Since it was built to handle the tension of steel strings, why would using nylon on occasion be bad? Beginning players who have not yet developed strong fingertips, or those who simply don’t want to deal with pain while playing, might find going nylon to be ideal for them. December 2011 There are two main types out there: steel-stringed and classical nylon-stringed; each one has its advantages and disadvantages. For a while anyway. January 2011 The reverse also applies. If you want to do those things YOU NEED AN ELECTRIC GUITAR. as a complete novice on anything with strings, a tiny frame and desk-job soft hands, this was a great help! May 2020 Steel String Guitar vs Nylon Conclusion. February 2018 February 2019 That groove makes reaching the highest frets even easier, and most nylon guitars simply do not possess it. A guitar with correct neck relief and good action, strung with light gauge strings is the starting point for sure. Unlike steel strings, nylon sets usually have three wound strings (known as basses) and three plain strings (called trebles). Then, you should be more than ready to make your final decision. July 2011 If you’re the soft, romantic type, and want a gentle sound to create an exotic atmosphere, then perhaps the more classical nylon-stringed guitar is best for you. Also, while it is true that steel strings detune less, that is NOT the case early on. So if a particular diameter is rougher on your fingers when playing the choosing a lighter gauge would prove to be easier to play. May 2019 February 2013 Second, many classical guitars, the best ones, can be as loud as any steel string and because nylon has a faster attack than steel, can sound punchier (I have both, I’ve done the test, thank you). March 2013 July 2019 thanks! March 2019 Steel strings create more tension thus producing a louder and brighter sound. Both have advantages and disadvantages relative to the music you're playing. Gandalf or Dumbledore: Who is the Better Wizard? From that person's perspective, sorry but I don't agree that steel strings will not hurt your fingers regardless of how "good" a steel string guitar may be. April 2019 February 2014 Lump Sum, Coolest Cat: Siamese vs. Tonkinese (Tonkinois). October 2015 April 2013 October 2014 When it comes to guitar strings, there is definitely a significant difference between steel and nylon strings. August 2013 These are pieces of steel, and you need to press down on them hard, in order to properly play them. on Steel-String Guitar vs. Nylon-String Guitar, Guitar Hero: Six-String Guitars Vs. Twelve-String Guitars, Carpet Decisions: Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet, Battle of the Bands: Tool Vs. A Perfect Circle,, Also, nylon strings are very soft and gentle on the player’s fingers, risking no blisters and required no calloused fingers to play effectively. But the question remains: what kind of guitar? You can get cheap models of both guitars for well under $100, or you can spend thousands of dollars on something incredibly beautiful and exquisite. Steel strings are louder and brighter when it comes to tone. However, as mentioned above, it does have a larger diameter when compared to nylon strings. November 2016 Expect to keep tuning and retuning several times over, until the strings settle. Gene. Doing so can be therapeutic, relaxing, and could potentially open the gateway to a brand-new line of work, if you turn out to be quite talented at it. Therefore, it is important that you never swap strings and make your choice early on. January 2016 New steel strings will detune very easily the first few times they’re played. Either way, the neck is long enough, and the body low enough, to allow for easier soloing and other high-fret work. August 2014 Also, the construction and woods used on a guitar changes everything. November 2013 April 2016 Third, what is “popular music?” If you mean Anglo-Saxon popular music, then steel dominates; but in the rest of the world, popular music with guitar almost always involve nylon. From what I know it's hit or miss on those guitars. If you're going to be a serious guitarist you really need a steel string and a nylon string guitar. Don’t buy a classical nylon-string guitar if you just want to play the latest pop smashes. June 2016 My first decent guitar however was a Harmony nylon string that served pretty well for a few years. Unfortunately, most of the cheap ones were pretty awful - plywood, with really bad action, rough frets and thick, baseball bat-like necks. October 2019 There are two basic types of acoustic guitars. Classic guitars would suffer expensive damages due to tension that will eventually crate a weaker bridge and soundboard on it. Find both a nylon and a steel-string guitar, and find out which one fits your body right, which one feels best on your fingers, and which one brings out the musician in you. Nylon string guitars with spruce tops (vs cedar) have a decent amount of projection but to a certain degree the amount of projection and clarity has as much to do with good playing technique as anything else. May 2015 Hi Ed - yes, I know some people still do use Harmony guitars, the Sovereign still has fans and the one that is 000 size (model name escapes me right now). The reason for this is both sound and volume. September 2015 You're already familiar with the steel-string acoustic guitars, and you know that they sound great for Country strumming. December 2013 November 2015 December 2010 October 2013 So nylon strings create less tension/stress on the neck and body of a guitar? Nylon Strings Nylon is great for mellow music and romantic melodies but, if your goal is to be the next Van Halen, you have little choice but to invest in a steel-stringed guitar. February 2012 November 2012 These would be the nylon stringed ones, which are also often referred to as classic, and the steel stringed guitar. The body might be smaller, but it’s also higher up on the neck, usually beginning at the 12th fret, as opposed to the bodies of most steel-string guitars, which begin at the 14th fret. "Difference Between Steel and Nylon Strings." Steel vs Nylon Strings. September 2011 Well, this is because they require less in order to produce a tone. If you don’t like to tune your guitar all that much, a steel-string guitar can mean less time tuning, and more time playing. Personally, (as far as acoustic guitars are concerned) I like nylon-stringed guitars better because it’s much easier to play solos and advanced techniques on them than on a steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and they have a soothing sound. Yes, steel strings require more strength to press down than nylon but when you factor in the narrower neck (classical guitars are typically 2 inches wide at the nut, or more; steel string guitars … Great reply mate,, if you wana rock out just use a electric guitar,, and also metal strings are so hard to play bar chords on the acoustic guitar. A good nylon string guitar will be plenty loud and able to project. These types of strings are often used by flamenco and classical musicians. If he or she does, then QUIT playing. September 2013 August 2020 February 2016 September 2012 First, steel-string acoustics come in many sizes, including sizes which are actually smaller (like the Parlor) than any classical or nylon string guitar.


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