Heritage strings (.012-.051) on my rosewood 00. .009 .011 I like to try different strings, just for the h*ll of it, but I always come back to Newtone Master Class strings - they are clearly my favorite. If out of stock, back orders take around 14 days. Just love them and - to my ears - they get the very best out of my OM28 Marquis tonewise and give greater ease of playing fingerstyle than. And no shipping charges. I use the Masterclass PB (56's) on my rosewood dread and love them.
I want to try Newtone strings, but need to cut excess string off before I tune the strings up to pitch. My guitar seems to prefer that I vary between different string brands. Will post at the time to take orders, if anyone's interested. I'm sure Malcolm Newton would comment on Masterclass tensions - you can contact him via his site. never had a dull set; but i would think that no matter. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our.

I have also used the Master Class PB for years. voice has dropped in pitch over time, these strings could be the answer to your prayers! If I finger picked exclusively, I'd use these a lot - although it is a little frustrating (for me) to wait until the PB overtones to calm. The Newtone Double Wounds are one of my two favourite strings, mainly because of less string noise than strings with thicker windings.

This brings out a warmth and

Gauge: Custom, .014-.066, .015-.068, .016-.070. Master Class Wound Single strings £ 1.67 – £ 5.00 Select options; Nick Harper Signature Master Class Strings £ 9.42 £ 9.42 excluding 20% vat Add to basket; Django Series £ 7.91 – £ 8.42 Select options

I don't know why, but I wouldn't want to have porridge for dinner every day.

I believe these are roundcore strings .. as such they should fret more easily?

The recommended way to string a guitar/bass. More recently I've started using the Heritage range on a couple of my guitars. I tune my guitar i like them alot.

Registered Member.

I sure wish I knew what you all was hearing with them newtones..I tried a set..ripped em back off after a few days...The newtones are too high tension a string for me. I'm not a fan of PB strings, but after a week of break-in I liked these very much for fingerstyle. finally settled on these strings. This is (for example) £4.99 for any of the "basic" strings, which works out to $7.40 or so at today's exchange rate. i use heritage strings almost exclusively now.

Or maybe if your

I still prefer the SP's on hog, though.

Martin D-18 Authentic / Blackbird Super OM / Fender Telecaster. ... Master Class Acoustic 6 string

Material: 80/20 Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel plated Steel Newtone Strings and our ‘exclusive’ use of Round cores? Thanks, Roger. WaveRay. Dr. Thomastik Plectrum are even better than the Newtones with respect to string noise, because they are flat wound, except for the sixth string which is round wound. A friend of mine also started to rave about them to me, so, since I'm going to be in the UK next month where I can pick them up comparatively inexpensively, I thought I'd experiment a bit. I obviously need to visit Malcolm's site - didn't know about the double wrapped ones - interesting. Masterclass Strings. I've used Newtones exclusively for years. I'm going to England on Monday, and if we order from Strings Direct and get more than ten sets (total--of any strings) the price comes down to the lowest amount. CUSTOM, .009-042, .010-046, .011-050, .011-052, .012-.052, .012-054, .012-056, .013-056. WaveRay. I did not know they made double wrapped bronze strings...I will have to check them out.

3,139 15.

In my experience, though, they are high quality strings and I would give them a shot. Master Class Phosphor Bronze strings are the flagship set of the Newtone line: the round-core construction offers a fuller bass and rounder tone and noticeably lower tension than conventional mass-produced hex-core strings.. A truly hand-made string using only pure Phosphor Bronze windings that is consistently true and balanced.

Will this ruin them or anything?

To be tuned a Whole Tone below standard pitch, or lower “We (me and the Newtone guys) spent a long time trying different tensions and gauges, until I finally settled on these strings. I now use the Master Class virtually exclusively, in 80/20, - I use the 12 -54s and slightly lighter right through 12 -52s - on Gibson round shoulders. “We (me and the Newtone guys) spent a long time trying different tensions and gauges, until I

There for there is a gradual increase in brightness, rather than a jump from the wound to plain strings.

They are super-heavy, especially for low tunings. Master Class series, Phosphor Bronze handwound over Round cores, featuring unique Core to wrap ratios.

The advantage of having a Nickel wound 3rd is the improved tonal transition from the Phosphor Bronze to the plain 2nd and 1st strings when strummed. To be tuned a Whole Tone below standard pitch, or lower

They are great for me.

Sheehans in Leicester stock 'em in the shop.

I like to try different strings, just for the h*ll of it, but I always come back to Newtone Master Class strings - they are clearly my favorite.

a tone below concert pitch, and quite often much lower than that. Does anyone know the string tensions on the Newtone Masterclass ..both the PBs and the 80/20s? I love them, though this is in a jazz context on an archtop.

BTW - he is great to chat to - and perfectly happy to discuss your questions.

OK, as threatened last month, I'm going to be organizing a group buy of these. Master Class series, Phosphor Bronze handwound over Round cores, featuring unique Core to wrap ratios.

All aspects of each string can be customised. because of the heavy gauge and low tension (floppyness) I have never broken one of these strings
Yes, it's Strings Direct that I saw as offering terrific prices, and even better if you order in sets of 5 or 10. And they do ship to the U.S., which would mean that VAT gets taken off as well--I've e-mailed to ask about their shipping prices to America.

Master Class 6 string Acoustic Guitar sets, featuring a Round core and available with a choice of wrapping material: Phosphor Bronze, 80/20 Bronze and Nickel. character completely different to the usual twangy steel-string guitar tone.

They are super-heavy, especially for low tunings.

He just seems to love making strings!

I haven't tried the Heritage range, but two friends who have report that they sound really good, to them, on their guitars (one an old Parlour, and one an 016-NY, I believe). And Here in the states, Maury's Music of Pennsylvania sells them at a decent price, especially for several sets.


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