Granny’s awesome realm traveling diner takes the heroes to Camelot where they find a newly inducted Emma struggling to keep Rumpel, and by extension the Darkness, out of her mind. He disappears.

He’s here to stop him from making the mistake of resurrecting Cruella because he also apparently doesn’t realize how much the show improves when you have someone like Victoria Smurfit in the cast. Liam calls him a demon and he says he’s a God, lord of the underworld. Emma sits Killian down to check on his wounds and he says Hades knocked the handsome out of him. GH Couple Switch Coming – Bye Bye Ned, Olivia & Robert Bring Fun And Adventure! When Liam gets papers from the navy — his dream and his golden ticket off Captain Silver’s wretched ship — he gives it up for his brother, who has been goaded into his weakness of drinking by Captain Silver. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, Watch Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15 Online, Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes. Cruella says mommy needs to unwind. What the hell could HE be doing with unfinished business?

David makes Snow hide so he can play pretend, and soon realizes he might be a bit out of his depth. In flashbacks, the bond between the two young Jones brothers is tested and strengthened on a merchant ship heading into a dangerous storm.”. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, King Arthur shows up and helps Hook find out about Hades' weakness. Kelly Monaco Responds to Pregnancy Rumors. I’d be on board.) He shows them they found the author’s pen. The Apprentice says he should only record the stories, not change them. The Apprentice says he can’t move on until Henry makes the right choice.

He says deliver it to the king and he’ll give him anything he wants and his dreams can come true. She’s all over him and says he’s usually more enthusiastic when she comes to visit him. She says she can’t wait til they meet and says it will be a hell of a reunion. What IS Hades hiding? What does Hades want?

David gets mad and she says there’s the damage. But make mine whiskey. Copyright 2008 © - Celeb Dirty Laundry ™ part of the MLRP Media Group -- New Server, Robyn Good & Annemarie LeBlanc - Owners and Editors-In-Chief, Tyler Christopher Returns to Work – ‘Ready to Start Over Again’ in Hollywood After Near-Death Experience. Killian asks if it’s true and Liam says he had to do it to save them. Final Sacrifice: When Hades tries to send Hook off a cliff, Liam volunteers himself instead. On Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15, while trying to find a way home, Hook and Emma come upon his brother, Liam and Henry takes matters into his own hands. He says Liam was able to move on after he came clean about his past actions. Unfortunately, Liam’s accosted by a dead Captain Silver and the rest of his crew right at this moment, and Hook realizes Emma has been right.

A determined Cruella is driving through hell, looking for the quill with Henry. She says he’s hiding something but Killian disagrees and says he knows his brother. That ultimately leads to a wishing fountain outside the library, where Henry apparently once wished that his family could be reunited; shortly after, Hook showed up to find Emma in the Season 3B premiere. Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 27, season 5 episode 15 called, “The Brothers Jones” and we have your weekly recap below.

Meanwhile, Emma is trying to take care of Hook.

Mary says she kissed him and it was a mistake.

Henry, apparently. Just you wait.). Henry then gives a cornball-tastic speech to “the people of New York,” encouraging them to “bring magic back” or some such thing. They tell Captain Silver he’s aiming into the storm and he says let the officers worry about navigation.

cargo aboard this ship.

She says Hook thinks the same thing and she says Killian hasn’t forgive himself – she says been there, done that.

What unfinished business does the Apprentice have down here? A surprise visit from Hook’s departed brother Liam just might provide the lead they were looking for — others who have tried to overthrow Hades spoke of a book that contained the key to his downfall. Later, Hook discovers Emma was right.

Henry says he wants to be a hero. Liam says he came clean and can go.

Liam thinks hard. Regina and Emma, meanwhile, are sharing a moment at Granny’s when Regina actually tells Emma she’s too good for Hook. He says a lot has happened between them. Hades shows up soon afterward, when Liam is alone, and introduces himself by showing off his cool blue hair. He pulls out the pages that came out of the book. Are Gillian and David A Couple?

