When you do finally see them, that makes it even more special. Wir haben nicht das Licht sehe aber so ist niemand hat er nichts auszusetzen. The lights appear so frequently above Fairbanks that people staying at least three nights — and actively keep their eyes peeled for the lights — increase their chances of seeing the aurora by 90 percent. Diese Version unserer Website wendet sich an Deutschsprachige Reisende in Deutschland.

(Earth’s atmosphere reaches 300 miles high.). Dann sie bringen Sie zu einem betrachten Lodge, das ist auch perfekt, denn wenn es zu kalt war, Sie können sich hier von innen zu wärmen wir Sie auf, bevor wir wieder zurück nach draußen für eine neue Runde der Aurora borealis betrachten. ! Alaska Northern Lights Tour has an evening of viewing Aurora and Native Culture Show at a remote Lodge with an excellent view of Northern Skies. Als ich hereinkam die Lodge und die Tür offen, dass Frau angestarrt an mich an der Geringschätzung, und mir befohlen hatte, " hey, nahe, die Tür! " Dates: February 27-March 5, 2022  Sunday at 2 pm – Saturday am, Cost: $4099 double occupancy, $600 single supplement. Die Northern Lights kommen und gehen nach ein paar Minuten. Fairbanks, AK 99701-4806 Click on place names to see how the chances of seeing the midnight sun differ based on location. This time can be used for editing images or photographing the area . You might be sharing the remote lookout point with other cars, but otherwise it’s just you and the great outdoors. They are for places where there is snow part of the winter not where there is heavy snow all winter.

The Aurora Tracker is a one-of-a-kind tool for predicting the chances of seeing the northern lights during Aurora Season, August 21 - April 21 if traveling or in the Fairbanks, Alaska area. Es gibt auch einige Snacks und warme Getränke, so, das war auch perfekt. mehr. Each winter we have tourist who rent car rentals and try to drive the Chena Hot Springs road that our lodge is located on. Fairbanks is ideally located under the “Auroral Oval,” a ring-shaped zone over the far north where aurora activity is at its highest.

The color is also affected by altitude, since the ions collide with different gases, depending on the elevation above Earth.

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Turn off headlights to minimize light pollution when parked at viewpoints. in einem einzigartigen Ort, an dem das Wetter ist anders, als in Fairbanks wenn es bewölkt ist es in Fairbanks ist deutlich in der Ranch. Unfortunately, it takes more than a clear day to be certain of spotting aurora activity. The aurora originates on the surface of the sun, when solar activity produces a gas cloud called a coronal mass ejection (CME). Ben war der Besitzer und auch unser Führer. Strictly speaking, for viewing purposes only and not photography, it is better to have less moonlight than more. Seeing them will make it a whole lot better. From here, you’ll be able to enjoy a 360-degree horizon with unobstructed views of the valley below and, of course, the sky above. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Creamer's offers wide open fields and wooded trails easily accessible on a well-maintained, paved road.

But regardless of solar activity, if the skies are cloudy you won’t even be seeing stars, much less the northern lights.


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