This may be due to different effects of vitamin K(1) (phylloquinone) and vitamin K(2) (menaquinone, MK), but few studies included both. (15-19)  The other form of Vitamin K, namely the K1 form, is not effective, however. : The Nightshades, Ill Health, Aging, and Shorter Life, high calcium score in your coronary arteries, Gluten Sensitivity and Autoimmune Disease. While nightshade vegetables are not toxic and are tolerated well by most people, they do contain high levels of alkaloids, which appear to worsen inflammation in some people. You can find nightshades in sneaky places, such as capsaicin creams, spice blends, or potato starch thickeners. Many people with inflammatory types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) do report a worsening of symptoms such as joint pain and swelling after consuming nightshades. Sandon agrees: “If these foods really seem to increase symptoms, avoid them and replace them with other sources of key nutrients.” A registered dietician can offer suggestions on healthy substitutes. Stomach and digestive symptoms may also occur. A buildup of cholinesterase inhibiting glycoalkaloids and steroids from consumption and/or use (tobacco) of the nightshades and from other sources such as caffeine and some pesticides (organophosphates and carbamates) may cause inflammation, muscle spasms, pain, and stiffness. If not that’s good too. Gracias desde ARGENTINA.

Childers, Ph.D.1,2, and M.S. There are two kinds of arthritis risk factors: the kind you can control and the kind you can’t. (TrueNorth is doing it) I could give a shit about your medical model thinking and the ‘obviously her body/systems changed’ …of course something has changed in you and her ..therefore try something new , different like I mention. The best way to rid your joints of the awful pain and inflammation accompanied by arthritis is to brim your diet with a rich assortment of green, red, yellow and orange foods. Research reveals that consuming foods that contain rich amounts of beta-cryptoxanthin aids in reducing the risk factors that contribute to the development of several inflammatory diseases, particularly rheumatoid arthritis. It’s one of nutrition’s biggest battles … do nightshade vegetables cause arthritis? You can enjoy these vegetables to make delicious soups, sauces and casserole meals. It is often difficult to convince some people to give it a try. My knowledge about autoimmunity is lacking? In this corner, we have the Arthritis Nightshades Research Foundation, which believes nightshade vegetables—tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, chili peppers (and tobacco leaf)—are directly responsible for causing arthritis. Gast GC, de Roos NM, Sluijs I, Bots ML, Beulens JW, Geleijnse JM, Witteman JC, Grobbee DE, Peeters PH, van der Schouw YT.Source Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht, 3508 GA Utrecht, The Netherlands.

With regard to something being ok for years, and then all of a sudden not ok–I took penecillin all my childhood for my many ear infections, etc. So, should one avoid nightshade vegetables all together? Think papito…just a bit now…if you can take those douchey blinders off for just a moment, about what I have commented on. The presence of antioxidants, water, and vitamins in pigmented potatoes (such as purple or yellow ones) actually has an anti-inflammatory effect. Allium vegetables, such as shallots, onions, leeks and garlic, are succulently pungent and brimming with quercetin, a highly beneficial and powerful antioxidant.


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