With Zelena.

Emma calls him self-righteous. Not a bad deal, all things considered. Who's Dating, Who's Married, Who's In Love. Regina and Emma follow in pursuit, as does Rumple, who needs the crystal to have any hope of waking Belle. Cruella reveals that James spent his whole life wondering why their mother picked David over him. They wonder why he’s heading into a hurricane. Take Our Poll, BBC's Panorama & PBS's Frontline Team For Podcast 'I'm Not A…, Ivy League First to Cancel Winter Sports, Including Basketball, 'Tiger' Trailer: HBO Documentary Will Examine the Highs and Lows…, China Finally Sends Congratulations to U.S. President-Elect Joe…, Skip the Doctor's Office and Soothe Sore Spots With Fast-Acting…, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC.

David sits down with him and asks what he’s thinking about.

Liam says Hades has everything rigged down here and talks about needing a storybook to defeat him. The fact is, I wasn't high enough. In the wake of Regina losing Robin Hood, and after eavesdropping on his moms, Henry comes to fear that Regina may return to her Evil Queen ways, so he uses his power as the Author to steal the Olympus Crystal from Rumple and enlists Violet to join him on a quest (but with a bus).


Liam says he found it. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "Once Upon a Time (2011)" Season 5 Episode 15 SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Liam says they’re survivors of the Tempest. The fact is, I wasn't high enough. He leafs through them. What a noble thing to do. The Navy man says they got what they deserved if they went after the gem. No, because I already know you're not good enough.

No wonder he’s president of the Rumple fan club. By Amanda Bell ... Once Upon a Time Season 7 Photos. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF “SOULS OF THE DEPARTED” WITHOUT SIGNING IN! One popular soap alum recently shared some exciting... Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Week of November 16 – Tripp Begs Allie – Rolf Helps Gwen – Sarah Catches Ava – Belle & Shawn Wedding. Liam says he’s going after the cursed stone – the eye of the storm – it’s a sapphire he’s searching for to give to the king. Henry shows up and they tell him they’re searching for the book. Henry says please don’t make this a lesson.

About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. They look for the key and Snow finds one that looks the one the Sorcerer said. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Meanwhile, Hades (Greg Germann) redoubles his efforts to trap everyone in the Underworld by playing them against one another. Henry says Cruella wanted him to bring her back to life. He says – I’m sorry brother. to overthrow Hades before. Emma quickly realizes he means the Once Upon a Time storybook, and since everything down here has a parallel, there should be a copy hidden somewhere.

What’s not a noble thing to do?

Cruella says James spent his whole life and death wondering why David instead. The show is mostly about Ruby/Red this week, but Kathryn's disappearance is still on the table too. He says he relished being dark again and was weak. He says it’s her fault that Killian is down there. in the King's Navy, hmm?

(Robert Carlyle).

They’re interrupted by Cruella, who sashays in looking for her lover because apparently THAT’S a thing down here. Or Was His Egg-Gobbling Innocent…, Fox Sets January Premieres for 9-1-1, Resident, Miranda Remake and…. And then a proud life Once he does, Poole shows up and turns the doctor into Hyde, who then injects himself with the serum, splitting him into individual people — Sam Witwer and Hank Harris. He stands to leave then Henry says wait.

Liam says tell Emma he’s sorry and says she wants what’s best for him. This Sunday on the Once Upon a Time Season 5 finale, Henry’s quest to destroy magic had far-reaching, unexpected consequences — unleashing a new threat upon … They’re found by the king’s navy, and Liam shows them the precious stone, which is enough for them to get an offer on the spot for commission on his ship. He says he wants the souls Liam is trying to save.

Liam finds the Once book in a case. There in the Land of Untold Stories, Rumple confronts Hyde, wanting his wife back. Okay, that’s not true. Hyde says he has information on how to wake Belle, so let’s make a deal…. Jax Feels Guilty – Comes Clean To Nina About Nelle?

He rips them out and shoves them in his pocket.


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