Once fully mixed, form a taught ball of dough, let rest 30 minutes before adding salt. Finish by folding the top down halfway and then the bottom over the top forming a square in the end.

Glad to hear that it helps.Happy baking :). Please refer to the method in 1st attempt. What does this step do?Lamination - Lightly mist the counter top with water and wet your hand. The ingredients and instructions in this recipe can help you achieve a tender and relatively open crumb in a beautiful artisan style, naturally leavened whole wheat bread. I should try this next time.Happy baking and cheers :). Thank you also to Full Proof Baking for the detailed video on, This recipe is quite high hydration and maybe difficult to handle for beginner. Sorry for confusion.Cheers :). Did you mean first attempt? Warm ambient temperature will contribute to a shorter fermentation time while a cooler room will extend fermentation time.

King Arthur Baking Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

If too much water is added to a dough, I find it results in a loaf that's almost too soft, and too much mixing is required to ensure an adequate rise in the oven. I typically use flour in the 11% to 13% protein range, and usually at the lower end of that spectrum (for reference, King Arthur all-purpose has 11.7% protein). Thanks for sharing using cold water for feeding the starter. hello ! I am not sure because I am a beginner. Perform the last set of stretch and folds.

Hi!May I know what is the size of your dutch oven?Thanks. Whole wheat flour and wholemeal flour are two difference type of flour.Wholemeal flour is flour sifted through screens and at the end a certain percentage of bran is added back into it. If you push the proof too far, the dough structure begins to degrade as the acidity in the dough builds, weakening the gluten. That said, if you have a schedule that results in a healthy and active starter, stick with it! I feel like when I do this sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s possible to achieve an open crumb by mixing with your hands or a mechanical mixer; you can have a light loaf of bread with a stiff preferment or a liquid version; and you can choose to proof your dough at room temperature or in the fridge overnight. Again, the more water in the dough, the more strengthening you'll have to do to ensure it traps gasses and retains structure. Maurizio's passion for baking ensures his hands are in dough just about every day. Baking in an oval (batard) shape can give you a slightly more open interior than a round (boule) shape. I think the thinner, longer shape also allows more of the oven's heat to promote expansion and rise: think about a long, thin baguette versus a thick and large miche. The dough should be puffy, light, and soft-textured. For more tips on preshaping, see my preshaping guide. Hi there,Thank you for asking. Add water to flour mix and stir until there is no more dry flour remaining.

Autolyse (2-4 hours)This is a pre-soak of flour and water to jump-start gluten development and increase dough extensibility which can be great for maximizing open crumb in the final loaf of bread. Pull from centre out to form a rectangle shape. I followed the recipe and method done by Full Proof Baking as the link I shared on the above post. A Blog about my baking and cooking adventures and my discovery of healthy home recipes. TIA , Hi there,Thank you for asking. Thank you :), Hi, thank you for trying this recipe and your comment.

The takeaway: Put your bread in the oven to bake once it's risen about 75% to 80% of its full height during final proof. (25x3), Hi, Need only 65g of levain. Will appreciate any advice, thanks so much. Hi there, thank you for asking.

Hi, for the sourdough starter recipe ..why need to keep so many different days of discard dough in freezer and how to use them? An appropriately open crumb is evidence of ample and robust fermentation, sufficient dough strength, and proper dough handling. Thank you very much for the info....CHiew See...this will help me alot... Hi, thanks for reading this recipe. A short mix prevents over-oxidizing of the dough. Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically.


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