Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. Band of Brothers The Crown Victoria 11.22.63 Feud. Video. Jared Harris as Valery Legasov, from the HBO mini series Chernobyl. Something none of us has had time to talk about while wondering if the president were mounting a coup was this plain fact: Trump won the white vote, and lost. What damage will be done to the environment? Just when we need to use science and technology to deal with the impact of massive changes to our weather and climate, our politicians are reducing funding and turning their backs on science. I was a kid when I heard about Chernobyl. The current narrative around big tech is a perfect example of the thinking captured in these sentences. Our lives are like the waves. What is the cost of lies? Filter by post type. What else is left but to abandon even the hope of truth and content ourselves instead with stories? Boris Johnson has been caught out lying time and time again, this used to matter – now people regard lying as the only political skill worth having. We will leave you with one final quote from the HBO’s magnificent mini-series about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster – a show not really about a nuclear explosion but about an all too human aversion towards truth. Take climate change as an example. Both the Roman Empire and the British Empire came to an end as a result of famine and droughts. Like you, we believe in the power of progressive journalism — and we’re investing in investigative reporting as other publications give it the ax. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists the post EPA releases were also vetted by Bush’s National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.

What is the cost of lies? Fee-only: Advisors are only compensated by clients and do not receive and product-specific commissions. Cost of Sales Accounting. Click to learn more. The probe found that local officials “ordered weddings to go ahead on the day of the accident, despite a shower of radioactivity, to persuade people that nothing was amiss.”, Three days after the 9/11 attack it was former New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman, then head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who told reporters that  “the good news continues to be that air samples we have taken have all been at levels that cause us no concern.”. It would take a few years for the idea that the danger had not passed to sink in as thousands began to become sick and die from their exposure to the unique cocktail of abrasive toxins released by the collapse and fires that followed. There were also 29 public schools in the zone as well as some colleges. Raw Story is independent. We know that the whole apparatus of law, society, and the concept of civility is nothing but a farce. One of President Donald Trump's senior legal advisers demanded that Joe Biden "prove" he won the election, and she was subjected to mockery and disdain. Jared Harris as Valery Legasov, from the HBO mini series Chernobyl.

The quote is out of context in the way I show, and truly, you must experience the entire series to really know the value of the lesson,  ideal ethos we all need to collectively aspire to. Turn on javascript (or enable it for Fark) for a better user experience. To make a party or a state happy, seem perfect and disciplined. According to the World Trade Center Health Program 10,000 first responders and 9/11 survivors have already been diagnosed with cancers that have been linked to WTC toxic air exposures. It’s not that we’ll mistake them for the truth. We’ve exposed billionaire tax evasion and uncovered White House efforts to poison our water. This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. Imagine that first grader as an 18-year-old, being diagnosed with cancer because they were told they could go back to school. And we will protect and defend that document regardless of personal price. The real impact was felt among those in Europe, side effects lasting til this very own day. Fee-only financial advisors can structure their fees in one of several ways, including hourly rates, flat fees, a percentage of assets, or a retainer. And when the EPA’s Inspector General tried to divine who had actually written the press releases they “were unable to identify any EPA official who claimed ownership” because investigators were told by the EPA Chief of Staff  that “the ownership was joint ownership between EPA and the White House” and that “final approval came from the White House.”. What else is left but to abandon even the hope of truth and content ourselves instead with stories?

Are most content to choose from favourite stories instead? All posts. It is easy to see the appeal of lies – they are simple and require little effort, they give us the stories we want and crucially someone to blame.

In 2016 Whitman told the Guardian she was “very sorry that people are dying and if the EPA and I in any way contributed to that, I’m sorry. And this mentality continues on both Communist and Democratic nations. But I hate being called a liar when I´m telling the perfect truth.”, “People would rather live in a community with unreasonable claims, than face loneliness with their truth”, “Perception is reality to the one in the experience.”, “A story is not always a lie," said Tristan. And yet so much was done to hide the realities. "If Joe Biden is really confident he won legally and legitimately," Ellis tweeted, "why is he so afraid of proving it?". In each instance, it was an overriding concern for the economy, markets, and national image that motivated political leaders to betray the public trust with deadly consequences for the citizens who that believed their pronouncements. Where I once would fear the cost of truth, now I only ask: What is the cost of lies? Waves surging and receding, without end. Source: S1.Ep1: 1:23:45. We do not take an oath to an individual, a country, a tribe or religion. I am a marvelous liar.
Jenna Ellis, who's been advising the president's campaign on legal matters, tweeted out a suggestion that Biden was uncertain whether the election had been legitimately decided, as Trump's attorneys file various lawsuits challenging the legality of the vote counts. This article was originally published at The Editorial Board. That number is expected to spike to 25,000 by 2025. Soon your father’s body will be a silent corpse. You won’t find mainstream media bias here. In an iconic moment at the very end of this mini series, the above quote is told to us the viewer as a way to give cinematic closure to one of the most horrific events in human life. The FDNY, which lost 343 the day of the attack has now lost close to 200 Firefighters and Fire Officers to WTC related cancers and other diseases. Javascript is required to view headlines in widget. A study found that 88% of their Facebook adverts were either willfully misleading or outright lies. Text. And then Fukushima came. The sad part is that, in a decade or two, the same so-called leaders choosing this path will leave a dying planet for their grandchildren.


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